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CircleSpeak is a highly acclaimed, independently-produced feature-length documentary on the history of the British crop circles from 1978 through the 2004 crop circle season.


Based on years of research, the film is arguably the most thorough and balanced presentation of the crop circle story ever documented on film. Virtually all of the original British researchers are interviewed and shown in historical video footage, as well as most of the modern day experts, writers and webmasters who report on the latest developments. But it’s not just the researchers who have played a major role in the story. CircleSpeak introduces us to other people – the farmers, the police and even several generations of self-proclaimed hoaxers who also claim a share of the crop circle story.

A truly excellent film on the crop circle phenomenon, I was very impressed by this DVD.
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Thursday, 30. March 2006
The Spiritual Art of Paul Heussenstamm

A sacred diagram or meditation symbol, usually circular, sometimes square, sometimes another regular shape, such as the Eight Petaled Lotus of Smashana-Kali. Contemplation of the mandala can lead to mystical insight.

A personal mandala is an "eye" into one's interior that opens the psyche to the symbolic language of the soul. This language can be applied to all of the manifest reality, and once it's visual dynamism is understood the world and how we see it powerfully changes.

The mandala,is an ancient symbol and concentric map of the psyche, has been used by various cultures around the world, including Tibetan Buddhists, Aborigines, and Native Americans.

Click the picture for a larger view

Click the picture for a larger view

"We are all circles on the great mandala, and by changing the intensity of color, we clarify the fullness of each circle. Every soul is a circle with a unique combination of color and intensity. Each circle contains two individual circles with a delicate membrane between them".

This powerful dream voice came through me in 1992 while I was painting in Hawaii. It clearly symbolizes the essence of my work as a painter where soul patterns are colorfully manifested through the ancient symbol of the mandala. Mandala means circle or center and it has literally been around for thousands of years, although not well known here in the West.

The mandala, for me, more than any other teacher in this lifetime, has opened the doorway into the symbolic language of the soul. Once this language is known, once the doorway into the unconscious has been opened, once the dynamism of intuitive pattern reading is understood, then life as it is known changes suddenly and dramatically.

The Spiritual Art of Paul Heussenstamm

Click the picture for a larger view

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Best stories about yesterday’s solar eclipse

Eclipse prompts meditation at Egypt‘s pyramids by Jackson News-Tribune. (English)
Balancing on his head in the shadow of the ancient pyramids of Giza, a Dutch visitor tries to connect to the spiritual forces he says are swirling around the monuments during Wednesday‘s solar eclipse. "The eclipse is a special moment in time and the shape of the pyramids attracts a universal energy spiral," Robin, who did not give his full name, said after meditating at the foot of the largest of the pharaonic mausoleums in the desert outside Cairo.


Same by Gulf Times.

Solar eclipse calls on dragons and spirits by News in Science. (English)
It has been called the Sun-eating dragon, the spirit of the dead and the eye of God. It has been a harbinger of great events, good and evil - famines, bumper harvests, wars, and the birth and death of kings.

Superstitions eclipse reason by Times of India. (English)
People across Gujarat fasted on Wednesday, business deals were put off, pregnant women stayed indoors and Gods too stayed out of bounds as temples closed doors to the public.

When solar fears eclipse reason by BBC News. (English)
Solar eclipses are nowadays major tourist attractions, but in ancient times, they were events of ill omen, to be dreaded and feared.


ECLIPSE DRAMA - N.5m cows, rams killed to appease ‘gods’ by Nigerian Tribune. (English)
The eclipse of the sun that occurred yesterday turned dramatic when the ‘gods’ were appeased with cows and rams to ensure that evil did not accompany the total eclipse in Saki, Oyo State.

There goes the sun - solar eclipse captivates millions by M&C. With a small but stunning photo gallery. (English)
Millions of people across half the globe were treated to the rare spectacle of a full or partial eclipse of the sun Wednesday, triggering a spectrum of responses ranging from fear to awe to religious emotion.

And check out this photo from the International Space Station.

And: Feel a twinge? Maybe it's the eclipse by Concord Monitor. (English)
An eclipse "can bring people down, or it can bring people up. It really depends," Longacre said. "It's not just a negative thing."


Jubel und Angst von Brasilien bis Anatolien von Spiegel Online. MIT VIDEO. (German)
Manche flohen aus Furcht vor Naturkatastrophen oder dem Zorn Gottes, andere jubelten und viele bekamen überhaupt nichts mit - die Sonnenfinsternis, die von Südamerika über Afrika nach Kleinasien zog, hat Millionen Menschen in ihren Bann gezogen.

Jubel über Sofi von Stern Online. MIT BILDER. (German)
Auf der kleinen griechischen Insel Kastellorizon mit nur 250 Einwohnern versammelten sich rund 3000 Besucher und überfüllten fast die gesamte malerische Hafenpromenade. "Es ist eins der spektakulärsten Naturphänomene.
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Hot News or Hoax?


Billionaire Horoscopes by Forbes. (English)
Are you a Virgo? Good news for you: That was our finding after trolling through all the birth dates we’ve collected on the world’s wealthiest. So far, we have confirmed the birth dates for 613 of our 793 billionaires. Of those, more than 70, or roughly 12%, were born between Aug. 23 and Sept. 22, making this earth sign the most common among billionaires.

