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Vastu Shastra: Indian Feng Shui

Vasthu Sastra (Indian Feng Shui) is an ancient Indian science of architecture which assures a dweller health, prosperity, happiness, love, bliss and peace of mind. How to purchase or create a "home sweet home" in accordance to the 5,000-year-old Indian science which can still be applied in modern times? It can be practised without tearing down walls or carrying out renovations as it is an art of the placement of things. Vasthu is not magic, superstition, a religion or religious ritual, and does not work on a belief system. It is also not a question of faith but a fact of life.


Learn Vastu Shastra, the ancient science of architecture, and take advantage of the benefits bestowed by nature, its elements and energy fields for enhanced wealth, health, prosperity and happiness. Here you will find Residential Vastu, Commercial Vastu, Spiritual Vastu, Vastu Tips, Vastu vs. Feng Shui, and much more:
World of Vastu. (English)

Another comprehensive Complete Vastu Guide by Vastu Compass. (English)

Check the percentage of accuracy of vastu in your home, office and/or plot: Vastu Test by Astroshastra. (English)

And go here:
Check Your Own House.
Divide your house into various components and check how much your house is Vaastu friendly. This exercise is based on major Vaastu flaws ignoring minor flaws. (English)



Q: Over the past few years vastu shastra has become a very popular phrase, yet few have a real understanding of the meaning and philosophy behind it. How would you define the term vastu shastra?

A: In literal terms, vastu means 'to dwell' or 'to exist' and shastra means science. There are two words associated with this science - vastu and vaastu. Vastu means pure, subtle energy and vaastu means embodied material energy. When vastu or subtle energy goes into vibration of its own, many objects of nature such as buildings, temples, idols, etc. come into being. These material forms are called vaastu. Today, vaastu is commonly used to denote buildings.

Harmonizing Humanity and Nature Through Vastu Shastra - An interview in YogaLife with Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati. (English).
Check also Indian Vastu Homes.

Vastu advice

The meaning of vastu is dwelling, which is the home for god and humans. Vastu shastra is based on various energies that comes from atmosphere like solar energy from sun, cosmic energy, lunar energy, thermal energy, magnetic energy, light energy, wind energy.

We have to take care of the following points while studying about the Residential Vastu. (English)

In the present time, businesses are developing very fast and small towns are developing into industrial cities. Production is increasing day by day, new offices are opening on the daily basis but what will happen if you open a office investing lot of money and with new hopes and it does not work, then?


We have to take care of the following points while studying about the Commercial Vastu. (English)


Until recent years modern society has viewed much of the world's ancient architecture and art as "simply decorative" or, in a general sense, as a tribute to God; not that it might have any "practical" function in helping us to understand tha nature of the world we live in.

However, recent studies in the field of sacred architecture (Vastu Shastra) by men like Keith Critchlow of the Royal College of Art in London have uncovered hidden dimensions revealing a far-reaching connection between architecture and the nature of existence.

Critchlow, perhaps the best-known advocate of the theory of sacred architecture,believes that basic architectural principles on the physical level are integral with structure on the metaphysical level.

Vastu Shastra & Sacred Vedic Architecture - An article by Swami B. G. Narasingha. (English)
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Hot News or Hoax?


Searching For Aliens by Space Daily. (English)
In this interview with Astrobiology Magazine editor Leslie Mullen, McKay talks about the potential for other kinds of life in the universe, and how we could begin to search for those aliens. Chris McKay: "I think one of the key goals for astrobiology should be the search for life on other planets, and in particular the search for a second genesis. And by that, I mean life that represents an independent origin from life on Earth."

That’s the spirit, folks! by The Star. (English)
Are you one of those who have been rattled by too many ghost stories of the olden-day kind – and other tales of the supernatural – told by your grandparents and other elderly relatives in the best storytelling traditions, as a result of which you have spent many a sleepless night? Make your way to the State Museum in Shah Alam and you can acquaint yourself with some of them, including the creatures of Malay supernatural folklore such as toyol, langsuir, jenglot, puchong and nyai bolong. .


Man sees Biblical prophesies in the heavens by Oneida Dispatch. (English)
Biblical astronomy is the study of celestial events as they relate to the Bible. Biblical astronomers like Wadsworth examine the movement of the planets, constellations, comets and other phenomena for indications of when events prophesied in the Bible will occur.

