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Healing With Crystals - Heilen mit Kristallen

The quartz crystal is the connection between the physical dimension and the dimensions of the mind. It can be used to communicate with minerals, plants, animals, and intelligent forces outside the physical dimension. In early times, when all things were thought to be parts of a greater living consciousness, the quartz crystal was believed to synchronize the individual and total consciousness with that of the heavens and advanced life-forms.

Crystal Healing and Quartz Crystal Properties by Kacha Stones (English only)

The gemstone properties listed here are for rounded, highest quality gemstones. Non-rounded gem stones may have different effects.
Healing Properties of Gemstones and Crystals by Jewelry Mall (English only)


A lot of Crystals Articles, e.g. The Three Steps to Crystal Healing, Ten Healing Crystals for Stress, Ten Healing Crystals for Children, Ten Healing Crystals for Men, Ten Healing Crystals for Woman, Healing Crystals for Pets and Animals ... by Karen Ryan. (English only)


Alles redet von Edelsteinen mit geradezu sensationellen Heilwirkungen. Und doch versteht jeder etwas anderes darunter. Daher möchte ich zunächst einmal die verschiedenen Anwendungsbereiche darstellen. Und weil Steine etwas sehr sinnliches sind, machen wir es gleich konkret – anhand des Citrins. Der Citrin ist ein kräftiger Heilstein, wie der Name nahelegt von gelber Farbe, ein enger Verwandter des Bergkristalls.

Edelstein - Heilkunde und Heilsteine A-Z von Walter von Holst (German only)

Kristall-Praxis von Erika Hausen (German only)

Geheimnis der Kristalle und Edelsteine Farb-Codes von Paranormal Deutschland e.V. (German only)

Alle Seiten sind wie Edelsteine.
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Sunday, 13. July 2008

The discovery that everything is made from atoms has been referred to - with a strong claim - as the greatest scientific breakthrough in history. As scientists delved deep into the atom, they abandoned traditional beliefs, leading to a whole new science which still underpins modern physics, chemistry and biology. Upset everything we thought we knew about reality and maybe even life itself.

Even today as we peer deeper and deeper into the atom, it throws back at us as many questions as it answers.

In this three-part documentary series - first aired on BBC Four, 2007 - nuclear physicist Professor Jim Al-Khalili tells the story of this discovery and the brilliant minds behind the breakthrough.

In part one, Professor Al-Khalili takes us from the discovery of the atom to the development of quantum mechanics and looks how the discovery affected the scientific world.

Atom - The Clash of the Titans - Part 1 - 58 minutes.

In the second episode, Professor Jim Al-Khalili shows how, in our quest to understand the tiny atom, we unravelled the mystery of how the universe was created - a story with dramatic twists and turns, taking in world-changing discoveries like radioactivity, the atom bomb and the Big Bang. He tries to answer the biggest questions of all - why are we here and how were we made?

Atom - The Key to the Cosmos - Part 2 - 58 minutes.

In the final part, Professor Jim Al-Khalili explores how studying the atom forced us to rethink the nature of reality itself, discovers how there might be parallel universes in which different versions of us exist and finds out that 'empty' space isn't empty at all. He shows how the world we think we know turns out to be a tiny sliver of an infinitely weirder universe than which we could have conceived. Our reality is just an illusion!

Atom - The Illusion of Reality - Part 3 - 58 minutes.

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Saturday, 14. June 2008
Sell Your Home Faster with Feng Shui

This guide shows homeowners, real estate agents, and others how to use the ancient Chinese art of placement without undertaking an exhausting course of study or subscribing to a belief system.


This book is filled with practical advice from the world of real estate as well as the time-tested, environmental designed philosophy of Feng Shui. It blends both domains - modern savvy and ancient wisdom - the winning combination from marketing your home.
Learn how to:

  • Clear clutter to allow the buyer to focus on what is important
  • See with "Feng Shui eyes" - the way a buyer feels
  • Use Feng Shui tips in every room - from the front porch to the garage!
  • Use "Feng Shui curb appeal" for a dynamic first impression
  • Maximize EVERY showing

Sell Your Home Faster with Feng Shui:
Ancient Wisdom to Expedite the Sale of Real Estate by Holly Ziegler
Dragon Chi Publications, 2001 | 275 pages | PDF | 17.2 MB
Feng Shui or no Feng Shui, it works! Fresh ideas and new twists on ancient wisdom.

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Tuesday, 03. June 2008
Excess Baggage

The application of traditional Feng Shui practice and principles into your life can undoubtedly be of major benefit. Living as we do in a yang phase of humanity's development where science is the dominant leader, most theories have to be subjected to the rigorous testing of Cartesian and Newtonian laws. However, Feng Shui and its associated disciplines come from a more yin appreciation of ourselves, our environment, and our destiny. It is hard, though not impossible, therefore to measure much of this valuable wisdom from today's analytical yang perspective.

