Friday, 30. June 2006
Fairy Doors of Urban Fairies in Ann Arbor

I found this site via this article:
The 'fairy door' phenomenon by The Guardian. (English)

Wright says he first discovered one of the six-inch doors under his staircase in 1993. His daughter uncovered another, which opened onto a room with its own miniature fireplace. Their fame is spreading far and wide - even the Washington Post has covered their arrival. But whose handiwork is behind them? There are no eyewitness reports of anyone - man, woman or fairy - erecting the doors.


Q: How do I get a fairy door of my own?

A: This has become the most frequently asked question! It does not have a simple least not one that I can give. I am considering ways to HELP people with finding fairy doors. There ARE people and companies that make and sell "fairy doors"... I could do the same. BUT... that takes the fun out of finding them. hmmmm? Some handy people have made their hopes of enticing fairies to come visit. Being a handy person, myself...I could give some advice....I guess. I am still pondering how I should be involved in this aspect of the urban fairy phenomenon. Right now my focus is on studying, writing, editing and illustrating.

Q: Why don't the doors open?

A: The doors DO open, just not to any ol' bigfut. They are FAIRY doors. The doors are small and that means fragile. They WILL break. Please be careful. Consider it locked and don't tug or push.

This is all about the Fairy Doors in Ann Arbor, Michigan and what illustrator, Jonathan B. Wright discovers about them. It includes photographs of the Fairy Doors, comments in the Fairy Journals, Observations and speculations about the Fairies.
Also on this site are some hidden fairy surprises a list of Frequently Asked Questions about Fairies. There is a brief history of how Jonathan became involved with the Urban Fairies. There are links to local publications about the Urban Fairy phenomenon. Jonathan is currently writing several books on the fairies in collaboration with his wife, Kathleen, who coincidentally has found a fairy door in her kindergarten classroom.


Fairy Doors of Urban Fairies in Ann Arbor (English)
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Thursday, 29. June 2006
The Bosnian Pyramid Mystery

For those following the Bosnian Pyramid controversy make sure you check out Bosnian Pyramid Mystery by Astraea Magazine.

The Astraea team are posting exclusive audio interviews/updates from Semir Osmanagic regarding his alleged discovery and subsequent excavation, and also are providing video and PDFs related to the subject.


Related Blog Entries:
Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation
Bosnian Pyramid
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Hot News or Hoax?


A Life, the Universes, & Everything by Sydney Morning Herald. (English)
How did the human mind arise from the primordial soup of electrons and protons created more than 13 billion years ago in the Big Bang? How did our species reach a point where we can even contemplate this question?

And: A Mind Immersed in Deep Space. (English)
If extraterrestrials contact Earth, Paul Davies, Professor of Natural Philosophy in the Australian Centre for Astrobiology at Macquarie University, will be among the first to know. The latest role he has assumed in a stellar scientific and philosophic career is chairman of the SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Post-Detection Committee.

Did Ancient Amazonians Build a 'Stonehenge'? by Associated Press. (English)

The 127 blocks, some as high as 9 feet, are spaced at regular intervals around the hill, like a crown 100 feet in diameter. On the shortest day of the year -- December 21 -- the shadow of one of the blocks disappears when the sun is directly above it. "It is this block's alignment with the winter solstice that leads us to believe the site was once an astronomical observatory," said Mariana Petry Cabral, an archaeologist at the Amapa State Scientific and Technical Research Institute.

Texans Part Of Possible Noah's Ark Discovery by cbs11tv. WITH VIDEO. (English)
A group of men, including several north Texans, believes it has found the remains of Noah's Ark, but it's not where most think. The group made the discovery in Iran. That may come as a surprise, because Christians have always believed Noah's Ark was in Mount Ararat, in eastern Turkey.

