Friday, 20. January 2006
Geisha Lounge - Sushi for the soul


UK dance compilation for fans of Chillout. 35 tracks including, John Kaizan Neptune 'Golden Lotus', Groove Armada 'Dusk You & Me', Kinobe 'Hammock Island', Bebel Gilberto 'Samba da Bencau', Craig Armstrong 'Weather Storm', Henri Salvador 'Chambre Avec Vue' & many more.
2 CD(s).

This is truly a trip to the four corners of the globe gathering the finest tunes from every continent. Not all Chillout but certainly Sushi for the soul.

Enjoy Geisha Lounge - listen now this two parts (full):

Craig Armstrong - Weather Storm

Watergate - Heart Of Asia (Astro Heavenly Mix)
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Wednesday, 04. January 2006
Spiritual Healing


Zu (feat. Okapi) Vs. Dalek:
Spiritual Healing (55MB)

Lavish art/music experience with cut-out medieval stuff. A project delivered to us by 47thfloor. Psychedelic and hallucinating - nevertheless fascinating ...

I put the clip on my faster server because the server at 47thfloor is very slow.


Zu (feat. Okapi) Vs. Dalek
Roman Jazz vs. NY Beats


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Monday, 12. December 2005
Indigo Spirit

Indigo Spirit is a truly unique experience in music, blending Classical and Blues music.
Whether you are a Classical aficionado, a blues connoisseur or just interested in eclectic music, this album is not to be missed.

Listen Indigo Spirit "The Sun Won't Talk No More " (full) from the album "Indigo Spirit":

More by Amazon.


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Wednesday, 07. December 2005
The Glorious Bhagavad-Gita: Sung in English


The Bhagavad Gita is one of the greatest spiritual books the world has ever known. Its teachings describe the science of self-realization and the process by which a human being can live a positive and powerful life and establish their eternal relationship with God. It is the first time this great work is being offered sung in English; it is a gentle and powerful way to experience and taste the wealth of this profound ancient scripture that is beloved to eastern and western scholars alike.

You can listen to all 18 chapters of the Glorious Bhagavad Gita in streaming realplayer. Let the divine wisdom of the ages shower upon your ears, mind, heart, and soul.

The Glorious Bhagavad Gita: Sung in English by Kumuda (Sharon Janis), translated and rendered by Swami Nirmalananda Giri into singable English.

Maybe you would like to follow up the verses when listening?

Bhagavad Gita–The Book of Life translated by Swami Nirmalananda Giri.


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Wednesday, 16. November 2005
Mike Oldfield

If you are looking for Mike Oldfield like he was been in the past - this 2 CD set is not for you.

"Light & Shade" is almost New Age and many fans of Mike wasn't very happy with his latest album. The sound is a mixture of chill-out (Light) and techno-rock (Shade). For me Mike produced timeless, unique and inspirational music.

Official Website:
Mike Oldfield


Mike Oldfield about "Angelique": "That's the name of one a pre-set on one of my synths. As usual, I start off by just building the music up, and this piece turned out to sound angelic. I can't explain how it happens, as I say I just hit the buttons. I emerge from my studio every three days with a track and I'm exhausted! It feels like giving birth."
Listen "Angelique" (full) from CD 1 "Light":

Mike Oldfield about "Quicksilver": "To me, this is not dance music, it's music with a dance beat. In this particular case, I wanted to recreate movement underwater, with dolphins and bubbles. When I lived in Ibiza, I saw dolphins on bow wave of a ship, which was special."
Listen "Quicksilver" (full) from CD 2 "Shade":

Light & Shade Website
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Wednesday, 02. November 2005

Exploring the limitless possibilities of the traditional Japanese drum, the taiko, Kodo are forging new directions for a vibrant living art-form.

In Japanese the word "Kodo" conveys two meanings: Firstly, "heartbeat" the primal source of all rhythm. The sound of the great taiko is said to resemble a mother's heartbeat as felt in the womb, and it is no myth that babies are often lulled asleep by its thunderous vibrations. Secondly, read in a different way, the word can mean "children of the drum," a reflection of Kodo's desire to play their drums simply, with the heart of a child. Since their debut at the Berlin Festival in 1981, Kodo have given over 2700 performances on all five continents, spending about a third of the year overseas, a third touring in Japan and a third resting and preparing new material on Sado Island.


Kodo - Official Website (English)
Check out: One Earth Tour in Europe (January - March, 2006)

Listen Kodo to "Echoes From The Andes" (full) from the album "Nasca Fantasy" (With Isao Tomita):

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Wednesday, 26. October 2005

Die Welt des Mystic-Pop, eingebunden in kirchliche Chorgesänge, begleitet von zarten Harfenklängen, kurzen Gitarrensolos und Glockenspielsynthezisern, angeführt von weiblichen Solostimmen: das ist "Times" von der Berliner Band Lesiem. Als Solistin konnten die Berliner Maggie Reilly gewinnen, die 1983 mit Mike Oldfields "Moonlight Shadow" bekannt wurde.


Born out of a male voice choir, whose experience is based on a 50 year tradition, the German band Lesiem soars across the heavens with their own brand of mystic-pop. Combining Gregorian chants with worldbeat loops, guitars & dreamlike voices, Lesiem bring their own unique style of ancient tradition to the modern world.

