Monday, 18. February 2008
Total Lunar Eclipse during night of February 20/21


The total eclipse of the moon on February 20/21 will be the last one we’ll see until December 2010!

In the Americas, the Atlantic, Europe and Africa, people have a ringside seat to tonight’s total eclipse. But in Asia, Australia and New Zealand, the eclipse occurs during daylight hours, when the eclipsed moon will be beneath the horizon as seen from that part of the world.

The moon is totally submerged in Earth’s shadow from 3:01 to 3:51 Universal Time Thursday morning, February 21.

The total lunar eclipse lasts for some 50 minutes, though the moon is partially eclipsed for over an hour before and after the central totality. The eclipse lasts almost 3 and 1/2 hours from start to finish.

Eclipse Diagram for GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) by NASA

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