Saturday, 19. November 2005
The Art of Sandra SanTara

Her specialty is New Age Visionary, Tribal, and Wildlife art work. Anything symbolic and with deep spiritual meaning is of great interest to her. She feels its important to keep a healthy, open minded spiritual outlook on life. Her pursuit in school was Zoology and Art combined with a love of the natural world has been a happy marriage in her art career.

SanTara's creative style is expressed through a variety of media including acrylic and airbrush painting, colored and graphite pencils, pen and ink, and scratch board. Besides the traditional flat surfaces, she enjoys creating on untraditional surfaces from the natural world. These include leather stretched medicine shields and drum heads. However the, currently very popular, paintings on feathers have achieved particular notoriety.



"My art is a blend of the visionary and realism. Symbolically spiritual, connecting with the Earthly realms. I specialize in totem symbols and straight wildlife art. I trust you will enjoy what I have to offer!"

Windwolf Studio: The Art of Sandra SanTara

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