Gewagt gefragt: Was wäre, wenn Dan Brown mit seinem "Da Vinci Code" Recht hätte? Würde das Christentum zusammenbrechen? by Stern Online. (German)


"Jeder klar denkende Mensch muss sich bewusst sein, dass Jesus nicht Gottes Sohn sein kann - oder glauben solche Leute auch an die griechischen Göttersagen?! Jesus war lediglich ein Prophet aus Fleisch und Blut mit ganz normalen menschlichen Gelüsten. Mehr oder weniger relevant sind die Lehren des Propheten, die moralische westliche Wertvorstellungen vermitteln. Was wäre eigentlich, wenn der besagte Jünger, der Maria Magdalena darstellen soll, doch ein männliches Wesen war mit weiblichen Gesichtzügen und Jesus war homosexuell? Wäre das nicht schlimmer? Die Frage ist: für wen! Das Christentum würde in keinster Weise zusammenbrechen ...

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Wednesday, 28. June 2006
Zachary Art


Get ready to connect with your inner power and absorb the energy on a level that embraces body and soul as you enter this visual journey of mind, body and spirit.

Bonnie's work has been described as holistic and sacred, both dynamic and tranquil, depicting a cosmic life force that will spin you into your own center of consciousness and into a blissful state of self awareness.

Using celestial and mythological themes, Bonnie celebrates the primitive spirit of our culture, and recognizes the divine feminine energy that will bring the balance this planet seeks.

This work is a reflection of her own personal journey while it honors the creative expression in all of us. Peaceful visions ... Onward and Inward!

Zachary Art
by Bonnie Herman Zachary.


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Tuesday, 27. June 2006
Crop Circle Season 2006

One of the slowest starts to a crop circle season on record has made for an odd beginning to this year’s UK events, wrong-footing all expectations – as ever! Strange Start to the 2006 Circle Season by Swirled News. (English)

Swirled News gives you the latest news, reviews, controversial opinion and incisive commentary on this amazing phenomenon. Edited by Andy Thomas, author of five books on crop circles including Vital Signs, which has been described by many as the definitive guide to the circle phenomenon. (English)

So - where are the newest crop circles now?

Located at West Overton on the north side of the A4, close to the Bell Inn Pub.


The glyph is an arrangement of rings in a cluster spread over approximately 150 feet, and from the ground appears symmetrical. The crop is young Wheat and it is very likely that the formation has been in place for at least three days. The majority of the affected area has partially recovered its original standing posture with very little damage to the plants visible. A small amount of random damage is however evident, and appears consistent with the activity of one or two previous visitors.

North Farm, nr West Overton, Wiltshire.
Reported 9th June. Updated Sunday 18th June 2006.

Check out the website by
The Crop Circle Connector. (English)

Spotted 24th June, 2006 in Kent:

Kent has another superb crop circle that in keeping with many of our local events over the past few years, has again arrived in daylight! It lies next to The Pilgrims Way & can be easily seen from the Blue Bell Hill Picnic Area. This beautiful formation that has a lot in common with many of the designs that arrive locally, is laid out in barley that's just turned to gold. This golden event appeared yesterday evening (June 24th) at sometime after 8.0 pm according to some reliable sources (I was there at 7.30 pm and there was no sign of it then!).


The Medway Crop Circle - for the crop circle phenomenon in Kent! (English)



Kornkreise Forschung Deutschland hat noch keinen deutschen Kornkreis zu melden. Auf der Website findet man alle erdenklichen Informationen weltweit.
Crop Circle Research Germany offers all imaginable information worldwide. Till this day they haven't spotted a crop circle in Germany.
(German and English)

Und leider hat auch die Kornkreiserforschung Schweiz bisher nichts Einheimisches zu melden. (German)

Jeder "bestätigte" Kornkreis findet sich hier mit allen Infos. Weltweit.
Every "confirmed" Crop Circle with all information worldwide: The International Crop Circle Database.

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Hot News or Hoax?