Much of the following is common sense, and many people are already intuitively practicing it.

All these systems are intended to enhance the vibrational level of the home and to promote a supportive atmosphere that can pervade our health, fortune and journey.

Excess Baggage

Every possession in the home has its own vibrational quality. Everything we buy, every gift we receive and any family heirloom we inherit all contain their own particular frequencies. In an ideal world, we surround ourselves with artifacts, furniture and possessions that have either a functional use or are aesthetically pleasing to the soul. Surrounding ourselves with objects that we are not happy with, that are broken, out of date, or that we seldom use are simply taking up space. Excess baggage in the home has the potential to slow down our chi, limit our perspective of a new bright future and, to a certain degree, connect us more with our past than with our future.

Before making any well-intentioned Feng Shui changes in your home, clear the decks of all excess baggage to maximize the potential for new changes to occur in your home and your life.


There are three stages to undertaking this important task:
  • Dealing with the physical excess baggage in your home.
  • Dealing with the vibrational or outstanding emotional issues in your life.
  • Drawing from the suggestions in Section 3 where you can begin to work on your health and well-being.

You need to be ruthless. Make a note of your possessions, going through the house, room by room, and be clear about what you use on a regular basis. Excess baggage is material that is either redundant, broken or has been waiting several months or years to be repaired! Old clothes, unwanted gifts, out of date magazines, old college notes, broken gadgets all fall into this category. Clothing, utensils and tools that you use on a seasonal basis are not regarded as excess baggage and can be stored away conveniently and brought out when appropriate. Try to avoid an old mistake of filling your attic or basement with boxes of junk that you promise yourself you will go through one day. Be ruthless!

If you are young or single, living in rented accommodation, think where you may have stored your excess baggage? Did you leave it in your parents' attic? Have you left it in the basement of your brother's home? If so, you need to work on this as well as, in the long term, it is not going to do them any good. Have friends, a neighbor or relative taken a job abroad and left trunks and suitcases of their baggage in your loft? If you are unclear how long you are expected to store their 'excess', contact them and clarify this point. If it looks like it is going to be a vague ongoing process, you need to be clear and get it sorted.

We can easily slow down our progress in life by being too caught up with the past. On an emotional or vibrational level, reflect on what outstanding business there may be in your life. Pay particular attention to any outstanding or incomplete conversations you have had with a friend, relative, business colleague or an ex-love. Unresolved issues in our lives are very similar to untidy desks with mountains of paper work! Clearing the air, clearing the desk opens up possibilities. Take a moment to draw up a list of those you need to phone, write to, or have coffee with to resolve any misunderstanding or outstanding issues.

The Metal element in Oriental healing relates to the lungs and large intestines. Both of these organs are responsible for absorbing aspects of the external world within us, as well as being responsible for the elimination of excess. The health and the efficiency of these two vital organs is naturally reflected in how well we deal with excess baggage in the world around us. Chronic breathing difficulties or digestive problems inevitably lead to a deeper physical stagnation within us and a darker, gloomier outlook on life. In other words, stagnation sets in.

If you feel this is an issue with you, make cleaning a daily ritual rather than a daily chore. Done briskly, on a reasonably empty stomach, energetically and with some uplifting music in the background, you can get the job done while at the same time recharging your chi. For my first year as a student of the Oriental healing arts in the 1970s, I had a part-time job as a cleaner. Looking back, it was the most care-free, enjoyable, invigorating and satisfying job I think I have ever held. Although a humble position, in many ways I was responsible for setting the tone of the building. It is not uncommon today to find monks who dedicate their lives to spiritual practices in monasteries, interspersing their days of study with bursts of energetic cleaning.

Naturally, prevention is considered the best cure among all the great healing systems. Keep your home brightly charged and clear of unwanted baggage and you open the doors to new possibilities. Surround yourself with junk, debris, dust and old chi and you simply attract more of the same. Do you recall as a child that you would never dream of walking across your parent's sparkling clean kitchen floor? However, if it was dirty and covered in smudge marks, you wouldn't think twice about it because your muddy footprints would not be noticed so much! Walking through a leafy litter-free suburb, you would not expect to find anyone throwing rubbish on to the pavement. However, if there is a vacant plot where somebody has already dumped some rubbish, before long you will find everyone else is doing the same. Simply speaking, this is called 'big yin attracts little yin!'

This article is excerpted from "Feng Shui for Life" by Jon Sandifer. Available at Amazon.
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Friday, 16. May 2008
Cosmic Ordering

What Is Cosmic Ordering?

