Monday, 31. July 2006
Hot News or Hoax?


Searching For Aliens by Space Daily. (English)
In this interview with Astrobiology Magazine editor Leslie Mullen, McKay talks about the potential for other kinds of life in the universe, and how we could begin to search for those aliens. Chris McKay: "I think one of the key goals for astrobiology should be the search for life on other planets, and in particular the search for a second genesis. And by that, I mean life that represents an independent origin from life on Earth."

That’s the spirit, folks! by The Star. (English)
Are you one of those who have been rattled by too many ghost stories of the olden-day kind – and other tales of the supernatural – told by your grandparents and other elderly relatives in the best storytelling traditions, as a result of which you have spent many a sleepless night? Make your way to the State Museum in Shah Alam and you can acquaint yourself with some of them, including the creatures of Malay supernatural folklore such as toyol, langsuir, jenglot, puchong and nyai bolong. .


Man sees Biblical prophesies in the heavens by Oneida Dispatch. (English)
Biblical astronomy is the study of celestial events as they relate to the Bible. Biblical astronomers like Wadsworth examine the movement of the planets, constellations, comets and other phenomena for indications of when events prophesied in the Bible will occur.

Opening the Door on the Paranormal by Sun Journal. (English)
“We’re not here to try and find a ghost. We’re here as skeptics as well.” So said Justin Yates, paranormal investigator and co-founder of the Havelock-based North Carolina Ghost Hunting Society. A first excursion in early June had revealed “interesting” findings, especially in the realm of audio, Yates said.

10 great places to go on a haunted hike by USA Today. (English)
It is National Park season — and Andrea Lankford is just the person to take us to the spookiest corners of those parks. Lankford, a former park ranger, is the author of the newly released Haunted Hikes: Spine-Tingling Tales and Trails from North America's National Park System.
Don't miss the author's website Haunted Hikes


Ever Decreasing Crop Circles by Daily Mail. (English)
On one side, there are the true believers, people like Patricia who see crop circles as the work of strange paranormal forces. On the other are the circle-makers, hoaxers and artists like Rob who make crop circles for the sheer thrill of it. There is no love lost between the two. The true believers denounce the circle-makers as frauds who are taking the credit for genuine alien messages.

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