Man Claims To Have Evidence Of Yeti's Existence by NBC 4. WITH VIDEO. (English)
Whether it's an urban legend or an unsolved mystery, bizarre sightings of unexplained creatures live on. Gahanna has its lion and there's the Loch Ness Monster, but a Central Ohio man traveled around the world and said he has proof that a Yeti exists, NBC 4's Tacoma Newsome reported.

Do You Believe in Ghosts? by Augusta Free Press. (English)
Benjamin Radford: "A lot of times what they're doing is they're going around, and they're pretending to understand the science behind it, and they're using scientific tools, but they're misusing them. What you find is a lot of times what these ghost hunters are doing is essentially looking for any sort of anomaly - anything that they find strange or weird by whatever criteria that they're using that they can attribute as being a ghost or some sort of spirit or entity."

Discovery Could Rock Archaeology by Tampa Bay Tribune. (English)
"I don’t believe any of the Garden of Eden theories, or most of John’s views of Atlantis, which I did my master’s thesis on,” Donato said before his trip here. “I’m interested because the pictures are similar to anchors found at Bimini last year and to [5,000-year-old] finds in the Middle East."

The Mysterious Gift Of Musical Savants by CBS News. (English)
The human mind can be mystifying in its capacity to accommodate both disability and genius in the same person, as we found in a little boy named Rex. Rex was born blind, with brain damage so severe it looked as though he would never walk, talk, or do much of anything. And yet he has a talent few of us can imagine. To understand Rex’s brain would be to unlock mysteries of language, memory, and music.

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Monday, 26. June 2006
Follow Your Bliss Compass

Start using the "Follow Your Bliss Compass" to put yourself on the right track. You'll soon start becoming mindful of the blissful energy within you and will begin using it to make empowering changes in your life. Following your bliss is always a real adventure — a journey into the uncharted center of yourself.

Remember that bliss is not synonymous with happiness. Happiness is a feeling of contentment in the present moment, but bliss is what makes you jump up and dance for joy.


Follow Your Bliss Compass by Craig Conley.
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Dream Yoga

Temple Dream by Bonnie Herman Zachary

Dreams whisper our hopes, our fears across the millenia, uniting us as one family, reconnecting us with our roots while disclosing our unlimited potential.

Most approaches to dreamwork assume that our dreams are symbolic and so provide interpretations of these symbols. Such an approach provides fascinating insights but creates little lasting change.

Here you will learn to accept the dream as it is, become the characters, give them voice, and listen to whatever arises from within you. If you will trust in this approach, it can take you far in your own quest for wholeness.

Dream Yoga is dedicated to helping dreamwork gain a powerful and central place in our interconnected, high-energy world culture. Humanity requires more than waking wisdom in order to successfully steer through the obstacles that lie ahead of us in the new millennium. There exists within you a wisdom, a compassion, a divine plan that can heal, guide, and protect if you will simply take the time to learn how to listen and cooperate with it.

Dream Yoga by Dr. Joseph Dillard. (English)
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Free Astrology Lessons

There is nothing mysterious about the practice of Astrology. It is simply a system for understanding how all of us relate to, and are connected with, the natural cycles of the Universe, and how that knowledge can help us to live more productive and better informed lives.

This series of downloadable Basic Astrology Lessons is designed especially for the beginning student and is available with my compliments. The series is designed so that you can learn at your own rate of speed and in your own time.

Artwork by Daniel B. Holeman: AakenVisions

Self-administered quizzes for the first eight Lessons are provided here to help you test yourself along the way.

Free Astrology Lessons by Jackie Goldstein. (English)
This site also offers an introduction to Mundane Astrology.
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Sunday, 25. June 2006
Sacred Weeds - Henbane

This documentary is a scientific study on Henbane, a plant used by witches.

