Thursday, 05. June 2008
Calling All Angels

The more we call upon the angels, the more they can come to our assistance. Here are some ways to call the angels in.

Angels want to surround us, and they greatly desire to give us help. Our joy brings them enormous pleasure. Yet, they cannot help us unless we ask. A universal law that binds angels says, "No angel shall interfere with a human's life unless asked, with the sole exception of a life-threatening emergency. An angel will not make decisions for a human, but-when asked-an angel may offer advice and different ways of looking at the given situation."

So an angel may nudge you or encourage you, and an angel may create a miraculous coincidence for you. However, an angel cannot help you unless you choose to accept the help, because you have free will.

To ask for angelic assistance, you needn't conduct a formal invocation ceremony. God and the angels aren't complicated, due to their true nature of pure and simple love. Only our lower-self ego believes that spirituality is necessarily complicated, because it cannot believe that something so powerful and great could be accessible to everyone instantly. Yet, it's true.

The angels hear the prayers of your heart, and just by your mental cry for help, they flock to your side. You can also consciously ask for more angels to surround you or your loved one. Parents can ask for angelic baby-sitters to guide and protect their children throughout the day. If a loved one is traveling, ask Raphael and the angels to watch over the journey. Ask the angels to help your friends who are in need of comfort and direction.


Some ways to call upon the angels include:

Writing a letter to the angels. Pour out your heart when discussing your confusions, hurts, and anxieties. Hold nothing back, so that the angels can help every part of you and your situation.

Visualizing. Call it your inner eye, your imagination, or your third eye-the term doesn't matter. Visualizing angels is a powerful way to call them to your side. See the angels flying in circles around you or your loved ones. See powerful angels thronged by your side. See the room you are in crowded with thousands of angels. These visualizations are angelic invocations that create your reality.

Angels are glowing with the light of love, so they don't have a physical form. However, angels can take on a physical appearance by projecting a mental image to us, if this will help us. So if you visualize cherubs, large glowing beings, or a beautifully dressed angelic woman, the angels will take on this form to help you recognize them.

Mentally calling upon angels. Think, Angels, please help me, and they are with you instantly. If you are sincere in your call, the angels hear your mental cry for assistance. You can word your request as an affirmation, such as "I have hundreds of angels surrounding me now," or as a petitional prayer: "Angels, I am in pain and need your help now." You can ask God to send you angels, or you can call the angels directly.

Speaking to angels aloud. You can verbalize your request, and sometimes we do this unconsciously, such as when we say, "Oh, God" during distress. You might find that spending time alone in a quiet setting, especially outdoors in nature, is a wonderful opportunity to have a verbal conversation with the angels.

This article is excerpted from "Angel Therapy" by Doreen Virtue. Available at Amazon.

Angel Therapy with Dr. Doreen Virtue at Hay House Radio:

What are your angels trying to tell you? Every week, Doreen Virtue gives you ways to get in touch with your angels, gives angel readings live on the air, and tells each lucky caller about the angels who surround them and the messages they have for them.

Angel Therapy with Dr. Doreen Virtue at Hay House Radio
Every Wednesday, 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm PDT.
Free registration is required and you can listen past shows in the archive.

If you wish to find out more of this subject,
then listen to the last programme in full here:
Angel Therapy: May 28, 2008

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Thursday, 15. May 2008
Angels - A Spiritual Perspective

Since times immemorial the concept of angels has fascinated mankind. Angels appear in the religious, mythological and other literature across all cultures. They are invariably depicted with wings. Many people pray to angels. We conducted spiritual research on various aspects of angels with the help of extrasensory perception (ESP) or sixth sense. Through our findings using spiritual research methodology, this article demystifies the topic of angels and offers fresh insight into them.

Angels have existed since the beginning of Creation. They are beings from the lower part of the subtle region of Heaven (Swargaloka). They are the lowest in the hierarchy of positive subtle beings. Their primary purpose is to act as messengers for lower level deities in the lower subtle region of Heaven (Swargaloka). Deities speak in the language of light whereas we humans speak in the language of sound. Angels therefore act as step-down transformers carrying messages from lower level deities to deserving beings in a language they can understand. This is primarily through the medium of putting thoughts in their minds. By deserving beings, we mean humans on Earth and subtle bodies in the Nether region (Bhuvaaloka) who have some background of spiritual practice or merits. The messages are generally about how to address a particular worldly issue. About 5% of times angels themselves also give worldly advice. As their duty is mainly on Earth, most of them are Earthbound. When they are not delivering messages they lead a life devoted to experiencing pleasures in the lower subtle region of Heaven (Swargaloka).

Click the picture for a larger view

Angels - A Spiritual Perspective by The Spiritual Science Research Foundation.
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Monday, 25. February 2008
Angels - How they got their Wings

What part have angels played in western religion?

How did they get their halos and their wings?

And what are they really? Gods or men?

