Saturday, 28. June 2008
101 Ghost Jokes

Jokes and puns poke fun at the characteristics and behavior of ghosts.


What does a little ghost call his mother and father?
His trans-parents!

What rides do little spirits like best at the amusement park?
The roller ghoster!

Who writes all the books about haunted houses?
Ghostwriters, who else?

What did the ghost bride throw to her bridesmaids?
Her boo-quet!

Who represents ghosts in Congress?
The Spooker of the House!

What spirit serves food on a plane?
An airline ghostess!

What shows do ghosts like best?

101 Ghost Jokes by Lisa Eisenberg & Katy Hall; illustrated by Don Orehek.
Scholastic, 1988 | 24 Pages | PDF | 1.3 MB

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