Friday, 17. February 2006
Hot News or Hoax?


Waterworld: how life on Earth will look 1,000 years from now by The Times. (English)
An apocalyptic vision of life 1,000 years from now has been painted by a team of scientists studying the effect of global warming.

The origin of life - In the beginning... by The Economist. (English)
How life on Earth got going is still mysterious, but not for want of ideas.

Ex-Beatles Guru Aims at Bigger Goals by The Jamaica Observer. (English)
At his age - believed to be 89 - Maharishi Mahesh Yogi has no interest in dwelling on the halcyon days of the 1960s and '70s when he was guru to the Beatles and the Beach Boys and his Transcendental Meditation movement was the new buzz on college campuses.

Spooky action and beyond by Sign & Sight. (English)
Viennese physician Anton Zeilinger talks about teleportation, the information stored in a human being and freedom in physics.

Same story in German: Nicht mal Gott weiss, wie es ausgeht von der Weltwoche. (German)
Der Wiener Physiker Anton Zeilinger denkt über Dinge nach, die er sich eigentlich nicht vorstellen kann. Es geht darum, in vielleicht tausend Jahren eine Kaffeetasse zu teleportieren – ohne dass dabei der Henkel auf der Strecke bleibt.

Spaceships of the future by Pravda. (English)
Humans can build spaceships capable of reaching the Moon within minutes; a flight to Mars will take 2.5 hours, and a flight to Alpha Centauri, which is scores of light years away from Earth, will take a mere 80 days.

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