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Mystery Books For Teens Guide

Mystery Books for Teens are the best kept secrets of the publishing world. These hard covered gems are not only for teenagers, but also for adults who want to keep their children entertained for hours on end. Bestselling author Neil Gaiman used this format in his book American Gods, and it’s still the best selling novel of all time. Author Philip Pullman uses the same format in his wonderful No Place Like Home series. Other authors who have produced great mystery books for teens include crime fiction author Agatha Christie and graphic novelist penalty.

Best mystery books for teens are a great gift idea for just about any occasion, including birthdays and Christmas. It’s the perfect way to get children excited about a holiday while still letting them know that you are there for them. Bestselling author John Grisham has created a new generation of American heroes in his recent novels including his newest, The Darkness Below. In The Darkness Below, Grisham once again puts together a cast of teens who must deal with a new threat to their community in the opening book of his third novel. Because it is so easy to download ebooks to cell phones, most readers will have no problem keeping up with Grisham’s story and advancing the storyline at their own pace.

The best part about the best mystery books for teens is that they usually tell a complete story line. When a novel as well written as American Vampire, The Darkness Below, doesn’t have a strong beginning, middle, and end, it often goes missing from your children’s attention. Good mystery novels for teens often provide plenty of intrigue, keeps readers wanting to find out what happens next, and ultimately makes the entire story very suspenseful.

Good mystery books for teens usually tell a compelling plotline that is also wrapped up neatly. For example, in The Darkness Below, Grisham’s main character, Jessica finds herself in an underground facility run by the monster-creating werewolves. As she uncovers the evil scheme, the rest of the book quickly gets to the bottom of the issue and the main characters are brought into the fight against the werewolves. In book 1 of The Darkness Below, the readers get a good idea of why Jessica is there; it is because she was bitten, but we soon learn why she is being kept in the dark.

Another element to a good mystery books for teens is that they almost always involve a teenage protagonist. Teens are the ones most likely to seek adventure and the unknown, and many young adult authors explore this aspect in their books. Mystery novels for teens often involve a series of mystery books for young adults; they often take place in a boarding school or summer camp and follow a central conflict. These young adult mystery books for teens can often be just as thrilling and exciting as adult mystery novels, especially if you enjoy teen horror movies like The Ring and Twilight. Many mystery writers also combine these young adult novels with their own supernatural elements, creating a hybrid story that appeals to readers of all ages.

No matter what type of mystery novel you enjoy, whether you prefer to read historical novels about spies and terrorists or suspense and mystery stories about the best detective ever, mystery novels for teens is a great way to enjoy reading fiction. They are exciting, funny, sometimes romantic, and at the same time they teach a valuable lesson about pursuing happiness and justice. Mystery novels for teens go missing every day, and you might just find the next one waiting for you. Find out the articles about the literature study guides for teens!

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