Saturday, 25. October 2008
Be Rich in any Climate


The secret to being rich lies in remembering that
friendships are priceless, time is invaluable,
health is wealth, and love is a treasure.

Create a nest egg of beautiful memories
that you can dip into from time to time
to ease any sorrows.

Have the kind of remembrances
that raise you up with their worth
and keep you there with their wonder.

Always have a supply of hopes on hand
to help you plan your tomorrows.

Remember that when you invest in your dreams,
it is impossible to overpay.

Give away smiles,
and watch them come back to you
a hundred times over.

Stuff your pockets with kindness and optimism;
there is nothing more precious in the world.

I'm sharing this advice with you today
because you are a treasured piece
in the puzzle of my life.

~ Author Unknown
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Thursday, 03. July 2008
How to Begin the Day

Be bright! Today is a new day!


Knowing how to begin a new day is important to make life more fun.
Here are 10 tips that have worked for me over the years:

    1. Greet the day.

    2. Smile, and say "Good morning" to everyone you see.

    3. Feel good about yourself and your qualities.

    4. Say optimistic things about the day. By looking at yourself in the mirror and saying at least 10 good things about yourself, it will definitely improve your day.

    5. Focus on your objectives for the day, and get them done as soon as possible.

    6. Trust in your inner strength to solve any problem that day.

    7. Remember this: "If life doesn't smile at you, tickle life 'till it laughs!"

    8. Sing (or hum) any song with a positive message.

    9. Eat breakfast. This is a healthy way to start the day and will help you throughout the day.

    10. Exercise. It releases chemicals in the brain that make you feel better.

    a) Remember no day is the same.
    b) When your passing someone not so happy, smile at them and say "hi!" it can really cheer others up to make their day brighter.

Try it out. It works!
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Monday, 23. June 2008
No Accidents


Click the picture for a larger view.

There are no accidents... there is only some purpose
that we haven't yet understood.
~ Deepak Chopra

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Tuesday, 17. June 2008
You are the Light of the World

You are the Light of the World
... and as such, you are here to use your light to heal,
transform and transfigure anything unlike peace, love, harmony and goodwill.

That we all may have
moments of peace ... and more peace.

Rather than impose your will upon conditions of lack, disease or suffering.
... choose instead to think, feel and emote from an outcome in which
anything unlike what is preferred simply does not exist.

It cannot exist in your experience if you decide to not entertain it.
In doing so, you create a Quantum overlay of
preferred possibilities & probable futures.

You are the Light of the World.
You do not need the World’s permission to shine your light upon the dark.
The light releases you from joining others in
seductive, lower energy vibrations.

Use your light to simply transform lower energies.
This is how you heal yourself ... and the World.

This is how you create moments of peace
... and more peace still.
Light cannot injure light.
Light is injured by nothing Light heals all.
In the midst of shining your light you are immune to lower energies.
You don’t heal people by getting them to “get it.”

You don’t heal unwanted situations with people by “teaching them a lesson.”
Just stand in the midst of all that you resist
and instead of letting judgment take you over,
put your entire focus upon the Light.

The Light will prevail.
You don’t have to do anything more than this.
Bringing peace to the World is what you are here to do.
Just Shine Your Light.
You know where your inner Light switch is...

Turn it on!
You heal and transform the entire World around you by turning ON your light!
You don’t have to warn the darkness that you are coming
with the light.

Just Shine Your Light!
You are the Light of the World.
And so it is ...

© by Mary Robinson Reynolds
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Friday, 06. June 2008
The Perilous Journey of Becoming a Someone

So you're looking for answers but you're not entirely sure about the questions. But you know you have to become someone. A SOMEONE ...

So True! Enjoy!

"For Those Prepared To See The Extraordinary Hidden In The Ordinary".

A short film by Nic Askew:, films about life & the human spirit.
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Friday, 23. May 2008
Power Of My Way

We all need reminders and moments of inspirations to help us better grasp who we are and how we can contribute! Understanding and realizing your true power and potential, moving yourself out of thought and into action, is possible.

Power Of My Way

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Tuesday, 20. May 2008
Daily Readings from the Word of the Buddha

For over two millennium the discourses of the Buddha have nourished the spiritual lives of millions of people. This interactive movie contains extracts from some of these discourses selected from the Pali Tipitaka and also from some post-canonical writings. It is presented so that one extract can be read and reflected upon each day of the year, it is an excellent companion for anyone trying to apply the Buddha's gentle message to their daily life.

Daily Readings from the Word of the Buddha by BuddhaNet.


For today:

    Vacchagotta said to the Lord: "I have heard it said that you, good Gotama, say that charity should only be given to you, not to others, to your followers, not to the followers of other teachers. Those who say this, are they representing your opinion without distorting it? Do they speak according to your teaching? For indeed, good Gotama, I am anxious not to misrepresent you."