At it's simplest, cosmic ordering is making a carefully worded "wish" and sending it out to the cosmos in the hope that your wish (or order) willbe answered.

Despite the fact that it has recently come to people's attention, partly due to the television star Noel Edmonds putting it as the main reason for his spectacular career comeback, cosmic ordering has been around a long time.
Its roots can be traced back to at least the early 1900's when Wallace D Wattles wrote a book called The Science of Getting Rich. In this, he talked about thinking about things to turn them into reality. This may sound simplistic but if you actually stop to think about it, it's perfectly sensible. Near enough everything you see around you started as a thought in someone's mind - the computer you're reading this on, the chair you are sitting on, the room around you. Every one of these started as a thought.

Cosmic ordering takes these thoughts and focuses on them. You send out a precisely worded request to the cosmos (or universe or your god if you prefer) and then let the cosmos deliver on that request. Some requests are simple and will be delivered by doing nothing more than this. Others are more complicated and will take some effort on your part to come to fruition. Yet others are so far away that they will need a lot of effort before they can become part of your reality.

One of the problems a lot of people have with the Law of Attraction (which is very closely related to cosmic ordering) is that they dream up a request and then get disappointed when it doesn't manifest itself into their life in a few hours or days. A common request is to win the lottery. The trouble is that a large number of other people are also putting out this request and the numbers involved just can't work for everyone. Almost 95% of lottery winners only get 10 times their stake back. So even if you "win" the lottery, chances are that you've only won $20.

It's far better to focus on a slightly smaller goal. Ideally, one that you are more in control of. It's also worth starting small - you've done that with most everything else in your life if you think about it. As a toddler, you took time to be able to walk even one or two steps without falling down. But that didn't stop you and eventually you learned how to walk.

It's the same with cosmic ordering. Start small. Send out a small request - say for a parking space to be clear for you or the next few sets of traffic lights to be green for you - and get it fulfilled. Then work up to a slightly larger request, get that filled, and so on.

Make sure your requests are worded positively. Your subconscious mind is working with you on this and it needs clear directions to get what you want from the universe. Negatives or lack of clarity will getin the way of your cosmic order being filled for you.


7 Principles of Cosmic Ordering

Anyone can do it, anytime. But to ensure success there are several key principles that are important to the process of Cosmic Ordering. If you want to explore the process of Cosmic Ordering more thoroughly then there are several excellent books on the market. However to get you started, here are 7 key principles of Cosmic Ordering.

1 Decide What You Want

This is perhaps the most challenging part of the process, knowing what you really want and never has the term "be careful what you wish for... You might get it!" been more relevant. To help you work out what you might want, review the questions on the what to order page.

2 Make Your Orders Positive

Make your orders positive, present tense and personal. This is very important, avoid negative words like not and no, instead try to phrase your request positively in terms of the things you want. Keep your orders personal to yourself, order only beneficial things. Placing hateful, negative or vengeful orders are likely to backfire, so keep your orders coming from a loving place of the heart.

3 Order In the way that works for YOU

To each, their own. Every person is unique and each person has a different sense of their connection to the Universe. Place your orders in any way that suits you. Many people like some ritual or other mood to accompany and empower their orders. Do whatever is right for you.

4 Trust the Process.

Trust the process of Cosmic ordering. It is often best to start with simple orders, like a parking space or something similar until you build sufficient trust and understanding of the process. Part of this is letting go and leaving the Cosmos to deliver your order in the best possible way and at the perfect moment for you. It is in our nature that we try to control everything around us, but it is important not to be to prescriptive as to HOW our order is going to be delivered and relaxed about the timeline. If we attempt to, we simply interfere and restrict the creative possibilities open to the Universe to deliver our order.

5 Trust your Inner Wisdom

Allow your inner wisdom to guide you in your choices. Trust yourself to place the perfect order for yourself one that states what you want and perhaps when you think you might want it delivered. But an order that strikes the right balance between action and allowing. You must allow the Universe to bring you your order, this means letting go of all anxiety and holding complete belief that the Cosmos will deliver for you, but at the same time being open, aware and ready to take the opportunities that the universe may bring you as part of its delivery.

6 You Deserve It

You deserve to have a wonderful life, believe it, live it. The universe is infinitely abundant and we all deserve our good. Accept that you deserve good things; if you cannot bring yourself to believe that you deserve good things, it becomes difficult to ask for them with an open and honest heart. Whilst the words of your Cosmic Order might say "I have a beautiful car!", your thoughts might be "I don't deserve it." ... that message is your true belief and that is what the Cosmos will deliver. When you place your order, know that you do deserve it.

