Sunday, 08. July 2007
Digging for the Truth: Hunt for the Ark

'Digging for the Truth' is a History Channel documentary television series. The show focuses on host Josh Bernstein, who journeys on various explorations of historical icons and ancient mysteries.

For centuries, adventurers and archeologists — the devout and the determined — even Indiana Jones — have all searched for the Bible’s most sacred treasure: the Ark of the Covenant. Yet, despite all its fame, it mysteriously disappeared from the pages of history tens of centuries ago. How could something so powerful and holy simply vanish? That’s what Digging for the Truth’s Josh Bernstein is determined to find out in 'Hunt for the Ark'.

Josh follows a trail that starts where the Ark’s story begins -- on Mount Sinai, then it’s on to a secret maze beneath Jerusalem streets, up a sheer cliff to one of Ethiopia’s most ancient monasteries, then across a stormy lake to the place some say the Ark is kept today.

But how close can he get to this mighty and mysterious treasure?

Enjoy this 42 minutes!

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