Official Website / Offizielle Website von LESIM (German and English version)

Ein Muster aus der spirituelle Klangwelt des Mystic-Pop könnt ihr hier hören. Listen to "Temperantia (Bescheidenheit)" (full) from the album "Times":

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Saturday, 15. October 2005

Mohicans is mostly composed, produced, played and arranged by Fabrizio Baldoni, Gino de Stefani, Paolo RE and Simone Coen.

The album booklet includes some gorgeous photographs taken from a body of work entitled (in less politically-correct times) "The North American Indian" by Edward Sheriff Curtis.

Play this with candles, when you’re in the bath, doing yoga, or need to de-stress from work.


My advice today: Mohicans - Music Inspired By The Deep Spirit Of Native Americans. Listen to "Dancing In Your Soul" (full) from the album "Mohicans":

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Wednesday, 05. October 2005

Karunesh was born in 1956 in Cologne, Germany. Although he had been drawn to music as a child and played in bands as a teen, he chose to study graphic design as a career. After attaining his degree, the path did not feel right for him and as sometimes happens when we need to be reminded of a critical need for a change in direction, Karunesh was involved in a serious motorcycle accident. For two weeks, he was suspended between life and death, and this experience sparked the beginning of his spiritual path. In 1979 he made his first journey to India and began to follow his heart.


Karunesh later lived in an ashram in Germany for five years. Here, he had the opportunity to learn from and play together with musicians from cultures around the world. Music was a vital part of the mystical experience being pursued and where Karunesh (Sanskrit for "compassion") says he developed the ability to weave different styles and feelings together into a living symbiosis - a symbiosis carried by his own very unique and personal "melodies from the heart."

In 1984 Karunesh released his first album Sounds of the Heart, an album that quickly became a classic in the new age genre. More albums followed.

One of my favorite album is "Zen Breakfast"!

Listen to "Moon Temple" (full) from the album "Zen Breakfast":

More by Amazon.
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Friday, 30. September 2005
Dreamland Radio

It is the policy of Dreamland to present the credible edge in science, religion and culture. We want to inform you about the real unknown—the world of genuine scientific mysteries and possibilities that the general media ignores.

Dreamland appears online every Saturday afternoon at 1PM Pacific time. Each program is available for one month, and may be listened to any time on any PC or Mac that is equipped to play sound. Windows and Mac users need the Windows Media Player.

Whitley Strieber's Dreamland (English)


This week's guest is Australian UFO researcher Bill Chalker, who describes his investigation into a bit of hair found by an abductee after a bizarre experience.
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Monday, 26. September 2005
Magna Canta

Elevate your body, mind and soul with the Gregorian grooves of Magna Canta. Magna Canta transports the listener to a sacred place in the heavens above. Smooth electronica with European dance melodies merged with Gregorian Chants and ethereal moods create an atmosphere of mystery and mystical exploration.

Magna Canta ist neben Lesiem und ERA, die beste Formation im Gregorian-Mystic Bereich, die ich kenne.


Listen to "Kyrie" (full) from the album "Sanctuary":

More by Amazon
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Wednesday, 15. June 2005
Loreena McKennitt

To ancient Byzantium, the vast forests of Roman England, the rocky coasts of Ireland, the voyages of Marco Polo, the floating arches of sixteenth century Venice, the frozen steppes by way of the Trans-Siberian Express, the mysteries of Sufism ...

Loreena McKennitt's music and singing is quite overwhelming: it reaches deep inside, it "moves" ... I'm not good enough with words, so I simply say: just listen to her songs and you'll be carried away as well!

Official Loreena McKennitt website contains exclusive music, videos, pictures, info and more! (in 14 languages)

For example listen "The old Ways" from the album "The visit" right here (Click play).


Lyrics are here: Read more ...
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Wednesday, 27. April 2005
Kitaro: Sacred Journey of Ku-Kai, Vol. 2

Do you know the new album from Kitaro? Kennen Sie das neue Album von Kitaro?

It's the follow-up album to the Grammy nominated “Sacred Journey of Ku-kai”. Second in this series dedicated to peace, each track on the album contains bell samples taken from ancient Japanese temples and is another exquisite masterpiece from the legendary Kitaro.

Look at Domo or visit Amazon.

Listen to some sample ::: Hier gibt es Hörproben: or


Muss ich das auf Deutsch übersetzten? Nein. Natürlich - wie alle Werke von Kitaro - ein Ohrenschmaus!
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Friday, 22. April 2005
Online Live Meditation Music

Right in the moment I listen to the "Spirit Radio" - very nice sound.

Here is a list with all the Online Radio Stations playing Meditation Music

You can listen to using players such as Player365, RealPlayer, Winamp, Sonique, MusicMatch, or Windows Media Player. It's easy, if you familiar with one of these players. Choose your Radio Sation and your player - that's all.

"Sound of the Stars" by Vivika Alexander

If you need help: How to Listen With Windows

Das ist auch auf deutsch kein Problem ... denke ich.
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Sunday, 10. April 2005
Tibetan Buddhist Internet Radio

image is an MP3 radio station and download archive for Tibetan Buddhist teachings. You can hear online or download recorded teachings, e.g. teachings by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.

Most of the content is in English.

Tibetan Buddhist Internet Radio

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