7 Acknowledge Your Successes

Feel gratitude when your Orders are delivered, recognise the amazing power of the process. Even if you suspect that your delivery may just have been a coincidence, recognize also that what your requested WAS delivered. Recognising and rejoicing in your ordering success will serve to reinforce your belief and therefore the success of your future orders!

Source: The Cosmic Ordering Website by G Symond.
You can also place your own Cosmic Orders online right now there.
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Tuesday, 06. May 2008
Dancing the Tango with your Crystals

An advanced Connection with Crystals

The previous article Learning to "dance" with Crystals - Connecting to Crystals dealt with the, introductory, physical and spiritual connection to or dancing with gems. Here we will explore an advanced process, the deep passionate tango that allows you to connect to the healing frequency of crystals. It is a profound experience and one that leaves you feeling empowered and energized.

We are all uniquely individual and therefore we do not experience things the same way. It is imperative that you trust your own experience and that you allow yourself to flow with your own feelings and perceptions. Always remember the only two rules as far as gemstones / crystals are concerned:

    1. There are no rules.
    2. If in doubt and for all other rules refer to rule nr. 1.


You do not need a specific crystal for this process as you will be connecting to the Crystal Consciousness, the big boss of the Mineral Kingdom.

Find a comfortable position where you will not be disturbed for a while.

  • Close your eyes, take 3 slow deep breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth, centring yourself and go into a state of deep relaxation or meditation.
  • In your mind's eye and in any way that makes sense and works for you, see yourself entering a cave that takes you deep under the surface of the planet.
  • As you move along should you feel uncomfortable or doubt yourself in any way, return to this time and open your eyes and rather try again later or perhaps another day since you don't want to spoil this experience but you want it to be profound and lasting.
  • Permit yourself to move freely, deep into the cave. Experience the cave completely, using all your senses, listen to the sounds of the earth, hear water dripping, hear the wind in distant chambers, the sounds of silence.
  • Listen to your steps echo as you walk along.
  • Smell the earth, the rock and stone, the dampness. Smell the cool air and allow your sense of smell to expand.
  • Become aware of changes in the temperature, feel the coolness of your surroundings, feel texture of the earth beneath your feet.
  • As you breathe in and out taste the earth on you tongue.
  • Stand still and allow your senses to develop and expand, move between sight and sound, between feel, smell, and taste experiencing the cave totally and completely.
  • In your stillness stretch your senses to their fullest, hear the inner silence, feel the inner spaces and just be still in this moment.
  • As this process depends largely on your ability to connect to the cave, the surroundings and the experience of being within the earth, take your time.
  • In the vast stillness of the cave and your own being, you become aware of a presence. As this presence slowly takes shape, you feel entirely comfortable, safe and secure.
  • Allow this being to materialize completely in shape and in Essence; this is The Keeper Crystals, The Keeper of the Mineral Kingdom and The Keeper of this Consciousness.
  • Your inner wisdom will guide you as you experience this Presence hearing the sound of the Mineral Kingdom.
  • A tone, the healing frequency of the Mineral Kingdom.
  • Feel the tone vibrate through and around you.
  • Know that once you leave this place you will carry the tone within your being.
  • When you are ready slowly disconnect from this space and place, by thanking the Keeper of Crystals, bringing your energy back and returning to the surroundings of your reality.

As you have experienced the tone of the Mineral Kingdom and you carry it around within your being, you can use it during your healing sessions or for your own healing process. You can channel the frequency of the tone through your hands, by hearing it with your inner ear and transferring that energy through your hands.

This healing tone encompasses all the minerals, known and unknown and is the universal sound of the Mineral Kingdom. You are able to use this tone by thinking about it or hearing it within your minds as it is now part of you.

Source: Dancing the Tango with your Crystals by Elmarie Swartz.
Her website Healing Journeys - Energy is a place where you will find a lot more information on healing as well.
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Tuesday, 29. April 2008
Candle Energy

You and Candle Colour Healing

The candle has been used in religion, for healing and for metaphysical purposes for about as long as fire has been around.

It is a very powerful symbol for the activation of more fire and light in our lives - on physical and subtle levels.

It represents the eternal light of the soul and the connection to Source.


The colour emanates its vibration to enlighten the moment and facilitate focus.

Fire has always been regarded as something holy, magical and mysterious.

In most societies, fire first belonged to the gods; the legend of Prometheus and the creation of humanity are but one example. Prometheus is credited with having stolen fire from the gods and given it to mortal mankind.

Fire operates in all aspects of life. From volcanic fires to the fires of ordinary body heat to that all consuming fire of passion in the belly, from the solar fires to the fires of intellect, fire's presence is felt nearly everywhere.

When we use the fires of candles, we are participating in the ritual of fire that has existed throughout the ages.

Therefore this healing practice should be seen as an ancient ceremony of creation.

