Friday, 14. October 2005
Human Living Vampires

Forensic nurses, regardless of their practice area, will at times come in contact with the same types of deviant behavior. Some of these behaviors may be considered rare or even non-existent. It is to our benefit that we share our investigative experiences with these cases. Vampirism is one such behavior.

There are beliefs and superstitions regarding vampires that date back to medieval Europe. The vampire is thought to be of Slavic origin. They are fictional characters that are believed to be evil spirits that have been refused entry into another world after death because of some unsuitable behavior. They must drink the blood of the living in order to sustain themselves. These mythical characters live in cemeteries and only leave their gravesite at night. They do not have a real identity and therefore do not cast a shadow or a reflection in a mirror.

Human Living Vampires
What Investigators Need to Know
by Forensic Nurse. (English)


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