Tuesday, 13. February 2007
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If Whales Can Communicate By Telepathy, Why Can't Humans?
by The Register.
Whales possess a form of communication that allows them to signal other whales hundreds of miles away. Some experts say it is indeed a form of telepathy. Does human telepathy exist? Is there scientific evidence for this particular form of extra-sensory perception (ESP)?

A year of plenty by The Star.
Meet the Fire Pig or Boar – the babe of the new lunar year. The last and 12th animal in the Chinese zodiac, the well-fed pig augurs well for anyone who hopes to bask in its good fortune. Will 2007 be a bountiful year as the Pig signifies prosperity? “The Year of the Fire Pig does not mean roast pig (pig in big trouble). So people born in the Year of the Pig or Boar should not be unduly worried, says feng shui grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai.


Star-crossed by Seacoast Online.
While metaphysical practices warn against the mix of certain signs, folks are forever choosing gut over celestial being and taking up housekeeping with astrological, polar opposites. Both Chinese and Indo-European-based astrology say it's not just human nature, but Zodiac nature. Seems the oil-and-water camps generally find one another rather attractive. Even stars have a strange sense of humor.

Fossils: myths, mystery and magic by The Independent.
Ancient bones and other fossilised remains have been known to humans for millennia but it is only over the past 300 years or so that their true origins have been revealed. Until then, a rich folklore sought to explain these enigmatic relics from the past. Every culture in every country, it seems, wanted an explanation for the unusual objects and bizarre shapes that often seemed to emerge, as if by magic, from the ground.

The Influence of Taoism in Communist China by Spiegel Online.
Stone steps lead up to the Qingcheng Temple. Two sticks of incense smolder in front of the altar of the Three Purities, the supreme divinities of Taoism. A yin-andyang symbol has been carved into the floor. A monk, his hair bound into a bun, is predicting the future to a young woman. The cradle of Taoism, one of China's key religions, can be found 40 miles northwest of Chengdu, a city of 1 million in Sichuan province. It was Mount Qingcheng that the celestial master Zhang Daoling chose as the center of his mysterious empire.

Faces, Faces Everywhere by New York Times.


More than a decade ago, Diana Duyser of Hollywood, Fla., received a religious message through an unlikely medium: a grilled cheese sandwich she had made herself. As she gazed at the brown skillet marks on the surface of the bread, a familiar visage snapped into focus. “I saw a face looking up at me; it was the Virgin Mary staring back,” she told reporters in 2004. “I was in total shock.”

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