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Every one of us has our very own light cone which defines for us the present state of the Universe, along with what we experience as logical causality and thus the passage of time. Every light cone is unique, so no one can ever precisely agree on what is happening where or when. Of course, the differences are negligible except under relativistic conditions, such as near the speed of light or the singularity of a black hole, but they are real and they are there, all the time. The "wherewhens" of spacetime are relative. In fact, since everything we see in space, from our own bodies to the distant quasars, are images from the past, the actual present state of the Universe is never seen.


Of Quasars & Quanta - A fascinating tour of the Universe with emphasis on the convergence of modern science and ancient mysticism. (English)


That Light is not somewhere "else", not somewhere "beyond" our physical existence, nor is it simply a universal condition that existed in the distant past and is now out of reach. It shines within us right now as the very source of our being. In that Light, we are quite literally unified with the entire Universe. We always have been and always will be.

This transcendental state of unity is certainly an abstract concept, and in metaphysical languages we might have to refer to it as a higher dimension, but that higher dimension is not separate from our everyday experience of the physical world. On the contrary, it provides the very substance of our entire experience of being here now. It is the "stuff" of both consciousness and matter, from our living bodies to inanimate rocks to the distant quasars. If that Cosmic Light were not shining forth at this very moment, nothing whatsoever would exist.

Of Light & Life - Timeless metaphysics within the limits of our perspective. (English)


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Metaphysical cosmology is generally not taken seriously within the framework of modern scientific thought. This is understandable. Metaphysics by nature is nonobjective, so it is ruled out by definition in conventional science where theories and ideas must remain just that unless verified objectively.
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