Wednesday, 12. October 2005
After Death Communication (ADC)

“Please don’t think I’m crazy, but…” is how most conversations typically begin around the subject of After Death Communication (ADC). Although I have experienced ADC’s in the form of dreams, I have counseled many people who are looking for permission to share how their deceased loved-one has “visited” them from the other side. Most of the research in this area has been done from a qualitative (e.g., structured interviews) approach (Devers and Robinson, 2002; Guggenheim, 1997; LaGrand, 1997), which is an excellent way for people to begin telling their stories and comparing similar experiences with other bereft people. Yet, are there others ways to statistically measure the frequency and uniqueness of such experiences? In other words, are ADC’s random or purposeful to specific types of populations or bereavement groups?

"After Death" by Yael Avi Yonah

After Death Communication Research Foundation by Jody A. Long, J.D. and Jeffrey P. Long, M.D. (English)

Most ADC's are subtle, so it is very helpful to know what the different signs are, in order to be able to recognize any sign that you may be receiving. And it is OK to ask for a specific sign in order to be able to recognize the sign as being an ADC when you get it.

20 Significant Signs of Spirit Communication - Special Chat Christine Marie Duminiak, Author of God's Gift of Love: After-Death Communications. (English)

Today in the News:
One woman said her dead grandmother appears to her in dreams. Another said she's received messages on her answering machine from her dead son. A man said he suspects his late son returned to tuck a penny into a penknife for him to find.

'Signs' from the dearly departed - Article by J.D. Mullane. (English)


An after-death communication is a spiritual experience that occurs when a person is contacted directly and spontaneously by a family member or friend who has died. During their seven years of research, Bill and Judy Guggenheim collected more than 3,300 firsthand reports from people who believe they have been contacted by a deceased loved one. Their book, Hello From Heaven, documents many such experiences.

Excerpts of the book "Hello From Heaven" by Near-Death Experiences & the Afterlife. (English)

Official Website of Bill and Judy Guggenheim. (English)

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