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Hints of 'time before Big Bang' by BBC.
A team of physicists has claimed that our view of the early Universe may contain the signature of a time before the Big Bang. The discovery comes from studying the cosmic microwave background (CMB), light emitted when the Universe was just 400,000 years old. Their model may help explain why we experience time moving in a straight line from yesterday into tomorrow.

Will Judean Desert find shed light on Shroud of Turin? by The Jerusalem Post.
Can a 6,000-year-old shroud uncovered in the Judean Desert in 1993 help illuminate the centuries-old debate over the Shroud of Turin? That is the question posed by Olga Negnevitsky, a conservator at the Israel Museum who was involved in the conservation of the lesser-known shroud for the Antiquities Authority after it was discovered inside a small cave near Jericho.


Thai Politics are still in the grip of the spirits and the stars by The Nation.
The ex-premier tours 99 temples to improve his fortune. Generals gather in Chiang Mai to channel the spirit of a Himalayan rishi. Ritualists vandalise an ancient monument. Thai politics have long been subject to the stars and the spirits.

Aliens get a new switchboard: a SETI radio telescope in Northern California by Los Angeles Times.
With the Hat Creek equipment, SETI will be able to scan a much broader range than ever: 10 billion channels from 0.5 gigahertz to 11 gigahertz.
Rick Forster, a slight, 59-year-old astronomer with the long beard of a man who has spent years in the solitude of the forest, said that after fine-tuning the dishes over the next few weeks to function as a single, giant ear, the real show will begin: listening for E.T.


They're not alone: Ghost appearances keep life interesting for local family by Salisbury Post.
Five people live in Kim and Steve Etters' house on Kerr Street — and, they believe — at least that many ghosts. Three have made their presence known enough times to earn names: Princess, Sweaty Boy and Mr. Atwell, the name of the man who built the house. ... Sweaty Boy, according to several eyewitness accounts, has eyes, but his neck and head appear to be wet. He's usually seen wearing overalls and a red shirt.

The sleepy port of Dunwich by Times Online.
As a great port on the East of England, Dunwich was nothing short of a medieval metropolis. Eight churches, eighty ships, five religious orders ... more than five centuries after the last of a succession of storms and sea surges battered the Suffolk city into little more than a village, a research team will set sail to discover the secrets of a British Atlantis.


The Betrayal of Judas by The Chronicle Review.
Did a 'dream team' of biblical scholars mislead millions? ... Meyer found himself locked in an office in Washington, with a desk, a pile of dictionaries and lexicons, and one of the most sought-after religious texts in recent history, the Gospel of Judas. For a week he worked almost nonstop on the 26-page text, translating the Coptic, an ancient Egyptian language written with Greek letters, into English. As he translated, a startling portrait of Judas Iscariot emerged. This was not the reviled traitor who betrayed Jesus with a kiss. This was the trusted disciple, the close confidant, the friend. This was a revelation.

Satellites Or UFOS Over San Jose? by KRXI-TV.
The appearance of at least two fast-moving shining objects in the weekend daytime sky over San Jose has local residents wondering if they were UFOs.
Bob Lochridge, a local resident who recorded the objects, said they streaked across the skies. "They appeared to be triangular pieces of metal," he said. "They were up very, very high. I couldn't see them without the camera." The objects were first reported above the Oakland Hills at 3 p.m. Sunday and quickly moved southward through the Bay Area skies. The FAA Air Traffic Control Center in Fremont did not report any unusual air traffic. Officials said the objects were probably satellites with the sunlight reflecting off their solar panels.

San Jose UFO Video June 9th 2008:

UFO seen over Woodford Green by Enfield Independent.
London UFO studies group chairman Roy Lake said north-east London was notorious for UFO activity. He added: "A lot of times these are Chinese lanterns which float up very high but from the description that must be ruled out so it's definitely an unexplained sighting. But there's nothing much to go on and we need more information."

Alien video man Jeff Peckman asks Barack Obama to back UFO plan
by The Telegraph.
A man who has shown a video of what he claims is an alien visitor to earth to bolster his case for greater public scrutiny of UFOs is to take his campaign to the Democratic Party convention in August, where Barack Obama will formally win the presidential nomination.

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Standing with Stones

Repost, for those who didn't see:

"Standing with Stones" is a new film on DVD exploring the mysteries of Britain’s ancient stone circles. It is an exploration into the wealth of prehistoric sites in Britain and Ireland on a scale never before attempted on film. More than 100 sites visited in the entire 136-minute documentary and is written and presented by Rupert Soskin and produced and directed by Michael Bott.


Rupert, an explorer who has led three expeditions into the jungles of northern Colombia to visit the Kogi Indians, has also studied archaeology, anthropology and evolutionary psychology. He first met documentary filmmaker Michael Bott when Michael was working with Henry Lincoln (writer/broadcaster and author of The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail) on a film called Origins of the Da Vinci Code, and another called The Man Behind the Da Vinci Code, for Channel 5 and the History Channel.


Conceived eight years ago as a project for television by Michael & Rupert, it was only three years ago that they decided to take the leap of producing it entirely themselves. It has taken over two years to research, film and edit the film and between them, the two have travelled well over 10,000 miles around Britain and Ireland, filming a breathtaking array of stone circles and monuments, from the Ballowall Barrow at the southern tip of Cornwall to the Tomb of the Eagles on Orkney.

Although the film doesn't profess to have all the answers, it stimulates interest in why they were built, how they were built and why there is such diversity in the arrangement of the stones in so many locations.

Here is 'Merrivale' - a short clip from the DVD 'Standing with Stones':

More clips, pictures and informations you will find on their website:
Standing with Stones.

The authors also have put lots of previews on YouTube.
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