Sunday, 18. February 2007
Wudang Gong Fu

Chinese Gong Fu (Kung Fu) has long been regarded by the Chinese as a form of exercise and temperament cultivation. The art of Gong Fu is philosophically combined with the theory of yin and yang. This is due to its function of circulating the flow of Qi and blood through breathing and body movements.

In Chinese language, martial arts is Wushu. Wudang Wushu is a germ of Chinese Wushu, enjoying a popularity home and abroad. In the martial arts circle, there has been a saying since early that “ Bei chong Shaolin, Nan zun Wudang”. It means: while Shaolin sect Wushu is esteemed in the North, Wudang respected in the South.There is deep relationship between Wudang Wushu and Wudang Taoism.

The movie starts with young Jet Li and showing off some really impressive training techniques.

It's not about fighting, it's about balance.
It's not about enlightenment, it's about balance.
It's not about balance...

Enjoy this amazing martial arts!
Runtime 87 minutes.

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