Friday, 09. February 2007
Metaphysical & Sacred Geometry Art
Beginning from One, beginning from Big Bang bull’s-eyes spreading like ripples on a pond, cooling into the acid –bright spectrum of colors that are the palette for Geotron. The Primal Unity of Oneness is represented as slowly pulsating concentric rings of glowing color accompanied by prolonged one-note chanting. After progressing through a sequence of color chords, the centers of the circles cavitate into black voids, the throats of Divine Issuance. A Yin/Yang wheel begins to churn in the center circle flanked by a pair of Deity faces in orange neon. Whose face is this from The Beginning, from the time before faces, from the time before Time?


The Generative Power of the Numbers 1 through 10:
"Geotron" - An Exegesis by Will Cloughley.

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