Wednesday, 16. November 2005
Mike Oldfield
If you are looking for Mike Oldfield like he was been in the past - this 2 CD set is not for you.

"Light & Shade" is almost New Age and many fans of Mike wasn't very happy with his latest album. The sound is a mixture of chill-out (Light) and techno-rock (Shade). For me Mike produced timeless, unique and inspirational music.

Official Website:
Mike Oldfield


Mike Oldfield about "Angelique": "That's the name of one a pre-set on one of my synths. As usual, I start off by just building the music up, and this piece turned out to sound angelic. I can't explain how it happens, as I say I just hit the buttons. I emerge from my studio every three days with a track and I'm exhausted! It feels like giving birth."
Listen "Angelique" (full) from CD 1 "Light":

Mike Oldfield about "Quicksilver": "To me, this is not dance music, it's music with a dance beat. In this particular case, I wanted to recreate movement underwater, with dolphins and bubbles. When I lived in Ibiza, I saw dolphins on bow wave of a ship, which was special."
Listen "Quicksilver" (full) from CD 2 "Shade":

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