Friday, 19. May 2006
Hot News or Hoax?

More from 'Da Vinci Code': A 'Da Vinci Code' That Takes Longer to Watch Than Read by New York Times. (English)
Thus we have had a flood of think pieces on everything from Jesus and Mary Magdalene's prenuptial agreement to the secret recipes of Opus Dei, and vexed, urgent questions have been raised: Is Christianity a conspiracy? Is "The Da Vinci Code" a dangerous, anti-Christian hoax? What's up with Tom Hanks's hair?

A test of faith by The Guardian. (English)
Michael Baigent describes the Da Vinci Code court case as 'one of the worst experiences of my life'. And no wonder - he lost a fortune trying to prove Dan Brown had plagiarised his book. Still, he tells Maev Kennedy, he has no regrets.

Forget Scientology, how about Opus Dei - ‘Da Vinci Code’ group is perfect fit for celebrity religious tastes by MSNBC. (English)
But what group could possibly have enough hype and heft to usurp behemoths like Scientology and Kabbalah as the next great religious movement of the rich and famous? My money is on Opus Dei. Opus Dei is perfect. Thanks to the fervor over “The Da Vinci Code,”, this close-knit Catholic movement is the only fringe religious group that is also a household name.


Amazon Stonehenge suggests advanced ancient rainforest culture by Mongabay. (English)
The discovery of an ancient astrological observatory in Brazil lends support to the theory that the Amazon rainforest was once home to advanced cultures and large sedentary populations of people. Researchers are comparing the discovery to Stonehenge, a mysterious stone circle in southern England that was built between 3000 and 1600 BC.

Communicating with Vietnam's war dead by BBC News. (English)
Vu Thi Minh Nghia - commonly known as Nam Nghia - is also a psychic, but she works alone. Like Bay, Nghia attributes her ability to a near-death experience. Guided, she says, by the spirits of soldiers, they appear to her as clearly as the living.

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