Opening the Door on the Paranormal by Sun Journal. (English)
“We’re not here to try and find a ghost. We’re here as skeptics as well.” So said Justin Yates, paranormal investigator and co-founder of the Havelock-based North Carolina Ghost Hunting Society. A first excursion in early June had revealed “interesting” findings, especially in the realm of audio, Yates said.

10 great places to go on a haunted hike by USA Today. (English)
It is National Park season — and Andrea Lankford is just the person to take us to the spookiest corners of those parks. Lankford, a former park ranger, is the author of the newly released Haunted Hikes: Spine-Tingling Tales and Trails from North America's National Park System.
Don't miss the author's website Haunted Hikes


Ever Decreasing Crop Circles by Daily Mail. (English)
On one side, there are the true believers, people like Patricia who see crop circles as the work of strange paranormal forces. On the other are the circle-makers, hoaxers and artists like Rob who make crop circles for the sheer thrill of it. There is no love lost between the two. The true believers denounce the circle-makers as frauds who are taking the credit for genuine alien messages.

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Sunday, 30. July 2006
Journey to the Hollow Earth

Perhaps some of the most bizarre scientific theories ever considered were those concerning the possibility that the Earth was hollow. One of the earliest of these was proposed in 1692 by Edmund Halley. Edmund Halley was a brilliant English astronomer whose mathematical calculations pinpointed the return of the comet that bears his name.


Halley was fascinated by the earth's magnetic field. He noticed the direction of the field varied slightly over time and the only way he could account for this was there existed not one, but several, magnetic fields. Halley came to believe that the Earth was hollow and within it was a second sphere with another field. In fact, to account for all the variations in the field, Halley finally proposed that the Earth was composed of some four spheres, each nestled inside another.

A short history:
The Hollow Earth by Lee Krystek

The following film presents the history, mythology & folklore that the earth has a hollow realm, a mystical and physical place, thought to house prehistoric animals, or hide alien beings bent on conquering the earth. The hollow earth theory is represented in the history of many diverse cultures throughout the world. The Avalon of Camelot, the Garden of Eden, Paradise Lost, Shangri-La and Valhalla are names assigned to a mystical and physical place thought by some to house prehistoric animals and plants an by others to hide alien beings bent on conquering the outer Earth.

This streaming video takes 23 minutes 57 seconds.

Produced by the International Society for a Complete Earth.

See also:
Hollow Planets Theory, Re-Evaluating An Old Idea by Jan Lamprecht. (English)

Turning the Universe Inside-Out: Ulysses Grant Morrow's Naples Experiment. Examination of the Naples Experiment, and why it failed, but also covers the major hollow Earth theories and Koreshan beliefs. (English)

The Cellular Cosmogony, by Koresh, 1922: full text of Cyrus Teed's book about the inside-out Earth at Sacred Texts. (English)
The Phantom of the Poles, by William Reed, 1906: also full text at Sacred Texts. (English)

Deutsche Seite:
Hohle Erde, eine Sammlung von Informationen und Daten zum Thema. (German)


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Friday, 28. July 2006
The Folklore of the Orkney Islands

This website has many crosslinks. Or just follow the navigation on the upper right for the "Section Contents".

The Orkney Islands lie off the northern tip of Scotland where the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean meet.

Orkney's folklore is a tangled web of interconnecting threads, combining elements of Norse, Scottish and Celtic myth.
Although on first glance it seems that the Norse lore is by far the most prevalent influence, this is not necessarily the case...

There is absolutely no doubt that the impact of our Norse predecessors' arrival on the islands was considerable.

Each longship that pulled into Orkney waters brought not only the settlers but also their distinct language, customs, traditions and beliefs.


These people carried with them epic tales of giants, dwarfs, trolls and numerous other magical creatures from their homelands. As the generations passed, with each retelling these creatures were transplanted from the dramatic glaciars, mountains and fjords of Scandinavia into the low, rolling hills of the Orcadian landscape.

The Folklore of the Orkney Islands (English)


The situation surrounding Orcadian fairy lore is somewhat complex.

Generally speaking, the term "fairy folk" was simply a blanket term used to refer to a wide range of supernatural creatures. Of these, the trows were the most common.

To the Orcadians of yesteryear there was no distinction between the terms "trow" and "fairy". So it is not uncommon to encounter what is obviously the same tale, or legend, with a "trow" in one instance, but a "fairy" in the next.

So does Orkney's "fairy" lore simply recount the exploits of the islands' trows?

In most cases, yes.

The Fairy Folk in Orkney Lore (English)

What is a Trow?

The tales surrounding the trows are probably the best known, and widespread, element of Orkney folklore.

