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Complete Idiot’s Guide to Tantric Sex


What exactly is tantric sex? This book explains the way of life the ancients knew and that we are rediscovering. People may be drawn to tantric practices hoping to enhance their sexual satisfaction. But Tantra is much more than a sexual teaching. Tantric practice can transform every aspect of your life, helping you to expand your physical health and vitality, emotional healing and expression, psychic sensitivity, satisfying relationships, creativity, and productivity.


This book is written in a very clear, detailed and simple manner, so that everyone will understand what 'tantric sex' implies and what it means to live blissfully. You will learn about the different needs you and your partner have and know how to satisfy them. You will be given ideas and tips about how to improve communication and how to make your relationship grow and become 'one' with your partner.

You will find out that sex comes first from the heart and not from our hormones. It will teach us how to make love from our hearts. It will make you realise that sexuality and spirituality are linked.

Complete Idiot's Guide to Tantric Sex by Dr. Judy Kuriansky.
Alpha, 2002 | 374 pages | PDF | 7.7 MB
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Sunday, 04. November 2007
Sex, The Secret Gate to Eden - Alchemy, Tantra, and Kabbalah

This 75-minute film is a rich tapestry of sacred sex symbolism from around the world, including the Kabbala, Western Europeans alchemy symbols, Tantra, Mayan carvings, Tibetan Buddhism, and various Christian gospels. It is inspiring to see the parallels between these traditions, even if they have been interpreted radically differently over the years.

The film is very hard to describe or summarize. A few technical qualms aside, I found that this documentary was very well done. The topic was treated with the utmost respect, the narration was accessible and tantalizing, and the logical use of so many excerpts, citations, and beautiful works of art from across the globe made every moment a pleasurable and highly informative learning experience.

One symbol traced throughout the film is the theme of the serpent, or double serpent. We learn that the double serpent represents the sexual energy or kundalini of male and female rising in synergistic exchange. The serpent, or sexual energy, can either be raised to reconnect us with the Divine, or used to pursue physical gratification.

The film also distinguishes between three types of tantra: black, gray and white. It explains that black tantra emphasizes orgasmic release, thus leading to cravings and suffering. Gray tantra teaches that some orgasms are appropriate, which puts one on a slippery slope toward black tantra. White tantra, on the other hand, teaches the value of consistently channeling the sexual energy upward where it facilitates union with the Divine. White tantra is the "secret gate to Eden".

'Sex, The Secret Gate to Eden - Alchemy, Tantra, and Kabbalah' was produced by Glorian Publishing (formerly known as Thelema Press) in 2006.

For those of you not familiar with Thelema Press, it is an organization devoted to sharing the teachings of Samael Aun Weor (see below).

Glorian is a non-profit organization translating and publishing the Gnostic books of Víctor Manuel Gómez Rodríguez (March 6, 1917 - December 24, 1977), born in Bogotá, Colombia. He took the spiritual name "Samael Aun Weor", and also referred to himself as "Kalki Avatar". From an early age, he was interested in the occult. He referred to his teachings as the synthesis of all religions, cultures and mysteries. Therefore his writings cite teachings contained within Buddhism, Hinduism, Rosicrucianism, Christianity, Islam (Sufi), Kabbalah, Theosophy, Aztec, Mayan and ancient Egyptian tradition constituting the base of his contemporary Gnosticism.

There are numerous websites in many languages devoted to Samael Aun Weor’s teachings. One is Gnostic Teachings by Glorian features lectures, online courses, discussion forums and more. Glorian has also Gnostic Radio, free audio lectures and podcasts.
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Sunday, 27. November 2005
Shakti Sadhana


What is Shakti Sadhana?

Shakti Sadhana is a Hindu spiritual discipline (usually some combination of Vedic and Tantric practice) that focuses worship upon Devi (the Goddess, in Her various forms), who both creates and embodies all the Universe. Many devotees conceive Devi as the Supreme Energy (Shakti) of Shiva (Supreme Consciousness); both identical to and inseparable from Him. Others, the "pure Shaktas," worship Her as nothing less than ParaBrahman (the Ultimate Divine Principle) Itself, the One Without a Second, holding that all other forms of Divinity, female or male, are but Her diverse manifestations.

