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How to sell a haunted HDTV by News Press.
I am selling my 5 year old Toshiba HDTV because I am a college student who is unable to transport it to another school. It is rather large because its a projection and weighs about 100 pounds. It works fine, has a nice glossy screen and is in good condition. There is one caveat that I must bring to the buyer's attention: This TV is almost certainly haunted by the spirit of a 1970's-era baptist pastor named Klent Kloom. He is harmless, but the buyer should be comfortable with cries of "HALLELUJIA"" (sic) at unearthly hours of night.

Dozens in Texas town report seeing UFO by MSNBC. WITH VIDEO.
Sorrells said he has seen the object several times. He said he watched it through his rifle's telescopic lens and described it as very large and without seams, nuts or bolts. Maj. Karl Lewis, a spokesman for the 301st Fighter Wing at the Joint Reserve Base Naval Air Station in Fort Worth, said no F-16s or other aircraft from his base were in the area the night of Jan. 8, when most people reported the sighting. Lewis said the object may have been an illusion caused by two commercial airplanes. Lights from the aircraft would seem unusually bright and may appear orange from the setting sun.


Lies, damn lies and 'counterknowledge' by the Telegraph.
Most of us have friends who are susceptible to conspiracy theories. You may know someone who thinks the Churches are suppressing the truth that Jesus and Mary Magdalene sired a dynasty of Merovingian kings; someone else who thinks Aids was cooked up in a CIA laboratory; someone else again who thinks MI5 killed Diana, Princess of Wales. Perhaps you know one person who believes all three. Or do you half-believe one of these ideas yourself? We may assume that we are immune to conspiracy theories. In reality, we are more vulnerable than at any time for decades.

Apocalypse 2012? Some say ancient records foretell end of the world
by Laconia Citizen.
Could the end of the world be just four years away? A subculture has formed around the possibility, saying several prophecies predict some sort of apocalypse in or around 2012. It has been discussed online, analyzed in several new books and covered in the media. The date of doomsday, based on the Mayan calendar, has been set as Dec. 12, 2012. If the calendar began on Aug. 11, 3114 B.C., as many researchers contend, then its "long cycle" would end on that day.


Lifting the lid on our X Files experiences by icWales.
But when two South Wales sightings a week are reported by phlegmatic airline pilots it seems that there may be intelligent life Out There after all. Maybe one day we’ll find intelligent life Down Here as well. But given these sightings let us today mark a famous anniversary: true believers, maintain that 60 years ago this week aliens claimed their first known earthly victim, and this time they can’t all be dismissed as the usual nutters. Flying saucer fans say that in January, 1948, our cousins from somewhere beyond Sirius arrived mob-handed. But conspiracy theorists disagreed.

Big Brain Theory: Have Cosmologists Lost Theirs? by New York Times.
This bizarre picture is the outcome of a recent series of calculations that take some of the bedrock theories and discoveries of modern cosmology to the limit.
Nobody in the field believes that this is the way things really work, however. And so in the last couple of years there has been a growing stream of debate and dueling papers, replete with references to such esoteric subjects as reincarnation, multiple universes and even the death of spacetime, as cosmologists try to square the predictions of their cherished theories with their convictions that we and the universe are real.


'Encounters at Indian Head' about what we believe in by SeacoastOnline.
Remember Betty and Barney Hill? Nearly half a century ago, on Sept. 19, 1961, near the Indian Head in Lincoln, the Hills had a close encounter of the abductee kind. Just an ordinary couple from Portsmouth — he worked for the post office, she was a social worker — they were traveling home from a vacation in Montreal. It was a long ride to begin with, but the two plus hours they lost, being examined by aliens inside the UFO, made it even longer.

Underwater city could be revealed by BBC.
Britain's own underwater "Atlantis" could be revealed for the first time with hi-tech underwater cameras. Marine archaeologist Stuart Bacon and Professor David Sear, of the University of Southampton, will explore the lost city of Dunwich, off the Suffolk coast. "It's about the application of new technology to investigate Britain's Atlantis, then to give this information to the public," Professor Sear said. Mr Bacon, director of the Suffolk Underwater Studies, first located the debris of the lost city in the 1970s.


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