Look upon the unlit candle as the unlit essence of life energy in the physical body that awaits a renewing touch of fire to help restore health to body and soul.

When you light its flame, imagine you are creating light where there was no light before, bringing warmth and healing where it is needed. This imaging or visualization in itself is extremely healing.

Simple Rules for Candle Use

  • Its colour must respond with the healing required as its vibrational force is activated, released and amplified when it is lit. See this colour chart:


  • The one you choose should be cleansed and anointed before using by rubbing with a light olive oil in an upwards direction towards the wick. This process is called "dressing the candle." It strengthens the colour so that its energies are more vibrant and activated which will make them far more effective for your purpose.
  • Once used for a specific purpose such as in healing, it should not be used for something else as this will set up conflicting vibrations.
  • A strong affirmation of intention must be performed when the flame is lit as well as when it is extinguished as if you are firmly setting and locking the healing energy in place.
  • Get yourself a snuffer or use wet fingers to put out the flame but do not blow it out.

Healing Yourself with Coloured Candle Energy

For a few ideas in how to use coloured candles for healing: Read more ...
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Tuesday, 22. April 2008
Learn to “Dance” with Crystals

Connecting to Crystals

Learning to connect to or dance with crystals is an easy process and anyone can do it. There are so many different methods, just like the different dances in ballroom dancing, of connecting to the mineral kingdom; however the best way is to find the one that works for you. You will also find that as you practice you become a "better dancer" and quite soon connecting to or dancing with them becomes second nature.

'Light' by Daniel B. Holeman

You may even find you are able to make the connection from across a room or by simply looking at one; in fact you could be aware of a particular crystal the minute you walk into a room, without even seeing it.

Connecting Physically

  • Start slowly.

  • Choose one of your favourite crystals or one that really talks to you. I always suggest that you start by using single clear quartz terminations.

  • Hold it in your dominant hand and point the termination or point of the crystal into the palm of your other hand. Not touching, hold it about half an inch above the palm of your hand.

  • Slowly rotate the crystal in the area above your palm. Use both a clockwise as well as anti clockwise direction.

  • In time you will begin to feel a slight tickling sensation in your palm.

  • Remember practice makes perfect so as you practice this the sensations will become more intense and soon you will be able to move the gemstone around your hand or up your arm and you will feel the energy of the crystal clearly.

It is very important to note any physical sensations, feelings or thoughts you might have while working with the crystal as not all people experience connecting with gems the same way. Give yourself permission to experience them your way and you will be fascinated by how quickly you learn to interpret what you perceive.

Connecting Spiritually

  • To begin with use the same crystal that you used for the above exercise.

  • Find a comfortable position where you will not be disturbed for a while.

  • Sit quietly holding the stone in your left hand.

  • Close your eyes, take 3 slow deep breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth, centring yourself.

  • Now imagine the crystal clearly in your mind. It is important to visualize it clearly. Notice each and every part of the crystal in your mind. Once you have a clear picture of the stone in your mind you are ready to move on.

  • While holding the picture in your mind, allow it to grow. Clearly see the gem stone in your mind, notice every part of it and see it growing bigger and bigger until it is as big as a mountain.

  • In your mind's eye, walk up to the mountain of quartz in front of you and touch it with your hand, noticing that there are no boundaries between you and the crystal. Ask that you be allowed you to enter and slowly step into the mountain of quartz.

  • You are now inside the mountain of quartz, look around and see the clarity of the quartz, the many different forms, veils and shapes inside the crystal. Take your time looking around and becoming familiar with the crystal.

  • Relax into the moment, enjoy being one with the stone and see a bright light coming towards you. As this light comes closer, it starts taking shape, trust what you see, perhaps a human, an animal, a tree, or even a being of light. This is the Essence of the Crystal, allow this Essence to become clearer, feel the presence and experience the moment completely.

  • You can now communicate freely with the Essence of the crystal. The fact that you were able to enter the crystal means you have the highest permission to be there. At this point you can ask anything you wish, program the crystal or communicate on any and all levels.

  • When you are finished, simply disconnect by thanking the Essence and withdrawing from the crystal.

'Earth Aura' by Daniel B. Holeman

For me this particular process is one that leaves a lasting impression. Since you are able to connect to the very Essence and Awareness of the crystal any information or questions you may have is freely shared. Exactly like tuning into a radio station, once you are able to connect to the frequency of the Essence of one you are able to connect to the Essence of any crystal or mineral.

Source: Learn to "Dance" with Crystals by Elmarie Swartz.
Her website Healing Journeys - Energy is a place where you will find a lot more information on healing as well.