Shakti Sadhana encompasses asana of all shakthis but not paisaachi and kshudra shakthis. Pauishachi is evil foces of ghosty origin and kshudra is evil devine forces. Both have nothing in common with shakthi sadhana. Shakti Sadhana main aim is to attain saarupya (looks) and sayujya (merger) with Adi Paraa Shakthi whose manifestations are lalita etc.

There are various path in Shakti Sadhana. There is Durga and her manifestations, Lashmi, Kali, Tara, The Dasa Maha Vidyas in short. Essentially in each path THAT Mahaa Vidya is treated as supreme and rest as subordinate.

Shakta Tantra

Tantra has always been a secret path. At all times there were opponents. That is why we are taught never to give away our mantra: It is a specific injunction that a person shall not be initiated into Tantra without specific testing as to suitableness. Vaidikas - the followers of Veda - on many occasions derided the Tantra path. But there are also references in Puranas extolling virtues of Tantra.

People in the West have not seen or been made familiar with all the Tantric practices -- even by those who have opened parts of it to the West. Thus, the West was mistakenly led to believe that Tantra is nothing but "glorified sex".

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This misperception has led many astray, and has kept many really deserving persons away from the practices.
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It has also brought many sexually unsatisfied persons to what they think is “Tantra”. It has helped many people to cash in on the “fad” and the “need”.

But let me clarify once and for all that TANTRA IS NOT ALL ABOUT SEX.

Real sexual practices may play some role in the first stages -- and at certain much, much higher stages -- but it is not the be-all and end-all of Tantra. Because, you must understand, sex in Tantra simply plays the same role as in ordinary life. We have sex in our life but sex is not what we live for. It has its role in the psychological and procreative spheres. In the same way does sex has some role in Tantra. But it is not an essential thing.

Welcome to the Shakti Sadhana Homepage. (English)
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Saturday, 11. June 2005

Um eines gleich vorwegzunehmen: Das echte Tantra hat mit dem sogenannten "Neo-Tantra" (oder "Die neue Form des Bordells", wie ich es immer nenne) nichts gemeinsam. Ich finde es haarsträubend, was heutzutage in vielen Tantrakursen angeboten wird - meistens ein Freipass zum rumbumsen. Ist doch so!


Eine gute Zusammenfassung über Tantrismus bietet die Wikipedia. (German)

A good overview about Tantra by Wikipedia. (English)

Das Shakta-Tantra ist ein Sadhana-Shastra von Advaitavada Vedanta. Es gibt, wie man wohl wissen sollte, verschiedene Schulen des Advaita-Vedanta wie Mayavada, die Schulen des nördlichen Shaivagama oder den Shuddhadvaita des Vallabhacharya. Gleicherweise gibt es in den "Tantras" Schulen verschiedene Lehre. So begeht man einen schweren Fehler, wenn man unter Tantra nur das Shakta-Tantra versteht, das in Bengalen vorherrscht.

Tantrische Sadhana von Kurosh Seghatolesami. (German)
Gute Darstellung der verschiedenen tantrischen Strömungen

Tantra, Neotantra und das christliche Verständnis der Sexualität - Ein Artikel über Tantra und Neo-Tantra von Georg Schmid bei Relinfo, die Website der Evangelischen Informationsstelle zu Kirchen, Sekten, Religionen. (German)

Tantrism and Neotantrism by Georg Feuerstein, Ph.D. A most accurate article! (English)
If you only read one thing on Tantra, I would recommend you read this!



TantraWorks was created to initiate you into the mystery and magic of Tantra tradition and empower your spiritual evolution. This "software of love", provides all the necessary tools and tips for spiritual lovers and answers to some of life's most crucial questions. It is also a database and guide on a journey through time, exploring the past, the present and the future.

TantraWorks - die Website von Nik Douglas, Autor von «Das grosse Buch des Tantra». (English)

The highest of all possible human goals is the attainment of complete enlightenment, an ultimate state of peace in which all obstacles obscuring the mind have been removed and all

good qualities such as wisdom, compassion, and skilful means have been fully developed. However, we cannot reach this ultimate goal merely by waiting for it; we need to use the appropriate methods to take us there.

About Tantra - All quotations from Geshe Kelsang Gyatso's books.

Tantra, or more properly tantrika, is a diverse and rich spiritual tradition of the Indian sub-continent. Although in recent years, in the Western world, it has become almost exclusively associated with sex, in reality this is one aspect of what is a way of life.

Shiva Shakti Mandalam: Hindu Tantrik Home Page - by Mike Magee

A superb, encyclopeadic site!


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