Tuesday, 09. August 2005
Dragons in the Tibet Sky

A photo of two peculiar dragon-shaped objects taken from a plane flying over Tibet’s Himalayas piqued many users’ interest when displayed on a Chinese website ... Looking at the photo, these two objects appear to have the characteristics of crawling creatures: The bodies seem to be covered by scales, the backs have spine-like protuberances, and also they have gradually thinning rear ends. Although the photo caught only a portion of the entire scene, it was sufficient create the appearance of two gigantic dragons flying in the clouds ...

Dragons in the Tibet Sky by The Epoch Times.

Update 17.09.05 @ 17.44 Uhr

... Li estimates the object to have been over ten meters long. It was at the altitude of an airplane but was much bigger and flying very fast. At first the flying object radiated a low metallic light. It then became more and more dazzling over the next two minutes before it disappeared into the southeast. “Seeing the flying object, I instantly took out my cellphone and captured its picture,” Li said emotionally.
Li was not the only person to see the dragon that evening. Law students Li Bing and Zhao saw it also. Li Bing said, “When I was leaving the library, I heard a girl yelling ‘Look! A dragon is flying in the clouds!’ I looked up, and I saw a red dragon-shaped object flying southeast. After just a minute, it flew away.” Zhao added, “The sky was completely illuminated at that moment.”

Dragon-shaped Flying Object Appears in Jilin Province by The Epoch Times. WITH PICS.
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