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Dr Ali’s Lifestyle program

Dr Ali was born in Calcutta in 1953 and trained as a doctor at the University of Delhi.

After qualifying he went on to study at the Central Institute for Advanced Medical Studies in Moscow. It was here that his belief in complementary medicine was cemented. The eminent cardiac surgeon Professor Yuri Romashoff was the dean of the faculty and he encouraged his students to study fasting therapy, iridology, tongue diagnosis and yoga along with their conventional courses.

As a result, Dr Ali left Moscow with the strong belief that every person has their own unique healing power. "I thought the time had come to integrate these systems", he says.

After a stint in rural India studying homeopathy, herbalism and medical fasting, he came to London in 1991 to work at the Hale Clinic where his therapies proved successful for patients such as Sarah Miles and Ava Gardner. However, Dr Ali dreamed of establishing a clinic where both complementary and conventional treatment would be offered.

A chance meeting with Prince Charles was a major turning point . The prince's continuous help and encouragement allowed Dr Ali to take the first steps to making integrated medicine a reality.

His dream was realised in 1998 when he opened the Integrated Medical Centre in London with a team of fifteen doctors and therapists.

So, sit back and open your mind for Dr Ali's Lifestyle program,
A Guide to Health, Happiness and Success. Duration 64 minutes.

Note: Don't be confused. The video starts after 10 seconds, which are black ...

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My philosophy of good health and well being is based on an integrated approach which focuses on prevention and healing, rather than just disease and treatment.
Each one of us is unique and has a responsibility for maintaining good health which i can help you achieve through my 4 principles of; nutrition, exercise, relaxation and massage.
The power to live a long and healthy life is within all of us.
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