Beato Angelico, San Marco Museum, Florence -- Click the picture for a larger view

George Bernard Shaw made the observation that "in heaven an angel is nobody in particular", but there is nothing commonplace about this description of angels from the Bible's book of Ezekiel:

"They had the likeness of a man.
And every one had four faces, and every one had four wings.
And their feet were straight feet; and the sole of their feet was like the sole of a calf's foot: and they sparkled like the colour of burnished brass ... As for the likeness of their faces, they four had the face of a man, and the face of a lion, on the right side: and they four had the face of an ox on the left side; they four also had the face of an eagle."

With angels like that, it is easy to see why they have caused so much controversy over the centuries.

Host Melvyn Bragg and his expert guests discuss Angels. The contributors are:
  • Martin Palmer, theologian and Director of the International Consultancy on Religion, Education and Culture
  • Valery Rees, Renaissance Scholar from the School of Economic Science
  • John Haldane, Professor of Philosophy at the University of St Andrews

If you wish to find out more of this subject,
then listen to this programme in full here (43 minutes):

Broadcast was on March 2005 at BBC 4, 'In Our Time'.
Also available for RealPlayer.
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Thursday, 10. January 2008
Not Forgotten

A baby angel learns to fly, with a little help. A short animated movie created by Dewi Permata Sari during the Digital Character Animation course at the Vancouver Film School.

So cute!

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Sunday, 18. November 2007
Biblical Angels

Are angels male or female or both? Eternal or mortal? Messengers from God or shapers of destiny?

What do the Scriptures tell us about them? Are they messengers from Heaven? What do they look like? Do they continue to guide and help us today? And what happened to the "fallen angels"?

In an attempt to resolve these and other questions regarding the nature of angels this A&E program (part of the Mysteries of the Bible series) looks to a variety of sources for answers: the Bible, the Apocrypha, Dante's Divine Comedy - even Phoenician drawings.

The material is organized into five acts, with titles like "Celestial Guardians" and "Earthly Spirits". While the essence of angels isn't ultimately resolved in this program, viewers do get an eyeful of some of the more famous visions of angels by artists, including da Vinci, Raphael, and Botticelli.

Mysteries of the Bible: Biblical Angels (1997)
Duration: 45 minutes.

For me it makes no sense to ask are angels eternal or mortal. They are obviously eternal beings. We are eternal souls. We are just in a body form at the moment trying to keep soul and body together while living on the earth ...
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Sunday, 12. August 2007
Angels in History and Cultures

They are the link between heaven and earth: Who are the angels, where do they come from and what is their purpose and meaning? Why is it that now more people than ever before are reporting angelic experiences?

This documentary is an exploration of the enduring mythic and symbolic presence of angels in human history for more than three thousand years. Further an exploration of their influence on humankind and society both in the past and in modern times. Includes interviews and information about peoples personal experience with angels, and visits 'New Age' seminars where meditations leads seekers to their guardian angels.

It's similar to the movie 'Entertaining Angels Unawares' - but this docu is probably the original, an Opus Television production for S4C.

Informative and inspiring! Length: 51 minutes

"Behold, I send an angel to you, to guard you on the way and to bring you to the place which I have prepared." - Exodus 23:20-21

"For every soul, there is a guardian watching it." - The Koran

"There is an unseen hand, a guiding angel, that somehow, like a submerged propeller, drives us on." - Rabindranath Tagore

"Make yourself familiar with angels, and behold them frequently in spirit for without being seen, they are present with you." - Saint Francis de Sales
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Thursday, 10. May 2007
Angels in Dream, Myth, Literature and History


ANGEL, in both Hebrew (mal'ak) and Greek, means "Messenger."

And Angels appear in every worldwide Culture, with their messages...

When Jacob, in his dream of the Ladder (his Ladder was a symbol of the Tree of Life), wrestled with the Angel, he was involved in an archetypal battle with his inner self. When Mary dreamed of an Angel, it was to be given a history-shaping message.

For those of us interested in Medieval Christian Mysticism, the Biblical presentation has a power that is mythical in origin and psychologically revalatory in its potential.

Ellen G White, in "Who Are the Angels?" wrote:

"The connection of the visible with the invisible world, the ministration of angels of God, and the agency of evil spirits, are plainly revealed in the Scriptures, and inseparably interwoven with human history. There is a growing tendency to disbelief in the existence of evil spirits, while the holy angels that 'minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation.' (Hebrews 1:14) are regarded by many as spirits of the dead. But the Scriptures not only teach the existence of angels, both good and evil, but present unquestionable proof that these are not disembodied spirits of dead men."

Before the Creation of Man, angels were in existence; for when the foundations of the Earth were laid, "the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy." After the Fall of Man, Angels were sent to guard the Tree of Life, and this before a human being had died. Angels are by nature superior to Humankind. The psalmist had said the Man was made "a little lower than the angels."

Read more ...
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Monday, 08. January 2007


I don't know much about the artist, except his name is Inoue Naoki and he makes portrait photographs with wings like a fairy by CG. Enjoy his beautiful Angelium.
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Wednesday, 15. November 2006
What Color Angel are you?


UHHH ...