Continued with Dancing the Tango with your Crystals an Advanced Connection with Crystals.
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Thursday, 27. March 2008
The Illuminated Chakras

Anodea Judith has dedicated her life to teaching about the chakras, the subtle energy centers in the body. In this award-winning animated video, she takes you on a journey through the chakras, where you spend time experiencing the function, the feeling, and the essence of each of the 7 primary chakras. However, the manner in which this is all presented is not only informative, but also beautiful! Anodea's style of narration is pleasing to the ear, the music of Robin Silver nicely supports the narration, and the 3-D Animation Graphics of Alex Wayne are simply great!

Enjoy this multi-sensory journey into the transformational beauty of the inner world. Follow the path of Kundalini-Shakti, the mystical serpent, who drives the vital force that awakens consciousness within each chakra. Experience the elemental reality of each chakra, as earth, water, fire, air, sound, light, and transcendent consciousness.

The Illuminated Chakras - A Visionary Voyage Into Your Inner Worlds
Duration: 28 minutes

Anodea Judith, Ph.D. is an American author, therapist, public speaker and expert on the Chakra system, bodymind (body/mind integration), somatic therapy, and Yoga. Judith is best known as the author of 'Wheels of Life: A User's Guide to the Chakra System'. Visit her online home: Sacred Centers.
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Friday, 14. March 2008
Fundamentals of Magick

Magick is the art and practice of moving natural energies to effect needed or wanted change. Magick is natural, there is absolutely nothing supernatural about it. Magick has been used by the Native Americans, Aztecs, Incas, Celts, Greeks, Romans and many other cultures throughout the world and throughout time. I can't think of even one culture that does not have their own form of magick. Magick is done everytime you pray... everytime you wish for something. Magick can be done by anyone with an open mind and who takes the time to try it.


What is taught here are various techniques of magick for beginners. They have been developed and found to work by FireyOne. It is good to remember that complex does not always mean better. Magick is natural and simple and the techniques to develop abilities should be simple and natural as well. What is taught on this site is not only the basics of magick, but the basics of many things. For instance, they are the basics of psychic abilities, magick ability, developing your mystical sides and so on. Some of the techniques taught will include: Relaxation, Visualization, Moving Personal Energy, Charging, Shielding, etc.

Beginner Magick and Elemental Magick by Seanachaidh.


Creating A Shield:

To create a shield, relax, open the chakras, raise and center your energy. Then ground. Visualize very clearly a white protective energy surrounding you and your aura entirely in a sphere shape. Spend however long you need on this until you can actually 'feel' yourself being surrounded in this protective light. Know that nothing harmful can get through it after you have created the shield. After you have mastered this shield you can move on to other kinds of shields. You can add textures to your shields to give them certain properties. For instance, to create a shield that reflects all the harmful energies sent at you, you could visualize the shield as a mirror surrounding you completely. Then visualize it reflecting all unwanted energies away from you. Or for another kind of shield you could visualize yourself stepping into a suit of armor that protects you from all harm. Use your imagination! If you find your psychic senses are dulled or are shielded FROM sensing things you can do this: Visualize a shield and construct it. Visualize nothing unwanted being able to but you can freely sense and send things out from yourself from your shield.

Not only for Magick - this is an important practise in time like these ...
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Saturday, 01. March 2008
Feng Shui and Money

Eric Shaffert has a sense of humor and easy reading style, so it is not too overwhelming and you can make adjustments in small and joyful ways.
This book takes you through a comprehensive journey with insightful exercises and rituals - ones that are more feng shui oriented and ones that are more "self help" oriented.

Book Description:

Attain the wealth and prosperity you’ve dreamed of with easy-to-apply feng shui principles! Easy to understand and fun to read, Feng Shui and Money helps readers connect to the spiritual and psychological dimensions of their financial lives through the ancient practice of feng shui. Starting out with the captivating history of this ancient Chinese philosophy, this entertaining guide covers the basic principles of feng shui thought throughout the ages and its wide popularity today. Next, it offers innovative suggestions for favorable interior arrangements at home and in the office, time-proven rituals to create prosperity, dozens of chi enhancement exercises, and valuable advice for tending one’s spiritual landscape.


Finally, readers will find a nine-week action plan that shows how to translate these feng shui principles into an individual, achievable program of financial and spiritual renewal. Written by an experienced psychotherapist and feng shui consultant, this pragmatic yet sensitive book offers a refreshing, lively blend of Asian spirituality and Western psychological insight.

Feng Shui and Money: A Nine-Week Program for Creating Wealth Using Ancient Principles and Techniques by Eric Shaffert.
Allworth Press, 2002 | PDF | 244 Pages | 8.4 MB
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Saturday, 09. February 2008
26 Secrets from the Orient - Feng Shui

Introduction: Although Feng has been practiced in the Eastern hemisphere for thousands of years, it is relatively new to western civilization. Feng Shui may seem mysterious and foreign to our western culture, but it is actually a very sensible collection of ideas and actions.