In many cases practically indistinguishable from the fairy folklore found throughout Northern Europe, the archetypal trow was an ugly, mischievous, little creature that resided in the ancient mounds scattered across Orkney.

Although some tales declared that a trow could pass for a human - although usually old, wizened or deformed, in general, they were said to be short, ugly, stunted creatures, considerably smaller than a man.


The Trows (English)
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2006 Glastonbury Symposium


The 2006 Glastonbury Symposium kicks off this weekend. Speakers include Alan Alford, Andy Thomas and Graham Hancock - the event is pretty much a sell-out, but if you're in the area and interested, there may be tickets at the door for individual lectures.

Hopefully there'll be some audio or at least an article about it after the event, for us poor people which lives on somewhere else on the globe.

2006 Glastonbury Symposium - A weekend conference in Glastonbury, South West England, 28th-30th July 2006 - Investigating Crop Circles and Signs of our Times. (English)
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Thursday, 27. July 2006
Moby “In this World”

Stellen Sie sich vor: Aliens landen auf der Erde - und niemand bemerkt sie.

Aliens are landing on earth but nobody will pay attention to them.

BRILLIANT - not only the Music !!!

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Wednesday, 26. July 2006
River Styx

It's not Edith Hamilton (Mythology) or Robert Graves (The Greek Myths, The White Goddess), not Plato or Virgil, but it's inspiring and entertaining. I liked "the lessons" of life from the afterlife.

What Is this Site About?

Welcome to the River Styx, a world filled with possibilities for those willing to open to the experience of life from a different vantage point. Be forewarned, these experiences can be difficult and challenging and there is always a chance you may not survive the trip.
I am, Charon, your guide. As the boatman who transports all the souls of the dead across the River Styx, I will help you navigate your way through the watery tributaries of the Underworld. Explore Hades, the realms of Thanatos, the Elysian Fields, Limbo, the River Acheron, the Furies, the Zombies, the Cave of Persephone and the River Styx itself.

Discover the secrets of each of the Underworld's realms. Read from journals I've kept in these domains over the past four thousand years and if you think yourself worthy, ask a question by clicking on the icons marked 'Ask Charon' found throughout the Underworld. View others' questions and answers at the 'Ask Charon' bookshelf in this library.

In every world within the RiverStyx website (i.e. - Limbo, Elysian Fields, etc), there are hidden secrets (hint - you can click on them and some action will occur or something may appear). Charon keeps track of how many hidden secrets you discover along the way. To see how well you are doing, visit Hades and enter the Palace. From there find your way through the secret passages until you find the secret monitoring station.

Once you have found all the hidden areas there is a special award awaiting you at the monitoring station in Hades.
The ride across the River Styx is risky my friend, and there can be no guarantees for your safe return. However, I can promise that if you make it back to the other side, you will not step from this boat the same person. Relax, explore and allow the Specter of Death and Transformation to smile upon you as you progress on your journey.





RiverStyx - Travel with Charon, the mythic ferryman to an underworld of mystery, amusement and philosophical commentary. (English)

You like more serious information for Styx?
For general survey: Hades / Pluto by Michael Lahanas.
For advanced study: STYX by the Theoi Project, Guide to Greek Mythology.
I like also this site: The Myths of Hades by
(all English)
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Mud Mosques of Mali

Already in the Middle Ages the village mosques in Mali and adjoining regions were being built of mud. With the introduction of new methods of construction and materials such as cement, the survival of this traditional building style came under threat.
With "Mud Mosques" Sebastian Schutyser brings us in touch with the often under-appreciated building style of the mud mosques of the inland delta of the Niger, which moreover break the monotony of the Sahel in such an impressive way.

Saba Mosque, Saba, Mali

Diafarabe Mosque, Diafarabe, Mali

Toguel-Amirou Mosque, Toguel-Amirou, Mali

As a photography student, traveling by bicycle for several months in 1996 and 1997 through the inlands of Mali, I was working on a series of portraits. On my way, the beauty of small adobe mosques in remote villages astonished me as they revealed themselves as the living tissue of an age-old architecture.

Back in Europe, I found that this vernacular architecture is largely un-documented. Although the highlights of this 'Sudanese' style are cherished by cultural actors such as UNESCO as well as by international book editors and documentary makers, no one seems to bother about unnamed village mosques. Not even tourists, who simply step over them en route to 'discovering' Djenné and Timbuktu.

