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The Message from Water - Die Botschaft des Wassers
Dr. Masaru Emoto is best known for his controversial claim that if human thoughts are directed at water images of the resulting water crystals will be beautiful or ugly depending upon whether the thoughts were positive or negative. Emoto claims this can be achieved through prayer, music or by attaching written words to a container of water.


Crystal of water that have been exposed to the words "Thank you".

The photographs and information in this article reflect the work of Masaru Emoto, a creative and visionary Japanese researcher Mr. Emoto has published an important book, "The Message from Water" from the findings of his worldwide research If you have any doubt that your thoughts affect everything in, and around you, the information and photographs that are presented here, taken from the book of his published results, will change your mind and alter your beliefs, profoundly.

Miraculous Messages from Water
1 Article and 2 Interviews by Life Enthusiast. (English)

This is Emoto's own site, explaining how he got the photos, why he did it, and much more: The World of Water (English)

The other one: Masaru Emoto's Website (English)

Masaru Emoto thoughts in regards to the Hurricane 'Katrina':

"Water is the reflection of your heart and soul". Based on this information, it feels like the human population is currently being questioned about their way of living so far. Are modern day people living a life on a daily basis that is full of ‘Love and Thanks’ energy? The answer is obvious: no. On the contrary, we are all immersed in fear and resentment and living a life that is full of gluttony, over consumption and worries.
If so, then the water will reflect that as well. If we do not come together and lead a life full of ‘Love and Thanks’ energy, the water will retaliate furthermore and create water related havoc on this planet and may attack your city next.


Water that have been exposed to the words "you make me sick. I will kill you"

Messages from Masaru Emoto by Love & Thanks to Water. (English)

Water crystal. Fountain in Lourdes, France.

The following site offers a presentation of 20 stunning photos from Emoto's book (click the pictures for larger vies, you can also select "full screen" via F11).

I impressed by the exquisite beauty of a water crystal from Lourdes. In contrast, there's a crystal taken from water exposed to Heavy Metal Music. Finally water from a lake at Fujiwara Dam before offering a prayer, and then, amazingly, after prayers by a Buddhist monk.

Die Botschaft des Wassers - The Message from Water by Adhikara.
(German and English)


Masaru Emoto verbindet wie kein anderer Forscher Wissenschaft und Spiritualität. Mit seinen mystischen Bildern beweist der Arzt und Visionär aus Tokio nichts geringeres als die Existenz einer unsichtbaren, geistigen Welt.

"Die materielle Kultur des Menschen hat ihre Grenzen erreicht", sagt Emoto nach zwölfjähriger Forschungsarbeit. In zehntausenden Versuchen hat er herausgefunden, dass Wasser nicht nur gute und schlechte Informationen, Musik und Worte, sondern auch Gefühle und Bewusstsein speichert.

Masaru Emoto beweist die Existenz einer unsichtbaren, geistigen Welt
von Naturel. (German)

Die skeptische Sicht:
Kann Wasser denken?
Forscher und Esoteriker wollen die Geheimnisse des Wassers ergründen von Die Zeit. (German)


Crystal of water that have been exposed with a playing of Kawachi Folk Dance Song.

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