Poetry Books For Teens

When selecting poetry books for teens, the writer must first determine what the target audience is. Young readers may enjoy certain poetic works, while other individuals may have different preferences. However, it is also significant to select poetry that relates to what they admire or where students are at in life.

One might think that contemporary poetry collections would fall under the category of modern poetry. Actually, there are various types of poetry for teens. These include inspirational, contemporary and academic verse. There are also poetry collections, which focus on various issues such as weight loss, addiction and depression. In this section, we discuss a few poetry collections suitable for teenagers.

Inspirational and inspiring poetry books for teens deal with such themes as learning to persevere, self-worth and overcoming insecurity. Teenage girls in particular admire poems such as those written by Maya Angelou. This includes her hit poem “Iris” and her poem “My Heart”, both of which deal with her break-up from singer-dancer-actor boyfriend. Aside from these inspirational pieces, many teens admire classic poems such as “Go, Go, Lovely Rose” by Mary E. Frye and “Olive Tree” by Maya Angelou.

Fairy tales and children’s rhymes deal with subjects that most children are familiar with such as the alphabet, the color blue and the Loch Ness monster. Some of the more popular nursery rhymes deal with fairies such as “The Nutcracker” and “Rag Doll”. In addition to the above, poetry books for teens dealing with fairy tales deal with such subjects as “Goodnight, Moon and Good Luck” by Sappho and “Asteria” by Euripedes. Poetry that deals with historical events such as “The Charge of the Dragon” by Jean Racine and “Beowulf” by William the Conqueror often deals with heroic events while fairy tale poetry deals more with whimsical events. Lastly, the last category, inspirational poetry, usually deals with themes dealing with a persons’ belief system or personal spirit.

What genres of poetry books for teens do you currently read? Are there any favorites that you have tried out already? Do you love reading anything regardless of genre? It would certainly make a difference if you loved reading poetry. Some people have a preference between poetry books for teens and other types of literature. Perhaps it has more to do with their taste than with genre.

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