Tuesday, 09. January 2007
Healthy Lifestyle


In The Kitchen - Make the most of your pantry! Learn what to keep and what to throw out as well as food safety and healthy cooking tips.

Recipes - These healthful and delicious recipes will show you that good food can be good for you and easy to prepare, too.

Supplements and Herbs - Vitamin, supplement and herb formulas are developed for maximum effectiveness, use only the highest-quality ingredients, and are based on years of research. Learn more here.

Gardening - "Gardening just makes me happy," says Dr. Weil, who can often be found working amongst the vegetables and flowers of his organic garden.

Healthy Home, Personal Care, Exercise and Fitness, Spirit and Inspiration, Pets and Pet Care, and much more for your health ... by Andrew Weil, M.D..

No matter what your age, Dr. Weil on Healthy Aging is your online guide to lifelong well-being. As a member of the site, you’ll have access to tools and information to help you develop and apply lifestyle practices essential for optimal health. Articles, recipes, advice, tools, support and more are presented weekly, to help you maximize your physical and spiritual health and well-being.

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