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Alien Artifacts in the Solar System? by Curt Sutherly
In late 1991 a strange object approached and passed within celestial spitting distance of the Earth, causing surprise, and some disquiet, among astronomers before vanishing back into the depths of space. The object was catalogued as “1991 VG,” and to this day it remains a mystery.

As Time Goes By: Time Distortions and the UFO Experience by Tim Swartz
For most people, spotting a UFO would be considered extremely unusual, but for two Ohio women, seeing a UFO was the least surprising part of their experience.

Dr James McDonald's Fight for UFO Science by Ann Druffel
McDonald was interested in “occupant sightings” also, which involved unknown creatures viewed by reliable witnesses near landed UFOs, but realized that such sightings involved psychological aspects that he did not feel qualified to research.

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If interested in astrobiology, there’s a cool blog ("Alien Life"), run by newspaper editor Rob Bignell, which gives daily roundups of the latest news from the various scientific fields that form astrobiology and information about SETI. It’s at

am 11.01.06 @ 17:29 Uhr

Knowledge is a crystal that has fallen beneath a sea of murk. Like
an anchor thrown from a ship, it’s stuck down there, and will remain
stuck until we do something about it.
At the moment, there’s a lot of confusion. What’s going on with
that anchor? Could it have magnetically fused with the rocks in the
seabed? Thus do the sailors conjecture, little knowing that they
could be right.
On the other hand, they could be religious zealots who blindly
believe fiction. Blindly believing, they would deserve the ignorance
to which they had been bound. Moreover, they think that vague,
error-prone religious scriptures are evidence in support of their
Well, Occam’s razor speaks differently. Occam’s razor is a
rational principle. It tells us what not to believe: thus it protects our
But when fantasy and reality merge together, and when the
dangerous thrill of the unknown seizes upon everything that at
present lives--then, only, can change occur. Then, only, can
evolution take place!
Evolution is in contrast to nihilism. It’s in contrast to leaving that
anchor down there forever. Having made that clear, it is now time
to raise the anchor. It is now time--to think rationally.
Is God real? We must conclude the negative--for Time Cube’s
proven true, therefore a 1-corner God cannot be.
Time Cube, however, has four corners. Four corners.

TimeCube CubicAO am 13.02.06 @ 02:34 Uhr

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