So I decided to make an extensive photographic survey of the mosques of the Niger Inner Delta. This area harbors a multitude of village mosques -- there are close to 2300 villages -- in a wide variety of styles. Historically, this area played a significant role in the early period of Islam's expansion into West Africa, adding another layer to this photographic survey.

West African mud mosques satisfy all the standard expectations of mosque architecture -- with the qibla marked buy its mihrab, minarets, interior spaces delineated by transverse naves and aisles of columns -- while at the same time abstracting these forms that were canonized in the regions of the post-Byzantine, early Islamic Empire.

Infos: Mud Mosques of Mali (English)
2069 Pictures at the Digital Library
Mud Mosques: 200 Black and White Prints
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Hot News or Hoax?


So-Called Indigo Teen Says She Can Read People by ABC News. WITH VIDEO. (English)
She was treated for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder with medication, but as she grew up, she said, she realized that she had special gifts and abilities, including the ability to see angels and hear voices. "I see dead people. I see my grandmother. She visits me all the time," Sandie said. "I have always been visited by spirits. For the past two years, I have been on a spiritual path, and I have come to help a lot of people with my psychic abilities."
Going With Your Gut: Strengthening Your Sixth Sense by The Ledger. (English)
Psychologists never really doubted the reality of intuition -- in fact, Carl Jung, a pioneer in the field, believed it was one of the most important abilities humans have. A leading personality test, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, which flourished in the 1950s and then became widely popular in the 1980s, even gave people a way to measure how heavily they rely on some of their intuitive skills.


Mideast conflict studied for links to Bible by Toledo Blade. (English)
The Bible says Armageddon will start after Israel is invaded by armies from the north, so any time military conflict strikes the Middle East it is a something to pay attention to, Mr. Scott said. “I think the story is this: This is the region from which the battle of all battles is going to originate — in these cities, in these countries. I don’t know if this is the war leading up to it or not, but I think it should make people think about it, to realize that the Bible is real.”

Hearing Voices - the invisible intruders by ABC Radio. (English)
Around 10% of the population hear voices that aren't there. Some people can live harmoniously with them, but for those whose voices are associated with a psychiatric illness, they can be frightening and menacingly real. We discuss the latest research on how auditory hallucinations occur in the brain, what it's like to live with voices in your head.

Intergalactic Service with a Smile by Mail and Guardian. (English)
Until her death in 1994, Klarer insisted that after much telepathic chatting up, she had been visited and seduced by Akon, a tall Aryan type. In 1956, she says, she spent four months with him on Meton, a planet circling the nearest star to Earth, Alpha Centauri, where she gave birth to a galactic cross-breed.

Some news-links do not last long. In this case please send me a note.
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Tuesday, 25. July 2006
The Willard Library Ghost Cams


On a cold winter morning in 1937, a janitor grabbed his flashlight and headed down into the pitch-black basement of the Willard Library to stoke the coal furnace. But then, so the story goes, he was stopped cold in his tracks by the ghostly vision of a woman dressed in grey, from the veil covering her face down to her shoes. Since then, a number of Willard staff members have reported seeing the shadowy "Lady in grey" or witnessing weird happenings among the shelves. Is the legend true?
We'll leave that for you to decide...
Source: USA Today 11/01/99

What Is this Site About?

The Willard Library Ghost Cams were inspired by the question "Is Willard Library Haunted?" It has become a fascinating, and somewhat credible, legend that drives thousands of people to search the library for remnants of lost spirits. The site is a virtual ghost hunting mecca. Take a virtual tour of the library with Greg Hager, Willard Library Director, and see if you can locate the cams hidden in the building. Libraryghost offers three cams for your ghost hunting pleasure. The Children's Room cam and the Research Room cam are both refreshed every thirty seconds. The newest cam, which is located in the basement, is virtually live - it refreshes every second!


The Willard Library Ghost Cams (English)
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The Lunar Standstill Season

Today it's a new moon, a perfect opportunity to observe 2006's lunar standstill, a phenomenon that only appears once every 18 years.



In 2005 and 2006 we are in a major lunar standstill season. For several years now some of my astrological camping colleagues and I have been trying to establish what lunar standstills are and when they occur.

There is usually no reference to them in most standard astronomy books, though they are referred to by authors who have written about ancient megalithic sites such as Callanish on the Isle of Lewis off the west coast of Scotland.

Lunar standstills are in a sense the polar opposites to solar and lunar eclipses. During a lunar standstill the Moon has to be roughly at right angles to the Moon's Nodes, as opposed to being on or near these Nodes at times of eclipse.

