Tuesday, 05. July 2005
Manannan Mac Lir

Manannan is a Manx/Celtic God from a time and a pagan religion that precedes Christianity and even the written word. He comes from a time when man's relationship with the Earth was vital for daily survival, and where mutual respect for the elements was of great importance. He was known in many lands as the God of Oceans, a lord of storms and weather, a master of magic, and a friend to all who let themselves dream. Manannan walked the lands and was known as a personality full of mirth, humor, as well as wisdom.
Little has changed over time. Manannan still thrives as a god to this day, offering his protection, guidance, and companionship to a new generation as well as souls that have lived through many lifetimes.
I hope this temple functions not only a tribute to Manannan, but also a source of valuable information.


I have myths and stories here, my own feelings and experiences, instructions on speaking with deities as well as information about the mystical arts.

Welcome to the Temple of Manannan Mac Lir
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