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Wat Pa Luangta Bua Yannasampanno Forest Monastery

Deep in the heart of the Kanchanaburi province in Western Thailand there lies a Buddhist temple with a difference. For not only is this temple home to monks who spend their time in prayer and meditation, over the last 7 years it has become a sanctuary for tigers: The Tiger Temple.


Wat Pa Luangta Bua Yannasampanno Forest Monastery was established by the Abbot-Phra Acharn Phusit (Chan) Kanthitharo in 1994.

Since its opening Wat Pa Luangta Bua gained a reputation as a wildlife sanctuary. It started with an injured wild fowl given to the monk by the villagers, then peacocks came attracted by the calls of by then rather large colony of wild fowl. An injured wild boar stumbled in to the monastery and the monks cared for him until he could be released back into the forest. The next day he came back followed by his family group of about 10 animals. By now a countless number of boar find shelter in the monastery. Villagers also started to bring in unwanted pets: four species of deer moved in, followed by buffalo, cow, horses, wild goat and gibbons. All these animals are roaming the grounds of the monastery freely.

Official Website:
Wat Pa Luangta Bua Yannasampanno Forest Monastery (Tiger Temple)

The Bible tells of a time when the lamb will lie down with the lion. But here in rural Thailand, it's the deer, the wild boar, the peacock, the water buffalo, along with many other species, living in peace with the tiger. The man who made this improbable harmony possible is not a believer in biblical prophecy. Phra Acharn Chan is a Buddhist monk who never dreamed he would be a guardian to so many of God's creatures. His unlikely twist of fate began 27 years ago when a doctor told him he had a very short time to live.

Buddhist Tiger Temple - An Interview with Abbot Phra Acharn Chan by PBS, Religion & Ethics. With Video.


Andrew Barron, director of an Animal Planet documentary on the Tiger Temple, tells us more about the Abbot who runs the sanctuary and why he does it. Another Interview by The Asian Journal.


Welcome to Walking With Tigers a support site for the Famous Tiger Temple in Thailand. The tiger temple has been featured more than once on Animal Planet and has undisputable reputation as a Tiger sanctuary. We need money to make a new home with in the temple grounds called the Tigers Island for the 18 Tigers. The work is already on its way but lots need to be done and your big or small donations are a great help. We have a set up diary and forums where you can read and ask questions about the Tiger Temple.

Walking With Tigers - A site created by Tiger Temple Friends.

Here are two clips (5 min & 2 min) about the Tigers
at the Kanchanaburi Tiger Temple in Thailand:

Compassion ... nurtures the world

So Ferocious you are,
King of the forest;
As a killer, you are merciless;
It has become legendary;
Your fierceness and cruelty,

Everyone is well aware;
How ruthless a tiger is;
But with a heart of love and care;
I tend for you, gently and bit by bit;

Soften and cooled down;
Even a tiger, you also somehow;
Sense and feel the tenderness;
In the Law of Karma, it may be seen;
That animals are not always mean;

All living things are to be pround;
Not to be caged, nor to be bound;
In a lifetime, thereus nothing to bind;
Nothing but a generous mind;

Out of compassion, we' ll nurture the World;
Comfort every heart and soul;
By the great power of Dhamma;
All creatures will be brought closer;
And learn to love each other;

May the loving kindness;
Extended to all beings;
Under the same sufferings;
Bring peace and serenity;
To our world eternally;

Composed in Thai by Mr.Chuchart Krutjaikra,
Translated by Ms.Sunanta Wattanakongtong
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