Sunday, 31. August 2008
When UFOs Arrive

'UFO Files' is a documentary television series on The History Channel that covers the mysteries of the UFO phenomena. It first aired in 2004.

'When UFOs Arrive' examines the secretive government policies for dealing with extra-terrestrial visitation – from the military reporting guideline "JANAP-146", to a curious chapter in a FEMA disaster guide on what to do in case of a UFO crash.

'When UFOs Arrive' by History Channel, 2004,
Duration: 44 minutes

From the cover:

Go to the limits of human experience...and beyond. From the fringes of the galaxy to our own backyards, the UFO FILES searches for evidence of life beyond our world. Tracing the long, convoluted history of UFO encounters and research, this unique series opens new windows into the controversial field.

It's all hush-hush as we track a secretive global paper trail, delving into government plans on how to deal with other-planet visitors. Searching historical records, we find that protocols are in place--from the U.S. military's JANAP-146 reporting requirements to France's Cometa files, from Chapter 13 of the FEMA Fire Officer's Guide to Disaster Control titled "Enemy Attack and UFO Potential", to a now-repealed federal law titled "Extraterrestrial Exposure".
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Modern Magick

"No one can give you magickal powers.
You have to earn them.
There is only one way to do this:
Practice! Practice! Practice!"


Many magickal rituals will be given in these lessons for you to practice. These should aid you in your psychic and magickal development. However, even though thousands of people throughout history have successfully shown their proficiency in magickal techniques, quite frankly I cannot guarantee your success. This is because the ability to perform Magick successfully is dependent upon what you put into it. Many people, however, have told me of their great successes using the traditional techniques given in these pages.

The best way to use this book is to go through it, page by page, studying each of the ideas and practicing each of the techniques as they come up.


Let me make clear at the outset that this course will not teach "BlackMagick." You will not be required to do anything contrary to your moral or ethical values. You will not be "summoning up" any demons, devils or evil entities.

Modern Magick: Eleven Lessons in the High Magickal Arts by Don Kraig
Llewellyn Publications, 2nd edition, 2002 | 600 pages | PDF | 29,2 MB
This is the ONE for beginners and experienced as well!
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Magic Landscapes

At the first glance, the oil paintings of Michael Kraehmer may appear to be photographs. However, they are not reproductions of visual reality, but reflect meditative visions of the artist. Not the geographic location of a landscape is of relevance to him, but it's atmosphere, it's spiritual effect on the spectator. Thus, the paintings actually depict spiritual landscapes which are expressions of mental experiences.


The paintings invite you to expose yourself to their cosmic silence and to lose yourself into their magic realm. Our perception is intrigued to enter infinite imaginary worlds, where sometimes the doors of perception open beyond the horizon, to reveal even further light-flooded transcendental spheres.


Magic Landscapes
The fantastic-realistic oil paintings of Michael Kraehmer (English and German)
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The 8-Bit Tarot Project


Welcome to the home of the 8-bit Tarot! The illustrations are based on the classic Rider-Waite tarot, generally considered the de facto standard among modern tarot decks.

These cards are being designed at a resolution of 88x152 pixels, using the standard MacOS palette.

Cards Finished: 57
Cards Left to Go: 21

The 8-Bit Tarot Project by Indigo Kelleigh.
I kind of like it.
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Thursday, 21. August 2008
Mysteries of the Beyond - Interview with Erich von Däniken

Author Erich von Däniken is certainly one of the most famous and also most controversial authors of our time. He has not only written 29 books in 32 languages with a total circulation of 63 million, but he also traveled the world all over, explored many unknown isssues and gave uncounted talks in universities, congress forums and many TV programs in Europe as well as abroad. With this exclusive interview I would like to present some aspects of this colourful personality. I could touch on themes like his biggest discoveries, his opinions on UFO and crop circles as well as his vision of the year 2012 and his latest book and film projects.

A film made by Swiss videographer Kedar Misani.

Mysteries of the Beyond - Interview with Erich von Däniken

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Sunday, 17. August 2008
The Lost Book of Nostradamus

Could it be that Nostradamus, the "go to" prophet of all time, is reaching forward into the 21st century to give us a last warning? Is it already too late?

In 1994, Italian journalist Enza Massa was at the Italian National Library in Rome conducting research on old texts, when she stumbled upon an unusual find in its stacks; a mysterious manuscript dating to 1629. The name of the book was surprising: NOSTRADAMUS VATINICIA CODE. On the inside of the book was the name of the author, in indelible ink—Michel de Notredame—the prophet Nostradamus. This find was particularly remarkable; the manuscript included over eighty watercolor illustrations that were painted by the master prophet himself. Contained in the pages of the book are cryptic, bizarre images that some say are prophecies of our future. Letters, symbolic objects, banners, candles, crosses, and even a burning tower are all included in the manuscript. Are these images visual manifestations of his quatrains, which extend to the 21st century, as some say? How did this book come to be in the library? Why was this book hidden for over 400 years? And are these images so frightening that Nostradamus deliberately hid them, as some say, until their time was near?

This special will follow the investigative trail of how the manuscript came to be found in the archives, and exactly how it got there. The story will also give new insight into the life of Nostradamus—his relationship with his son, Cesar, and his connection to the Vatican—in particular, Pope Urban VIII, who knew about this manuscript and in whose possession it was for many years.

Whether you are fan of the man or not, these drawings are fascinating!

The Lost Book of Nostradamus by History Channel, 2007
Runtime 86 minutes

Check out the website for an animated tour of the book itself and a cool logic game: Lost Book of Nostradamus.
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Wednesday, 06. August 2008
You are wondering …

... what I'm doing all the time ... no posts ten days long ... huh!?

Don't worry and stay tuned!

I'm editing all the videos of "The Pearls of the Caribbean", and hopefully, you saw in my other blog the photo album. You noticed there, we (my husband Roland and I) decided that we should have a video camera for this trip.
So we bought our very first one, a hard disk based Sony HDR-SR8 which can record high definition video.

Very Hopefully soon, I'm ready to show you here the Video Travelogue ... one island per day ... with further informations.

So be curious! They are really meditative ...

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