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Ancient Ireland

Drombeg Stone Circle:


This stone circle is situated on a natural rock terrace on the south slope of a low hill. It is approximately 9 meters in diameter and at present it consists of 17 standing stones, the most westerly of which is the fine altar-like axial, which has two egg-shaped cup-marks, one with a surrounding ring. The two portal stones, the tallest of which is 2.05 m, are on the NE side. During the winter solstice it has been reported that the suns rays fall on the flat alter stone that faces the entrance to the circle.

Poulawack Cairn:

The multiple cist cairn at Poulawack in the south-central Burren is one of the best examples of the burial structure which succeeded the Megalithic tombs of the Neolithic. Excavated by a Harvard team in 1935, the remains of sixteen people interred in ten separate graves were found here, very few of which showed signs of cremation, indicating Bronze Age origin, a period when unburnt burials were quite common. Radiocarbon dating revealed that there were three main phases of activity: the mid-fourth, early second and late second millennia BC.


Castlestrange Stone:


Along the side of the farm drive in the grounds of Castlestrange Demense stands this beautifully inscribed Cult stone, decorated with curvilinear ornament and dating to around 200 BC. The design is done in the Celtic La Tene style, similar to the Turoe Stone which is not far away in Co. Galway. The Turoe Stone is carved in relief while the design on the pink granite Castlestrange stone is incised. At 60 cm high and approx. 90 cm long, it sits on a round bed of radially placed river rocks which in turn is surrounded by a protective cattle grid.

While the function of these cult stones is not clear, it is presumed that they had a ritual or religious purpose.

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