Once you understand its principles, you will be able to produce harmony, comfort and balance in almost any situation or environment.

26 Secrets has been put together to simplify Feng Shui so that everyone can understand and work with its principles to balance their lives and make way for more money, love, health and happiness. Some of these tips will help bring these things to you, while others will make it easier to hold on to money, romance and health once they’re in your hands.

When you energize the various parts of your home, your life will improve and you will start to attract more abundance and happiness.

Begin to think of balance in all things. For example, you must activate your career and benefactor sections so that you can be a magnet for exposure to opportunities and people who will help you get ahead. It will be easier for you to invite wealth when you have a happy love life. And if you are loved, you are more likely to stay healthy and attain the kind of wealth that stays with you.

Before you begin, critically evaluate all areas of your home, examining each and every room inside as well as outside of the house.
Knowing your Kua number will help you better understand your element, your best colors and your best directions for improving your life. These are all tools to help you attain your goals.

26 Secrets from the Orient - Feng Shui by Eloise Helm
Aquarian Publications, 2002 | 54 pages | PDF | 1.9 MB
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Tuesday, 05. February 2008
Colors and Feng Shui

The way people react to colors is due to a mix of physiological, sociological and spiritual factors. What works in one society does not always work in another. Likewise, the knowledge that has come out of the mystery schools often needs to be adjusted to apply to modern tastes. What we present here is our own color theory drawn from personal studies and experience.

What is helpful to remember about the differences between the Western and Asian systems of color theory is that in the West, the favorite planets generally are Jupiter and Venus, which are expanders, and relate to luck and luxury. From the earth both have a blue tone. For the Chinese, the favorite planets are Saturn, a pale yellow planet that is the stabilizer, and Mercury, the silver planet that deals with commerce and children. We might say that, culturally, the difference is a focus upon possibilities versus responsibilities. Surveys have shown that the favorite color of Americans is blue, while their least favorite is yellow. This highlights yet another difference, which necessitates the adjustment of systems when practicing Feng Shui in the west.

GOLD and SILVER, for our needs, are not properly colors but rather metals related to the Sun, and to the Moon and Mercury. Gold is quite distinctly the glow of the Sun (Yang), and the warmth of the heart. The mutability of Silver can relate to the off-white of Moonlight (Yin) and the watery quality of emotions. When silver goes towards the highly reflective, we touch upon the energy of Mercury and the ability of the mind to reflect the exterior world. When we go to the soft, luminous silver we're projecting the feeling of the Moon, and the need to reflect emotions through empathy and sympathy. The real significance of these two metals (when used in design) is in their reflectivity, or in other words, their ability to translate and transmit light. Use them to balance Yang and Yin, both in interior decor and when you wear these metals. You can balance these polarities in your physical body.

RED is a primordial color. It activates our energy, our senses, our adrenals and our appetite. Our attraction to it is as basic as the newborn baby's attraction to the nipple that means food and survival. Red is the color of Mars, as well as blood. The eye will always go to red first, and it stimulates the aggressive side of our natures. It draws Yang energy towards itself. The activator! It attracts only positive energy. A problematic corner can be deactivated by placing a red dot under the point of the angle. It pulls the energy towards itself. Use red in "activity rooms" but avoid it in resting areas. However, red does inspire passion, so variations of red in small touches can add "activity" to the boudoir. Be careful about using red in the kitchen if anyone in the family has a problem with their weight.

YELLOW is the central reference point for the eye due to the yellow quality of sunlight. The large pixels at the edge of the eye react best to the gray shadows of evening. So the contrast of yellow and black are the extremes of the eyes' range. After red, this contrast is the single biggest attraction for the eyes. Yellow relates to the planet Saturn, the bastion of conservatism, compression, duty and responsibility. Yellow is America's least favorite color. It promotes maturity, restraint, and serious action. The very structure we rely upon! It is the appearance of reality. Yellow is the color of acquired knowledge, so it makes a good choice in an office or study space.


GREEN relates to Mother Earth herself. The Chinese value green jade over all other stones because it promotes harmony and serenity, in the same way that the garden of nature bestows these gifts upon us. The greens are soothing, sustaining, and speak of the abundance of the Earth. It is a sexy color, sensual, and tuned to satisfaction. In the West, green is the color of money. The sustainer! Green is easy to add to any environment through the use of plants. As living things, plants add energy and harmony to any space. Green touches in the bedroom add a sensual and balancing effect.

Other Colors: Read more ...
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Thursday, 17. January 2008
Crystal Harmony

Excerpt from the article 'How does Crystal Healing Actually Work?'

Crystal healing – how does it work?