Henbane - Hyoscyamus niger - also known as Hen Pen, Henbell, Devil's Eye, Hog's-bean, Jupiter's-bean, Symphonica, Cassilata, Cassilago, Deus Caballinus, and Jusquiame - Henbane is one of the herbs of the underworld. Ritually it is used to summon spirits, relatives who have passed into other lives, and beings who live in the astral realms, though this sort of work should not be undertaken lightly and only if you are adept in this area. Common usage of Henbane is in working with increased psychic perception and clairvoyancy. Due to its toxic nature of this herb, it is best used as an incense. The root is the safest part of the plant and as such it can be gathered, dried and worn as an amulet. You can hang bunches of Henbane up to dry by the hinges of outer doors to protect against negative energy. Henbane was used ritually in ancient Scotland, apparently in connection with the dead. In Greek mythology, the dead who wander the shores of the River Styx are crowned with henbane, most likely because of its real life ability to make one forget oneself. Planetary Ruler is Saturn.

This streaming video takes 47 minutes 10 seconds.

Notes from the diary of Dr. Andrew Sherratt.
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Saturday, 24. June 2006
All About Unicorns

What is a Unicorn?

The unicorn is a legendary creature like a horse, but with a slender, usually spiral, horn growing out of its forehead. The popular image of the unicorn is that of a white horse differing only in the horn.

In mideval lore, the spiraled horn of the unicorns was called the alicorn, and was thought to neutralize poisons. In popular mythology, unicorns were hunted for their horns, which were said to protect one against diseases, or, if made into a cup, would protect on eform any poison that might have been added to one's drink. This belief is derived from Ctesias' reports on the unicorn in India, where it was used by the rulers of that place for anti-toxin purposes so as to avoid assassination.

People sold what they purported to be unicorn horns at this time, but were actually selling narwall horns (narwalls are whales with large, horn-like tusks that swim in cold water.)



Traditionally, the unicorn had a billy-goat beard, a lion's tail, and choven hoofs. Ironically, this perception was more realistic, as only cloven-hoofed animals have horns. Unicorns were once thought of as nasty, easily provoked creatures, unlike the gentle perception we have of them today. They were thought to have deep, bellowing voices. As Ctesias, the ancient Greek physician, said:
"The unicorn was native to India, the size of a donkey, with a burgundy head and white body; it had blue eyes, a single horn that was bright red at the top, black in the middle, and white at the bottom; the horn was also eighteen inches long."

Julis Ceasar also described the unicorn, saying, "It had a deer's head, elephant's feet, a three-foot long horn, and a boar's tail." It was not until the middle ages that the unicorn began to take on its present form.

A widespread legend is that, when Noah gathered two of every kind of animal, he neglected to gather the unicorns, which is why they do not exist today.

The quilin, a creature in Chinese myth, is sometimes called "the Chinese unicorn," but is not directly related to the Western unicorn. The quilin has the body of a deer, the lead of a lion, green scales and a long froth-covered horn. In Japanese, the word kirin (written with the same Chinese ideograms) is used to designate both the giraffe and the mythical creature. Although the Japanese kirin is based on Chinese myth, it more closely resembles the Western Unicorn than does the Chinese quilin.


All About Unicorns by Kevin Owens.
With information about unicorns, unicorn history, unicorn legends and a lot of pictures in the gallery.
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Meeting God: Elements of Devotion in India


Morning Prayers

Throughout India the day begins with prayer, acknowledging the Divine in innumerable forms.

The principal aim of any puja is the feeling of personal contact with the deity. All three religions use one term to define their primary experience of the Divine: Darshan, literally translated from Sanskrit as "seeing and being seen by God", or "Meeting God". It is that moment when the entire focus of the worshiper is receptive to recognition by the God or Goddess. Darshan may be achieved in a wide variety of ways.

It may be felt by an individual in his or her own daily household pujas or meditations, when the contact is made alone.

A person may experience darshan simply by viewing a particularly sacred sculpture or holy spot, perhaps during a pilgrimage or at a festival. Through whatever means it comes, darshan brings both peace, contentment and blessing to devotees and through it, they believe, miracles can and do occur frequently.