Also the Moon's Nodes have to be in the signs of Aries or Libra, or Virgo or Pisces: the signs near the equinoctial points. The Moon's North Node is in Aries or Pisces during the major lunar standstill season and in Libra or Virgo during the minor lunar standstill season.

The Lunar Standstill Season by Jean Elliott. (English)

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Yoga im Büro

So üben Sie Yoga im Büro: Petros Haffenichter rät zu Yoga, wann immer Sie ein paar Minuten Zeit haben. Beginnen Sie mit den Basisübungen und wählen Sie die Profivariante, wenn Sie sich sicher fühlen.
Zu jeder Übung gibt es eienen Videoclip!

Zur Entspannung:
Profiübung: Der „Löwe“, 1:23 Min.
Basisübung: Der „Löwe“ im Detail, 2:06 Min.
Profiübung: Energie schöpfen, 3:01 Min.
Basisübung: Energie schöpfen, 2:39 Min.

Zur Mobilisation:
Energieblockaden lösen, 0:31 Min.
Aus dem Sonnengruß Energie schöpfen, 2:37 Min.
Der Sonnengruß im Detail, 3:01 Min.
Profiübung: Oberschenkel kräftigen, 2:42 Min.
Basisübung: Oberschenkel kräftigen, 2:42 Min.

Zur Konzentration:
Ablenkungen ausschalten, 0:50 Min.
Die Berghaltung im Detail, 3:22 Min.
In der Berghaltung ruhen, 3:20 Min.
Profiübung: Anspannung loslassen, 2:23 Min.
Basisübung: Anspannung loslassen, 2:47 Min.

Zur Erfrischung:
Energie gewinnen, 0:36 Min.
Die Augen pflegen, 3:33 Min.
Die Augenübung im Detail, 3:22 Min.
Profiübung: Den Energiefluss anregen, 2:20 Min.
Basisübung: Den Energiefluss anregen, 3:27 Min.

Yoga im Büro von Focus Online. (German)
Unbedingt ausprobieren!

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Monday, 24. July 2006
Tarot of Color & The Kaleidoscope Tarot

Tarot of Color is an attribution deck that shows the depth of correspondences. Each card has a color, esoteric title, astrological attribution, elemental attribution and many more.


One of the things that the hermetic order of the golden dawn brought to tarot was their elaborate attribution system. Not every modern tarot reader uses this system particularly in its entirety. It is in my opinion and amazing work and has interesting uses. The attributions system associates with the tarot cards just about everything in the world including sound, color, states of consciousness, astrology, the 4 elements, time, sequence, angelic forces, the Hebrew alphabet, Kabala.

Color can be a bridge between a Tarot Reading and your daily life. Look at the cards from a color perspective. If Red becomes a major issue, consider if there is too much or not enough. If you have too little red, showing as fatigue, low energy, you may want to add it to your wardrobe, diet or environment. If you think there is too much red, you might consider adding the complement (green).

Tarot of Color can be used on its own for readings, as flash card for learning the correspondences or to clarify a reading from another deck.

Tarot of Color (English)

The Kaleidoscope tarot is a color and tarot divination system. All 78 cards from a traditional tarot deck (plus two extras for the element of earth & spirit) are represented with a color and a symbol. The colors and symbols come from the attribution system created by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

The Major Arcana has its Elemental, Planetary or Zodical Attribution. The Court Cards are marked with p for page, k for Knight, Q for Queen and K for King. The Pips are numbered one through 10.


The Kaleidoscope Tarot (English)
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Alien Grrrl


Alien Grrrl is a point'n'click game that sets out to be nothing to do with escaping rooms, and instead gives us a good old treasure hunt. My advice is be prepared to walk down lots of corridors ...

Have fun!

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Sunday, 23. July 2006
Magical Egypt: The Temple in Man

This video is about the mysterious Temple of Man at Luxor, an ancient site and a great arcane, where a key was discovered that unlocks a timeless teaching encoded in stone. It's the author's own philosophy projected onto ancient Egypt, which is mysterious enough to allow for any interpretation. But what if he is right? What if they really were the advanced scientists and mystics and founders of alchemy he believes?

Watch now "Magical Egypt: The Temple in Man" - Sacred Architecture and the Perfect Man by John Anthony West.

This streaming video takes 47 minutes.

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Magical Egypt: Navigating the Afterlife by John Anthony West
Magical Egypt: A Legacy of Initiation by John Anthony West
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