Monday, 08. August 2005
Strange Creatures

Welcome to American Monsters your one stop guide to all things cryptozoological. Inside you will find all manner of corporeal-fortean phenomenon, with an obvious emphasis on those entities which seem to have a genuine, biological connection to the environments in which they allegedly dwell.
Our intentions here are simple and clear... we want to know WHAT these animals are, WHERE they live, and WHY it is so difficult to confirm the existence of these rare beasts.

To that end we have spent countless hours researching all of the known facts that we could get our hands on - from archaic bestiaries to modern scholarly work, from eyewitness accounts to old newspapers clippings - all in an attempt to present a clear and concise picture of the animals in question.
Now is the time for the Earth's last, great mystery to be revealed. The search begins... here.

American Monsters

This website title would be better "Strange Creatures", I think.
Category: Mysteries & Enigmas

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