Sunday, 08. January 2006
Hot News or Hoax?


Reiz der geheimnisvollen Hypnose vom Tages-Anzeiger. (German)
Sein Blick durchdringt Stahlwände. Er versetzt jedes Gegenüber in Trance. Macht es zum willenlosen Opfer. Oder gar zum Verbrecher. Dr. Mabuse geistert noch immer durch unsere Köpfe – Fritz Langs Stummfilmbilder vom dämonischen Übermenschen und Meister der Hypnose, der im Berlin der 1920er-Jahreeine Schreckensherrschaft errichten wollte. Der Hypnotiseur als Gedankenmanipulator und Anstifter zu kriminellen Taten?

Magnet therapies 'have no effect' by BBC News. (English)
Magnet therapies which are claimed to cure conditions ranging from back pain to cancer have no proven benefits, according to a team of US researchers.

Chance meetings and mutual gifts by The Star. (English)
Every person who comes into your life for whatever reason does so because you need something from them and they need something from you. The people who have a special significance will always appear at the right time for the right reason. They will bring a gift to you which may awaken something inside you that you did not realise you had such that you are better able to continue with your chosen mission in life.

Flying Owls, Shifting Winds, Sacred Stars and other Ghostly Visions: The Hawaiian World of the Supernatural by Spirit Of Aloha. (English)
Hawaiians have long considered these occurrences, which they call hō‘ailona, to be far more than random acts of nature or sheer coincidence. Instead, they recognize hō‘ailona as signs, omens, portents—physical manifestations emanating from another place, perhaps the world of spirits or, in any case, some realm beyond.

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