The picture above: In her hands a woman clasps a brass bowl that holds sacred water representing the Goddess: the Divine Feminine. She prays to the first rays of the sun, considered a God: the Divine Masculine. By daily acknowledging the two, she honors the absolute balance of existence: male and female, wrong and right, black and white, good and evil.

Worship in the Home

The heart of every Hindu and Jain home is its shrine: the sacred space delineated for honoring and worshiping the gods. While a particularly devout Jain or Hindu may visit a temple every day, others go there only to request a specific favor of the deity or to fulfill specific vows. Temple worship requires the intervention of a priest, while in the home contact is direct between devotee and deity.

The pujas that take place in the household shrine are the foundation of all family actions and decisions. Everything begins and ends here. The size and description of this shrine is immaterial. It may be large and impressive, an entire room or a beautifully designed edifice, or it may be simply a tiny niche, or even just a row of religious prints pasted on a wall.



The Temple

Each Hindu, Sikh and Jain temple in India is different: its architecture, decoration, size, and contents are unique to its own history and specific purpose. Most are built upon sites that have been in worship for as long as anyone knows. In Hindu temples, the central image in many is primordial, a natural stone that has been viewed as a god or goddess for millennia. The structures around these images have grown up over centuries through the contributions of grateful devotees.

Here, an elderly woman lights a lamp to the God Subramaniam in a small niche outside the sanctum of a magnificent temple to Shiva.

Vows and Healing

Another common means of clearing the negative karma created by past mistakes in action or judgment is through the fulfillment of a specific vow (vrata) to the Divine. A devotee promises the deity that he or she will regularly undergo a certain action that will help to purify body and mind and demonstrate piety.

Any vow, simple or complex, is a serious commitment to the Divine and must be enacted exactly as it was promised. Stories abound of dishonored vows and the Divine Retribution that followed. Although anyone may commit to a vow, most are made by women. As has been stated, feminine strength (shakti) is revered in India. Women are believed to be much stronger in character and resolution than men.


These are but a few glimpses into the heart of faith in India. We ask that you leave your preconceptions behind and open yourself and all your senses to the experience. Let it be an adventure into other ways of thinking and acting in which you might find threads that interweave within your own life.

Meeting God: Elements of Devotion in India
Images and text Stephen P. Huyler. (English)
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Friday, 23. June 2006
Fairy Art of Ryu Takeuchi


Queen of The Lapis Lazuli

Blue berry Roll & Raspberry Roll

Fairy Art of Ryu Takeuchi
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Hot News or Hoax?


Midsummer magic, sun and fire by The Herald Tribune. (English)
Sun worship is alive and well all over Europe, even in our century. I don't mean the summer invasion of beaches where bodies bake to a shade of toast. Or even the ancient Druidic rites this week in places like Stonehenge, as the midsummer sun astonishes by rising in perfect alignment with the huge stone circle.

Also Longest Day to Party: Summer Fun at Stonehenge by ABC News. (English)
Thousands of dancing and drumming revelers cheered the summer solstice at Stonehenge as an orange sliver of sun rose Wednesday. "This is the nearest thing I've got to religion," said Ray Meadows, 34, of Bristol, England. The solstice "is a way of giving thanks to the earth and the universe."


Red Rain Controvery: Aliens or Hype? by The Why Files. (English)
When aliens visit, will they be driving flying saucers? That was the conventional wisdom of the conventional alien movies of the 1950s. But could aliens arrive in a non-cinematic downpour? That's the startling word from Kerala, India, where physicist Godfrey Louis has studied a peculiar, blood-red rain that fell in 2001.

Elsewhere: "Extraterrestrial Life" in Red Rain of Kerala, India? by Linda Moulton Howe, Earthfile. (English)

'End Times' Religious Groups Want Apocalypse Soon by Los Angeles Times. (English)
For thousands of years, prophets have predicted the end of the world. Today, various religious groups, using the latest technology, are trying to hasten it. Their endgame is to speed the promised arrival of a messiah. For some Christians this means laying the groundwork for Armageddon.

