Thursday, 24. April 2008
Robbie’s UFOs, First Crop Circle 08 & Telepathic Dog

Today I have some cool stories for you!

Singer Robbie Williams has become obsessed
with UFOs and extraterrestrials:

On December 18 2006, Robbie Williams played the last of 59 stadium shows in a row, announced he was going to spend Christmas at his home in Los Angeles, and then basically disappeared. He was hardly seen at all in 2007. He briefly checked into rehab. He spent quite a bit of time hiking and playing football (he owns a football pitch on Mulholland Drive). Then he stopped hiking and playing football. His record company, EMI, announced he had no plans to release an album in 2008. Today he unexpectedly calls me to ask if I want to go with him to the desert in Nevada to meet UFO abductees.

I'm loving aliens instead by The Guardian.


A radio documentary of their trip, Robbie Williams And Jon Ronson Journey To The Other Side, will be on Radio 4, May 6, at 6.30pm.
Stay tuned!

Crop circle season is upon us:

First Crop Circle of 2008 discovered in England.


This crop formation was first reported to the Silent Circle by local residents during the morning of April 19 2008.
The circle is approximately 180 feet diameter and is positioned high on the North facing flank of Waden Hill, and can be seen from the A361 when approaching Avebury from the Beckhampton roundabout.

More pictures and info at Crop Circle Connector and Silent Circle.

Also Italy has his first in 2008 in Riesi, Sicilia. Reported 20th April.

You would like to be informed about the Crop Circle season? Check regularly CropCircleScience (English and German) and the Crop Circle Archive.
Best viewed with your own eyes ...

Telepathic Dog Experiment

About six months ago I decided to work on trying to replicate a science experiment that skeptics frequently pick on: namely, the experiment done by Dr. Rupert Sheldrake to see if some dogs can form a telepathic link with their owners that lets them know when they’re coming home. Here is the first video from this epxeriment:

Alex Tsakiris by Skeptiko presents also a second video supporting Dr Rupert Sheldrake's telepathic dog theory.

You can also listen to the podcast (14:04 min)
and/or read the transcript.

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