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Ancient Egyptian Religion
For example: The Egyptian Aset - The Roman Isis

There might not be another female deity who has acquired so many different names and epiteths and who has appeared in so many varied aspects as Aset. Her worship endured from at least the 5th Dynasty into Roman and Christian times, a span of more than 2500 years. This is no mean feat. During such a long period there were of course shifts and changes in her appearance and popularity. Below is an effort of mapping a few of those which are the most frequently used, without laying any claims to be complete.

Let it be said at once that her names, aspect, functions and depictions do not lend themselves easily to any kind of structuring; as with all Egyptian deities they float and merge, borrow traits from each other, and shape-shift between various localities.


While this can be irritating to a mind set on analyzing, it might also point us toward a deeper sense of the inherent divinity of existence, which seems to have been the distinguishing trait of the ancient Egyptian outlook on life.

In the Book of Going Forth By Day, Spell no: 142:4, following can be read, which gives us an idea of the many epitets that Aset was given:


"... Aset the great, Mother of the God; Aset the Divine, Aset the daughter of Nut; Aset the Great of Magic; Aset the possessor of magical protection, Aset the possessor of rolls; Aset who protected her Father, Aset the Ruler of rolls; Aset in Asyut, Aset as ruler of (the city of) 'Shesmin', Aset in Bahbit (Iseum); Aset in Pe, Aset in Dep, Aset in Coptos, Aset 'in charge of' Pe, Aset in Akhmim, Aset in Abydos, Aset in King´s House; Aset in the Sky, Aset in the earth, Aset in the southern (and northern) chapel (of Sais), Aset in the northern chapel (of Sais); Aset in all her Manifestations, Aset in all her characters, Aset in all her Aspects, Aset in (every) place where her Spirit desires to be; ..."

( From T.G. Allen´s translations of the Book of Going Forth By Day)

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I think the focal point of mainstream religion has changed - .That’s part of the “see the world in black and white” that the fundamentalists find so important about their “my way or the highway to hell”. Its far easier to use religion as the label for making oneself feel better or more important than someone else. I don’t murder, so I’m better/God loves me more than someone who does.

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