You're a "Blue Angel". You're a smarter one than most and are the more logical than anyone you know. You also have very strong morals that you stick to through it all and you'd stand up for whatever you believe in even if no one else agrees. You're a little bit shy around people but you love to be with lots of people anyway. You have appreciation for things like music or poetry or art. You yourself can sing fairly well but you don't like to sing in front of people. You're very thoughtful and people love how creative you are.

Pink, red, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, and white. All are special, all are different, which are you?

What Color Angel are you? - a humorous quiz.
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Tuesday, 31. October 2006
Angel Guide - All About Angels


Learn how to talk to your Guardian Angel, Info about Angel Communications, Angel Therapy, Angel Hierarchy, Angelic Scripts, Angel Symbols, Archangels and Seraphims, Collection of Angel Prayers, Angel Poems and Sayings, Enjoy the Angel Photo Diary, Angel Cemeteries, Find Angel Song Lyrics, Angel Pictures, Angel Crafts and an Angel Kids Page, Send free Angel E-cards and much more.

Angel Guide - All About Angels

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Saturday, 23. September 2006
Angel of the Thames

Naturally for earlier sightings we have to rely on sometimes unreliable written accounts. As we move into the photographic age we inevitably see more concrete evidence of the Angel sightings.


This etching was made in 1865 and documents the sighting by dozens of workers building the Thames Embankment of the Angel of the Thames.
It is the only such example from that year, although there are other sightings written about from the Tower of London to the current site of Waterloo bridge.

This particular etching is charming for it’s very literal interpretation of an angel. It is clear that the artist has represented what he has read about the incident in his own way.

Among the early photographs is this rather poor shot taken shortly after the outbreak of the Great War in 1914. Many people had turned up near Southwark docks after a reported sighting.


This photograph was taken during the Blitz and coincides with an appearance by the Thames Angel to firemen on the night of 12th November 1940.

Angel of the Thames


Possibly the most important sighting to date has been filmed by a TV crew, but is being SUPRESSED by the producers for fear of embarrassing TV Start and telent spotter David Grant.

My partner Leslie has got hold of some tills from the footage, but we're currently under threat of legal action if we show any more.

Why is the evidence being kept back? I have seen the footage and in my opinion it is the best documentation yet.
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Thursday, 19. January 2006
La Chute de l’ange (The Fall of an Angel)


A lovely short story: La Chute de l'ange (The Fall of an Angel) by Mikros Image.
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Sunday, 11. December 2005
Meet the Angel of the Hour / Begegne dem Stundenengel


What is an 'hour'? Is it nothing more than a unit of time composed of 60 minutes? Is it measured by numbers or by impressions, feelings, moods? Like the seasons of the year, the seasons of the day differ by the way we experience them. Each hour we encounter has a character and a presence infinitely richer and more complex than clock time. As a messenger from another dimension — an angel as it were — an hour has its own unique significance. Here is your opportunity to meet the angels of the hours, to befriend them, and to allow them to befriend you.

Meet the Angel of the Hour (English Version)

Was ist eine Stunde? Ist das nicht viel mehr als eine Zeiteineinheit aus 60 Minuten? Wird sie nur mit Zahlen gemessen oder ist sie nicht vielmehr bestimmt von Eindrücken, Gefühlen und Stimmungen? Wie die Jahreszeiten unterscheiden sich die Tageszeiten je nachdem, wie wir sie empfinden. Jede unserer Stunden hat einen Charakter und eine unendlich reiche Gegenwart, viel vielschichtiger als der abzählbare Takt der Zeit. Als eine Botschaft aus einer anderen Welt, hat jede Stunde ihre Einzigartigkeit – sozusagen wie ein Engel. Hier hast Du die Möglichkeit, den Stundenengel zu treffen, Dich mit ihm anzufreunden und ihm zu erlauben, sich mit Dir anzufreunden.

Begegne dem Stundenengel (German Version)


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Tuesday, 01. November 2005
Angels - FAQ

"Seraphvision" by Julien Hatswell

Sherry and Brad Steiger have a lengthy section of Frequently Asked Questions on BeliefNet.

Some highlights:

What Do Angels Look Like?
Is it possible that angels are not as sweet looking as we humans portray them? Then again, does it matter? (English)

Testing the Spirits
How to discern a good angel from a bad one. (English)

Where Were the Angels?
Why do angels protect some and not others? If angels are meant to protect us, then why do people die in airplane crashes and car crashes? (English)

Other Articles:

Meetings with Angels
What dreamers are saying about their angelic encounters by Robert L. Van de Castle. (English)

You Say Malachim, I Say Apsaras
Angels, by any name, exist in many world religions by Rebecca Phillips. (English)

Angels on the Job
The angel archetype and its role it can play in the workplace by David Rottman. (English)
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Sunday, 16. October 2005
Angelic Morning Meditation


Feel yourself held gently, safely, snugly…

Spend a few minutes with this Angelic Morning Meditation
to begin your day.

By Alma Daniel, Music by Gerald Jay Markoe, Photographs by Marcia Lippman. (English)

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