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Carl Jung: Psychologist or sorcerer? by The Sierra Times.
Psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung changed the way we think about the human psyche. For those who have never heard of him, he was the foremost pioneer of dream analysis, which is the process of assigning meaning to dreams. In many ancient traditions dreams were considered to be messages from the gods.

Local Man Investigates Paranormal by News-Daily.
Lester is a generalist, letting explorations of Big Foot sightings lead him to the study of ghosts which lead him to the study of UFOs which lead him to look at conspiracy theories. He describes himself as a generalist, interested in everything that’s unexplained and unsolved. He’s seen a lot of things during the course of his investigations and research. Some of them he’s convinced are real. Some he knows are hoaxes.

13 crystal Maya skulls will save the world by Pravda.
Ancient tribe of Maya passed on a legend that tells of the 13 crystal sculls able to save the world from a terrible catastrophe. The skulls have mystical qualities: they can bring their owners into the state of hypnosis, cause people to hallucinate or have dreams about ancient Indians. Some say they can even make wishes come true.


King of Tramps is an Elusive Member of Hunting Party by TwinCities.
It has been three years since a ghost began revealing himself to me on hunting trips, and I'm still not sure what message he means to send from the afterlife. It is clear he has a fondness for hunting dogs or perhaps all dogs of a friendly nature, and he must enjoy the lonely prairies of the Midwest.

Voices in the head 'are normal' by BBC News.
Contrary to traditional belief, hearing voices is not necessarily a symptom of mental illness, UK researchers at Manchester University say. Indeed, many who hear voices do not seek help and say the voices have a positive impact on their lives, comforting or inspiring them.

'Angel' spotted on the Thames by icSouthLondon.

After the Great Fire of London a mysterious story started being whispered across the charred city. People began claiming they had seen an angel floating above the Thames. Soon the sightings stopped and the myth disappeared. Then during the First World War the angel returned. Then again during the Second World War. Each time there were six sightings and many believed they represented the number of people who died in the fire in 1666.


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