Saturday, 19. November 2005
Hot News or Hoax?


Raelians Want to Establish ET Embassy in Jerusalem by Middle East Times. (English)
"We're talking," he says, "of the third hypothesis on how life was created on Earth. The first is by an Almighty God; the second is the theory of evolution." The third, according to the 60,000-strong Raelian movement, is that life on Earth was created by scientists belonging to a superior, alien civilization, who created man "in their own likeness".
Yes, for sure! Everyone else was created in laboratories. But Jewish people are a combination of the Elohim and man, so (ETs) feel more emotional toward the Jewish people.

Naked Statue Triggers Mental Imbalance by Discovery News. (English)
Michelangelo's David, regarded as the world's most beautiful statue, can trigger mental imbalances in overly sensitive and cultivated onlookers, according to a top psychiatrist in Florence.
Headline of the week!

Elsewhere: Now culture shock has an official name: David Syndrome by The Telegraph. (English)


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