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Bosnian Pyramid



The Bosnian Pyramid, Visocica Hill, is the first European pyramid to be discovered and is located in the heart of Bosnia, in the town of Visoko. The pyramid has all the elements: four perfectly shaped slopes pointing toward the cardinal points, a flat top and an entrance complex. There are also the ruins of a Medieval walled town, once the base of a Bosnian king Tvrtko of Kotromanic (1338-1391). Because of its similarities to the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan, Mexico, it has been named the “Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun” ('Bosanska Piramida Sunca'). There are also a three smaller pyramids on the site, the Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon ('Bosanska Piramida Mjeseca'), Bosnian Pyramid of Earth, ('Bosanska Piramida Zemlje') and Bosnian Pyramid of the Dragon ( 'Bosanska Piramida Zmaja').

'We have already dug out stone blocks which I believe are covering the pyramid', said Semir (Sam) Osmanagic, a Bosnian American archaeologist who has spent the last 15 years studying the pyramids of Latin America. 'We found a paved entrance plateau and discovered underground tunnels'.....

Visit the official website: The first European Pyramid. (English)
Perhaps if archaeologists excavated the Pyramid Mounds of Xian, China, they'd find similar things?
More news as I get it.

UPDATE 26.04.06 @ 12.47 Uhr

Interesting views from other blogs:

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And in the News:
Amateur to dig on site of medieval capital in search of Bosnia's own Valley of the Kings by The Art Newspaper. (English)
The bizarre claims of Semir “Sam” Osmanagic, a Texas-based businessman who believes he has discovered four pyramids at Visoko in Bosnia, are causing serious concern among Bosnian archaeologists and academics as official and popular support mounts for a five-year excavation programme, due to begin this month.


UPDATE 01.05.06 @ 17.28 Uhr

Executive and online editor of Archaeology Magazine Mark Rose writes a scathing editorial on Semir Osmanagic and the Bosnian Pyramid. Yes, Semir is an amateur, but he has professional archaeologists excavating the site. Rose conveniently fails to mention that.

UPDATE 05.05.06 @ 12.59 Uhr

Bosnian Pyramids: Great Discovery or Colossal Hoax? by LiveScience. (English)
Some critics have gone as far as to call the pyramid an absurd publicity stunt.
But Osmanagic stands by his claim.
"They are jealous," Osmanagic told LiveScience in a telephone interview. "These people are going crazy because they've been teaching students that these [Bosnians] were cavemen, and all of a sudden they are finding complex structures here."

UPDATE 16.05.06 @ 12.59 Uhr

Some See a 'Pyramid' to Hone Bosnia's Image. Others See a Big Hill. by New York Times. (English)
Archaeologists and historians inside and outside Bosnia are appalled, insisting it is simply a peculiarly symmetrical bit of geology. But pyramid fever is spreading through the country.


Largely uncritical television and newspaper reports have made the photogenic Mr. Osmanagic a national celebrity, and volunteers are flocking to Visoko hoping to help uncover the Pyramid of the Sun, a prehistoric edifice that will redeem the country by giving it a glorious and important past.

UPDATE 19.06.06 @ 13.16 Uhr

Bosnia "Pyramid" Not Human-Made, U.K. Expert Says by National Geographic. (English)

Speaking at a press conference in Sarajevo, Anthony Harding told reporters the pyramid-shaped hill was a natural phenomenon.
"My opinion and the opinion of my colleagues is what we saw was entirely geological in nature," the AFP news agency quoted him as saying.


"Further work of the same kind would simply produce the same results. I don't think it would change any view about what the nature of the hill is," he said.

Bosnian "Pyramids" Update by the Archaeological Institute of America. (English)
Growing questions and increasing criticism, geological grandstanding, UNESCO, and more ...


Bosnians unite in pyramid selling that pays off for all by The Telegraph. (English)
There is just one thing missing from Bosnia's so-called Pyramid of the Sun, acclaimed by some as the most important archaeological discovery in Europe for more than a century - a pyramid.
Mr Osmanagic, who also runs a machine tools company in Houston, Texas, said: "This project means tourism will boom and Bosnia will open up to the world." There is no doubt the 46,000-strong community near the pyramids has profited from the influx of visitors, with shops offering an array of tacky pyramid souvenirs and T-shirts.

UPDATE 29.06.06 @ 13.16 Uhr

For those following the Bosnian Pyramid controversy make sure you check out Astraea Magazine's page devoted to the subject. The Astraea team are posting exclusive audio interviews/updates from Semir Osmanagic regarding his alleged discovery and subsequent excavation, and also are providing video and PDFs related to the subject.

UPDATE 18.07.06 @ 14.28 Uhr

The possibility of European pyramids is like London busses: you wait for centuries, and all of a sudden, two come along at the same time: in early 2003 in Italy, and in 2005 in Bosnia. After less than one year’s of scientific analysis, the Bosnian pyramid is already identified as an artificial structure, thus finally providing proof that Europe does have a pyramid past.

Europe’s pyramid history unveiled by Philip Coppens. (English)

The story will continue ...

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Ist das nun sicher mit der Pyramide oder immer noch nur ein Verdacht? Ich habe erst kürzlich darüber gelesen.
Schönes Wochenende,

Elke am 21.04.06 @ 18:30 Uhr

So wie ich das sehe ist es immer noch eine These. Es gibt (noch) keine Beweise. Dennoch finde ich die Forschung sehr aufwändig und in einzelnen Bereichen durchaus überzeugend.

