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Hot News or Hoax?


The alchemist who thought he could fly by The Scotsman.
Science in medieval times was a mixture of the known and the imagined that strikes us today as faintly preposterous. Alongside the ordered wisdom of the apothecaries were the altogether shadier figures of the alchemists, who hunted for the most sought-after object of the day - the Philosopher's Stone. This mythical, magical article was said to possess the ability to change base metals into gold and could also, if mixed judiciously with wine, produce the Elixir of Life – a comprehensive cure-all for most illnesses.

The Origin Of Ghosts by Sinchew-i.
On the 14th of the lunar month, Taoists celebrate the Zhongyuan festival, while Buddhists celebrate the Yulanpen festival. Both Taoists and Buddhist believe that people will become spirits once they die, wandering between heaven and earth. Therefore, the Taoists believe that Zhongyuan is the day of pardon for the spirits, so Taoists will set out food for the lonely spirits. The Buddhist festival of Yulanpen is based on the story of Mulian who wished to rescue his dead mother from the realm of the hungry ghosts.

Scientists Debate Number and Definition of Planets The Contra Costa Times.
For decades, it has consisted of nine planets, even as scientists debated whether Pluto really belonged. Then the recent discovery of an object larger and farther away than Pluto threatened to throw this slice of the cosmos into chaos. Should this newly found icy rock known as "2003 UB313" become the 10th planet? Should Pluto be demoted? And what exactly is a planet, anyway?


Elsewhere: Experts meet to decide Pluto fate by BBC News.

Ghosts at the Library? by The Phoenix.
Investigators from the Chester County Paranormal Research Society gathered in the Phoenixville Public Library on Saturday to collect evidence relating to the possible presence of ghosts inside the library walls. CCPRS Founder Mark Sarro said he's always had an interest in the subject of ghosts, and both he and his wife Katherine felt the need to step up and create a team of researchers into the paranormal.

And: New group on the hunt for hauntings by Livingston Daily Press & Argus.
For Lisa Hoskins, the truth has always been out there. "I've never been a skeptic," the Hamburg Township resident said. "I've always believed there is another side. I've always believed that when you die, that's not the end of it. I do believe in spirits, so that's never been an issue."

Tracking down the big black cat by The Ashburton Guardian.

For more than a decade there have been sightings across the Ashburton District of a large, black cat, roaming at will, but eluding both capture and identification. A new sighting last weekend saw a flurry of activity this week as large animal experts flocked to Ashburton looking for clues, hoping, this time to crack the mystery.


Watch and Learn: Physics Professor Walks on Fire by LiveScience. With Video.
The ritual of walking on fire has existed for thousands of years. The first records of the practice date back to 1200 B.C. Around the world, from Greece to China, cultures set trails ablaze for rites of healing, initiation, and faith. In the United States, fire-walking has become popular as a team spirit-building business for corporations as well as a so-called alternative health remedy.

Sight unseen: Are we hard-wired for religion? by Macon Telegraph.
Almost every faith centers on a Supernatural Enforcer. An invisible power - a god, ancestral spirits or karma - rewards those who follow the rules and punishes those who don't. Why do most religions have that in common? It's not inevitable, after all. A faith with a god who is indifferent toward people is simple to imagine. But it's much harder to find.

The place of the biblical Apocalypse is found by Pravda.
A giant meteor crater was discovered in the Jordanian desert, suggesting some terrible disaster that took place in this area back in the Stone Age. According to the scientists it was precisely this cataclysm that gave rise to the Sumerian end of the world legends and to the Biblical version of Apocalypse.


Diese Story auf deutsch:
Forscher auf den Spuren der Apokalypse von Spiegel Online.
Nicht nur in der Bibel, auch in anderen uralten Schriften wie dem Gilgamesch-Epos geht die Welt beinahe unter. Eine Forschergruppe glaubt nun den historischen Kern der Apokalypse-Geschichten gefunden zu haben - einen gigantischen Meteoriteneinschlag.

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