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Quest for the Lost Civilization

Journalist and author Graham Hancock journeys around the world: From southern Europe to Egypt, the Americas to Japan's Pacific Islands - visiting ancient sites and searching for evidence of an advanced civilization that may have existed in 10,500 B.C. He takes us around the world re-examining ancient mysteries and asking puzzling but pertinent questions as he does so. As well, he raises his own speculation and theories as to possibly what really happened.

Of course, Graham Hancock's views are in sharp contrast to what we find in history, anthropology and religious text. E.g. his premise is that the ancient Egyptians, Cambodians, Incans, Aztecs, Olmecs, Easter Islanders, and paleolithic Europeans built their stone alignments, circles, pyramids, and gigantic heads to reflect the patterns of the stars.

What is fantastic about these programs is that the viewer feels that he is exploring along with Hancock as well as experiencing the sense of mystery and awe that Hancock is probably experiencing.

There is brief commentary given by experts such as Egyptologists, geologists, engineers, and mythologists. There is even a brief rebuttal to Hancock's beliefs by experts, such as the Director of the Egyptian pyramids.

In conclusion, these programs present to the viewer unanswered questions about ancient mysteries. If you like mysteries like I do, then you must view these programs.

Part 1: Heaven's Mirror. Runtime 50 minutes.

Intro: "We're off the coast of the Southern most tip of Japan. I've come to investigate an underwater mystery that could simply rewrite history. This looks like a temple but the last time it was above water was ten thousand years ago. If it is man-made, it's the oldest known structure on Earth. I believe it could prove the existence of a lost civilization."

Part 2: Forgotten Knowledge. Runtime 50 minutes.

Intro: "The Nazca lines in Peru are the biggest drawings in the world. So big, we can only view them complete from the air. Etched in the desert at least two thousand years ago, they must be of a civilization of astronomers. They turn out to be ground maps of the stars, exact representations of the night sky."

Part 3: Forgotten Knowledge. Runtime 50 minutes.

Intro: "Easter Island statues could hold the secret of what happened in the world before history began. Why did ancient cultures with no known contacts have so much in common? My theory is they derived from a common source: a single, lost

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