By observing energetically, the subtle reality in and around any crystal or mineral – a ‘field’ of special subtle energy can be found. It is the field of mineral energy – a non-physical field of subtle energy that’s very specific in strengths and frequencies of vibration. Every different type of mineral has a different type of field and a different form of mineral energy within that field. So the field of Rose Quartz for example is different to that of Amethyst. Also contained in this mineral energy is a ‘code’ or agent called The Element of Harmony. It basically maintains balance and equilibrium in the minerals’ energetic reality.


We can now return to the information command of the energies in the channels between the chakras and the organs of the body (on subtle levels, not physical levels). Picture if you will someone with a throat problem – let’s be as specific as to say they have trouble with their vocal chords, as a result of perhaps some abnormal growth thereon.
In keeping with the principle of why this problem has manifest – as a result of the subtle energy going to the area becoming miscoded, we can approach the use of minerals. In this exact case, Green Tourmaline can be used to resolve the matter. Why – because the specific vibrations of the ‘mineral energy of Green Tourmaline’ are closely similar to the vibrations of the subtle energy that sustains and maintains the throat area, particularly the vocal chords ...


When a Green Tourmaline crystal is brought to the area, on energetic levels it means that the mineral energy field will interact with the subtle energy of that part of the body. As a result, the Element of Harmony engages with the miscoded ‘vocal chords energy’ and begins to re-program it to return back to balance once again.
However, as much as this crystal would have an effect, it would be comparatively limited and therefore it would need to be ‘amplified’ by means of special energetic exercises.
These exercises involve the use of thoughtforms, which are powerful, concentrated, consolidated thoughts of a fixed objective. By the action of a thoughtform on a mineral, the mineral energy can increase its power a hundredfold.

Read the full article How does Crystal Healing Actually Work?
by Nat & Tony Bondar. (PDF)


You may also like other rock’n’gem articles by the same author:

More Light on Crystals (PDF)
... Each mineral has four different energetic structures on different subtle levels. Each performs a special function. In simple terms – they react to subtle energies around them in different ways. Surrounding each mineral are billions of different types of energies, and depending upon the evolutionary level of the particular mineral, some of these will be able to enter the subtle structures. These surrounding energies we have named as ‘Primeval Environmental energies’ – or PE energies for short ...

Crystal Healing Explained (PDF)
... To our knowledge, no one else has ever produced the energetic diagrams of minerals, and through understanding of what is happening inside minerals, we can approach conclusions about their qualities. The size, colour, weight, hardness, specific gravity, chemical composition and name of the mineral have absolutely no bearing on its therapeutic qualities. These are energetic qualities; they have an energetic explanation. ...

Here’s a picture of Amethyst point, showing the striations of PE energies leaving the structure (A) and what it looks like when it’s been polished (B):


Nat & Tony Bondar are the authors of 'The Element of Harmony' and 'The Crystal Energy Cards' (see the pictures above).
Their website is: Crystal Harmony.
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Tuesday, 06. November 2007
The Human Aura & Color

The human aura and how it interacts with other colors

he human aura is very sensitive to color. It reacts to the colors of clothing worn and to the colors of it's surrounding area.

Color affects the subtle flow of energies within the energy body. This accounts for our strong natural likes and dislikes, when it comes to choosing the colors we wear, and those that surround us.

This sensitivity varies, from person to person, depending upon how sensitive they are and how sensitive their aura is.

Women, generally, have more delicate and sensitive auras than men. They are, therefore, far more sensitive to the effects of color, than men are. Color can have a strong effect on a very sensitive person. If they wear a color that clashes too badly with their aura, it can make them physically ill.

The effect of color on the emotions is well known. Wall colors are carefully chosen, in hospitals and other institutions, to calm agitated people and put them at ease. Soft pastel shades of pink and blue are the most frequently used colors for this, because of their well-known calming effect.

Basic Hue Clasification

The basic hue of an aura is it's dominant color. This is the most visible color of the multiple energies generated by all the chakras (mixed together) creating a general, overall color. There are, of course, many different colors in any person's aura, but the basic hue is usually seen first.

Many people suggest that people can be classified, as being a particular type of person, by the basic hue of their aura.


For example:

RedSensuality, vitality, raw energy
YellowPersonality power, mental power, intellect
GreenSpirituality, love, affinity with nature, natural healer
BlueHighly spiritual, religious, natural teacher, healer
VioletVery highly spiritual, psychic, clairvoyance, religious, teacher and healer
GoldHighly advanced spirituality and psychic abilities - an adept

I have found this method of classification to be both unfair to the person being classified, and extremely misleading. The basic meanings of the individual colors are well known - as above. I find the human aura to be such a complex and changeable engine, it just cannot be classified in such a simple way.

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