    The Lord said: "Vaccha, those who say this are not of my opinion, they misrepresent me by saying what is not true. Truly, whoever discourages another from giving charity hinders in three ways. What three? He hinders the giver from acquiring good, he hinders the receiver from getting the charity, and he has already ruined himself through his meanness."
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Tuesday, 13. May 2008
Sayings of the Buddha


Who can fail to be profoundly moved by the words of the Buddha? In this series of delightfully illustrated stories (there are eight of them), the Buddha teaches on the importance of spiritual cultivation. Find out what he had to say about the independent self, the necessity of holding proper beliefs, why you won't get anywhere on the spiritual path unless you actually practice, and much much more.

BuddhaNet Comics:
Sayings of the Buddha.

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Monday, 28. April 2008
May You Be Blessed

May you be blessed
with all things good.
May your joys, like the stars at night,
be too numerous to count.
May your victories be more abundant
than all the grains of sand
on all the beaches
on all the oceans
in all the world.
May lack and struggle
only serve to make you stronger
and may beauty order and abundance
be your constant companions.
May every pathway you choose
lead to that which is pure and good and lovely.
May every doubt and fear
be replaced by a deep abiding trust
as you behold evidence of a Higher Power
all around you.
And when there is only darkness
and the storms of life are closing in
May the light at the core of your being
illuminate the world.
May you always be aware you are loved beyond measure
and may you be willing to love unconditionally in return.
May you always feel protected and cradled
in the arms of God,
like the cherished child you are.
And when you are tempted to judge
may you be reminded that we are all ONE
and that every thought you think
reverberates across the universe,
touching everyone and everything.
And when you are tempted to hold back,
may you remember that love flows best when
it flows freely
and it is in giving that we receive
the greatest gift.
May you always have music and laughter
and may a rainbow follow every storm
May gladness wash away every disappointment
may joy dissolve every sorrow
and my love ease every pain.
May every wound bring wisdom
and every trial bring triumph
and with each passing day
may you live more abundantly than the day before.
May you be blessed
And may others be blessed by you.
This is my heartfelt wish for you.
May you be blessed.

Found @ The Blessings Experiment by Kate Nowak.
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Thursday, 17. April 2008
Meditation Music with Inspiring Quotes

Relaxation music set to beautiful landscapes and inspiring quotes. Let this 6 minute video guide you into a moment of peace and contemplation, using the quotes to focus us on some of the more important things in life.

Music from the album "Lunar Khandro" composed by Jai Larkan - Vocals by Simone Townsend.

Enjoy A Peaceful Moment!

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Tuesday, 15. April 2008
A Holy Splash of Time


A Holy Splash of Time allows us to do just that. It is a visual meditation that draws us away from our current illusion of time into the peace and joy of the present moment. A beautiful and soothing way to remind us of the sacredness every moment brings. Enjoy.
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Wednesday, 02. April 2008
Rumi: Say I Am You (Sufi poem)

Rumi's poems elegantly and consistently touch our inner being and inspire us to go beyond our limitations towards the Divine.

The music: The credits do appear at the end of this video, but it is by the composer, Eleni Karaindrou, and is the theme music called "Eternity and a Day" from the movie, Aggelopoulos.

Just deeply beautiful!

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Tuesday, 25. March 2008
Pearls of Wisdom

© Carole Bourdo

Cherokee Prayer Blessing

May the Warm Winds of Heaven
Blow softly upon your house.

May the Great Spirit
Bless all who enter there.

May your Mocassins
Make happy tracks
in many snows,

and may the Rainbow
Always touch your shoulder.

Native American Wisdom

Be awake

Love yourself and be awake -
today, tomorrow, always.

First establish yourself in the way,
then teach others,
and so defeat sorrow.

To straighten the crooked
you must first do a harder thing -
straighten yourself.

You are the only master. Who else?

Subdue yourself,
and discover your master.

Buddhist Wisdom

© by Marianna Rydvald.

© by Daniel Brian Holeman

What if you slept?

And what if,
In your sleep
You dreamed?

And what if,
In your dream,
You went to heaven
And there plucked
A strange and
Beautiful flower?

And what if,
When you awoke,
You had the flower
In your hand?

.... Ah, what then?

Samuel Taylor Coleridge


Welcome to the home of Inspiration, Peace, Harmony and Awareness! Presenting inspirational wisdom quotes, sayings and stories, prayers, affirmations, and sharing important issues such as the environment, health, peace, women's issues (also relevant to men). Many different perspectives are represented and they will touch your heart, inspire you, motivate you, make you angry, make you laugh - all will assist you on your personal journey of self-growth.

Pearls of Wisdom
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Monday, 24. March 2008
Your Teacher


Click the picture for a larger view.

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Monday, 25. February 2008
Seek not to change the World


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Seek not to change the world, but choose to change your mind about the world.
What you see reflects your thinking. And your thinking but reflects your choice of what you want to see.

-- From the book: A Course In Miracles
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