Sunday, 29. October 2006
The British UFO Files

"Since the 1940's the British Government has been investigating the Flying Saucer phenomenon. High ranking military and government personnel, speak out for the first time, offering unique eye witness accounts and inside information."
-- Source IMDb.

This UFO documentary was shown on Channel Five on May26, 2004. The documentary started by looking at claims that the Nazis had been working on circular craft with exotic propulsion systems, and that this technology was subsequently used in the development of various aeronautical projects. Kevin McClure and Mark Birdsall, editor of Eye Spy Magazine, spoke about these

The 1952 sighting involving RAF pilot Michael Swiney and his Royal Navy student David Crofts was featured, and formed a major part of the documentary, with both witnesses being interviewed. Interest expressed by the Duke of Edinburgh and Earl Mountbatten was covered, and Lady Pamela Hicks (Mountbatten's daughter) gave an interesting account of how the alleged landing of a UFO at Broadlands in 1955 was apparently made up by a man who was late for work, and used the excuse of a UFO encounter to explain his absence, playing on Mountbatten's well-known interest in the subject. Also covered was the extraordinary account of royal equerry Sir Peter Horsley's meeting with a mysterious individual called Mr Janus, who appeared to be able to read his mind, and knew all Britain's nuclear secrets.

The British UFO Files reveals a catalogue of unexplained, unearthly phenomenon, more bizarre than anything to be found within the pages of even the X Files.

This streaming video takes 48 minutes.
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