Dragons in the Water by Epoch Times. (English)
The Asian water dragon is not alone in its class. In Canada alone there are many stories and eyewitness accounts of aquatic beasts comparable to the Chinese water dragon. These aquatic beastie boys and girls have been given names; Ogopogo, Champ, Manipogo, Kempenfelt Kelly, The Cadboro Bay Sea Serpent, The Thetis Lake Monster, The Lake Erie Monster, The Wendigo, The New Brunswick Lake Utopia Monster — the list goes on.

Cause & Defect by San Diego Union-Tribune. (English)
People have debated the nature of time since, well, people invented it. Time is, in many ways, a fabrication of our minds, a superficial construct that helps us explain the universe, plot our course through existence and show up when we're supposed to. “The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once,” Albert Einstein once said.

Conversations with Extraterrestrials by Llewellyn Journal. (English)
There are many other cases where aliens have conversed with human beings. However, the patterns are usually the same. For the most part, aliens are not only extremely taciturn; when they do speak they are often evasive. When abductee Travis Walton was taken onboard a UFO, he asked numerous questions of the aliens, none of which were answered. When abductee Betty Hill asked her abductors where they came from, they told her, "You wouldn’t understand."


UFO Research: Findings vs. Facts by With many links to other articles. (English)
And after all those years, as the saying goes, UFOs remain a riddle inside a mystery wrapped in an enigma. Why so? For one, the field is fraught with hucksterism. It's also replete with blurry photos and awful video. Scientifically speaking, are UFOs worth keeping an eye on?/p>

Check also: Top 10 Alien Encounters Debunked (English)

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Thursday, 22. June 2006
Online Meditation Music by Radio Sri Chinmoy

Here is an excerpt from Sri Chinmoy's book, "The Source of Music":

"Music is the inner or universal language of God. I do not know French or German or Italian, but if music is played, immediately the heart of the music enters into my heart, or my heart enters into the music. At that time, we don't need outer communication; the inner communion of the heart is enough. My heart is communing with the heart of the music and in our communion we become inseparably one.

Meditation and music cannot be separated. When we cry from the inmost recesses of our heart for Peace, Light and Bliss, that is the best type of meditation. We cannot meditate twenty-four hours a day, but we can meditate, say, for two hours a day. Then we can play music or we can listen to music for a couple of hours a day.


Next to meditation is music. But it has to be soulful music, the music that stirs and elevates our aspiring consciousness. When we play soulful music, psychic music, then immediately we are transported to the highest realm of consciousness. When we play music soulfully, we go high, higher, highest.

Each time soulful music is played, we get inspiration and delight. In the twinkling of an eye, music can elevate our consciousness. But if we also pray and meditate, then we are undoubtedly more illumined and fulfilled than a music lover who is not consciously following a spiritual life. Each spiritual musician is consciously spreading God's Light on earth. God is the cosmic Player, the eternal Player, and we are His instruments. But there comes a time in the process of our evolution when we feel that we have become totally one with Him. At that time, we are no longer instruments; we ourselves are musicians, divine musicians. It is the Supreme who makes the proper instrument. Then, it is He who makes the player play properly, and it is He who makes the musician." - Sri Chinmoy


Cosmic Dream Album by Arthada and friends. This is meditative music with a variety of instruments and vocals. Arthada and friends is a group of musicians from Czech Sri Chinmoy Centres. Listen to all 14 tracks now!


Ananda is a vocal and instrumental group from United Kingdom who play music composed by Sri Chinmoy. Ananda perform at many venues and meditation classes in the UK.


Shindhu - also a group from United Kingdom. This music is able to transport us to a higher realm; a real of beauty, light and delight.


The Life River by Maestro Sri Chinmoy are available for free download or you can listen online using QuickTime. This Flute music recording is ideal for relaxation and meditation. And there you will find other Flute Music.

There are much more! Radio Sri Chinmoy has a diverse selection of music for meditation. For example Free Meditation Music or Free Relaxation Music.
Check it out!
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