Falls es sich tatsächlich um eine Pyramide handelt wäre das eine Sensation.

Ich halte es für möglich. Der Semir Osmanagic hat ja doch ein paar Jährchen Erfahrung.

Wir werden sehen ...

Hast Du Dir das mit “Mounds of Xian” angesehen? DA kam dann nix mehr ...

Lassen wir uns überraschen!

Ich bleibe dran.

Nice weekend too!

ursi am 21.04.06 @ 22:44 Uhr

What professional archaeologists are working on the ‘Bosnian pyramids’? He claims Royce Richards, but we don’t hear from him and I’m told by someone who knew Richards it isn’t likely. He claimed Grace Fegan from Ireland, and she had this to say (part of a longer email):
“Mr Osmanagich used my name in connection with his project when he had no right to do so. He also seems to have made every attempt to make me into something
that I am not. In addition he potentially misled those who visited the website that they could contact me, and that whatever responses they would receive
would be from me.
With regard to the excavations taking place on the ‘Bosnian Pyramid’ site, I would be very surprised if at the end of the season Mr Osmanagich throws up his
hands having failed to find definitive evidence supporting his argument. No matter what is there he will find what he is looking for. That is what happens when a site is not excavated by archaeologists, but glory hunters.”

Doug Weller am 22.05.06 @ 21:59 Uhr

I am the Royce Richards made famous (and notorious) by Mr Osmanagich. I made an initial enquiry into the project and then decided to distance myself from it as it looked to me like someone selling snake oil. I have since had my name published in articles in national newspapers in Australia and in international media as an “Australian Archaeologist out to unearth ancient Bosnian pyramids and rewrite the established version of history........”
Its all a big load of bollocks. The “Bosnian Pyramid” is just a shonky attempt by a shonky person to make a name for themselves, its not something I want to be involved with. Its quite annoying as I now get random emails from all kinds of kooks expecting me to be an authority on Bosnian pyramids!! The damage this will do to my professional reputation is yet to be seen..........!
I never gave Mr Osmanagich permission to give my name to any media organisation and I never gave any media organisation permission to put my name in print. For the record I am an archaeologist. For the record I am not involved in the Bosnian pyramid project. For the record I’m pretty annoyed with finding my name given to the media in relation to Bosnian pyramids.

am 26.05.06 @ 11:45 Uhr

Hi Royce,

Could you please email me? 

You are on the official site as a member of the Archaeology Committee!

Doug Weller am 26.05.06 @ 21:09 Uhr

Hi Royce,

If you don’t have it, here’s the site.

But email me please before you do anything!

Doug Weller am 26.05.06 @ 21:11 Uhr

Dear Mr. Richards, if you really exist and are so annoyed by Mr. Osmanagich’s manipulations, why not react earlier and in public? This is not only a matter of being annoyed, but also a matter of professional responsibility, if you are an archaeologist, to react in the face of a fraud like this. Certainly both Bosnian and Australian public would be interested to hear it.

However, I suspect that there is no Mr. Richards, “Senior archaeologist,
Department for Aboriginal Affairs, South Australia”. This would not be the first time a Royce Richards was impersonated on the internet - see comments on this page: Also, the correct name of that Australian government department appears to be the Department of Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation: It should be fairly easy to contact them, because it is their reputation at stake here too.

stultitia am 28.05.06 @ 05:57 Uhr

There is a Royce Richards who works for the south australian dept for aboriginal affairs and reconciliation.  I’ve seen official sites which leave off the ‘and reconciliation’.
I think he is genuine, I’d like to confirm that it is he who posted here.

It wouldn’t be a surprise, Osmanagic also used the name of the Irish Archaeologists Grace Fegan in a similar way, even set up an email address supposedly to reach her but to which she had no access.

Doug Weller am 28.05.06 @ 19:38 Uhr

Dear Doug, in that case the professional responsibility of these manipulated archaeologists would be to contact the media sources that mentioned their names in relation to Osmanagich and clarify their position. While this manipulator and liar is destroying Bosnian heritage, random responding to random comments on the internet seems very irresponsible to me. By not responding publicly and exposing Osmanagich as a manipulator, they are only contributing to his pyramid scheme in Bosnia.

stultitia am 28.05.06 @ 20:13 Uhr

That would be the best thing. I and others are trying to contact Royce Richards and Grace Fegan to get something more official for them.  If we do, we will post it at The Hall of Ma’at (where we have about 100 articles from various academics, etc. on similar topics as the Bosnian Pyramid (from the skeptical viewpoint) and discussion boards.

Doug Weller am 28.05.06 @ 21:35 Uhr

Thanx Doug, I’ll check it out. Hopefully they understand how serious this situation is.

stultitia am 28.05.06 @ 21:51 Uhr

I’ve read on that they don’t want to dig out the corner of the pyramid, although they are digging near the corner. Why?

Bosnian pyramid am 04.11.06 @ 09:48 Uhr

This is a great blog:

and for the geology that has created these see

Doug Weller am 03.12.06 @ 21:25 Uhr

Thanks Doug!

This are two great new links!

Thank you very much!

am 04.12.06 @ 01:06 Uhr


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Keith am 20.08.07 @ 09:10 Uhr

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