Monday, 10. September 2007
The Face: Jesus in Art

Click the play button for this stunning morph sequences!

The Face: Jesus in Art - Opening Sequence

The Face: Jesus in Art - Closing Sequence

This is from the PBS documentary 'The Face: Jesus in Art'.

"Perhaps no religious figure has been more often depicted in art than Jesus. But Gospel accounts of Jesus' life give no clues about his actual physical appearance. The Face: Jesus in Art, a PBS documentary, examines the ways that artists over the centuries have imagined the man Christians call "the Son of God." Beginning with Roman mosaics from the third century and moving on to masterpieces of the Italian Renaissance and modern paintings from Europe and the Americas, THE FACE looks at 17 centuries of artistic renderings of Jesus from around the world -- including unfamiliar depictions such as a Japanese Christ and a three-headed Trinity from India."

A must have! I ordered it today: The Face - Jesus in Art
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