The Mysterious Coral Castle: A Fanciful Myth by LiveScience. (English)
Many sources suggest that the castle is scientifically inexplicable. One typical magazine article claimed, "The question that has perplexed engineers and scientists for decades is how such a tiny, uneducated man single-handedly built such a place." According to the castle's Web site, "Coral Castle has baffled scientists, engineers, and scholars since its opening in 1923."

Dutchman builds replica of Noah’s ark by Columbus Dispatch. (English)
Some people think he's crazy. His wife's not exactly thrilled either. But like the biblical Noah, Dutchman Johan Huibers is steadfast in his mission: he's building an enormous working replica of Noah's Ark as a testament to his faith in the literal truth of the Bible.


Also by BBC News: Dutchman builds modern Noah's Ark.

Is there life after death? Mediums at U.S. Spiritualism centre say 'yes' by Canoe. (English)
Ever since she was a kid, Lori Kuffner has been curious about the afterlife - do you just die and that's it, or does a channel remain open to the living? But she had never felt any urgent need to actively seek to communicate with her father after he died a few years ago.

Doctor verifies healing "miracle" by Cadillac News. (English)
This is the story of a spontaneous healing, the miraculous disappearance of a brain tumor. And the woman telling this story has the faith and assurance of a saint that it was Jesus who performed this miracle in her truck while she was praying “in the spirit"...

Healing power of ancient trees is not mere legend by Pravda. (English)
Young boy Vadim Kabanov learnt about the miraculous tree from his grandmother, Nina Sizova, the woman who made the tree incredibly popular during WWII. Once, being already a young man Vadim decided to ask the old oak for help when he had troubles in love.

Ist das Kruzifix ein Irrtum? von Focus Online. (German)
Das Bild von Jesus am Kreuz ist eines der bedeutendsten Symbole des Christentums – aber möglicherweise falsch, sagen britische Wissenschaftler.
Nichts beweise, dass Jesus auf diese Art gekreuzigt wurde, heißt es in einem am Donnerstag veröffentlichten Artikel der Royal Society of Medicine (RSM).


Vier Mini-Monde aufgespürt von Stern Online. MIT BILDERN. (German)
Es scheint kein Ende zu nehmen mit Saturns Monden. Auf neuen Bildern der Raumsonde Cassini entdeckten aufmerksame Astronomen in den Ringen vier weitere Mini-Trabanten - sie verrieten sich nur durch ihre Spuren.

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Wednesday, 29. March 2006
Antworten auf Glaubensfragen

Christ - Second Coming by Harry Anderson

Astrologen an der Krippe?
Vor Sternendeutung wird im Alten Testament gewarnt. Die "heiligen" drei Könige aber waren Verfasser von Horoskopen ...

Dinosaurier in der Arche?
Noah nahm von jeder Art Tiere mit an Bord der Arche. Was geschah mit den Dinosaurier? Waren sie schon ausgestorben oder auch an Bord der Arche ...

Glaube oder Werke?
Welche Rolle spielen Taten wirklich, wenn es um die Ewigkeit geht ...

Magischer Mond?
Pflanzen, Waschen, Operationen - immer mehr Menschen richten sich im Alltag nach dem Mondkalender. Was ist dran ...

Ist Harry Potter Okkultismus?
Wo verläuft die Grenze zwischen Esoterik und Fantasy? Und welche Bücher und Filme sind für meine Kinder geeignet ...

Esoterik - die Jagd nach dem Göttlichen?
Was ist dran an der Esoterik? Was ist das eigentlich, und wie können Menschen auf der Jagd nach dem Göttlichen Gott selbst begegnen ...

Antworten auf Glaubensfragen von Nikodemus. (German)
Sehr empfehlenswert! Ein interessantes Portal rund um den christichen Glauben mit Artikeln & Antworten, Vertiefungen, witzigen Cartoons und Nikodemus TV (im Archiv kann man frühere Sendungen anschauen).
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Tibetan Medicine - Tibetische Medizin

All of the material which makes up our universe is based on the qualities of 5 basic elements which are described in the ancient physics depicted in Tibetan medicine. Tibetans, as all traditional people, lived in direct contact with the natural environment. They understood through experience and study that the forces manifest in the natural environment directly correlated with and influenced the functioning of the human organism. In the theory of the five elements we see an effort to define the qualities of the basic forces which exist in nature. Once defined they are named for their most identifiable manifestations: earth, water, fire, wind and space. The characteristics (such as a substance's taste) and therefore the nature of all matter then result from the qualities of these elements individually or in combination.

Medicine Buddha by Ella Brewer

Tibetan Medicine by Eliot Tokar (English)
A very good introduction. The theory and practice of Tibetan medicine with articles and resources.

Other recommendable sites:

"His radiant body is azure blue. His left hand is in the meditation mudra and holds a begging bowl full of long life nectar in his lap. As a sign that he gives protection from illness, his right hand is outstretched in the gesture of giving and holds the "great medicine", the myrobalan plant (a-ru-ra)"

Medicine Buddha Resources by Dharma Haven. (English)

Medicine Buddha by Sherab Khandro

Traditional Tibetan Medicine (TTM) has absorbed two great Asian systems of medicine, namely those of India and China, as well as elements of Mongolian, Persian and other medical systems. It is a vast and highly evolved medical science which can no more be summed up in a few web pages than can modern Western medicine. Its depth, vastness, subtlety and maturiy as a medical system strike nearly all who come to study it. In Tibet, these theoretical medical studies took at least five years (with a very intense curriculum), followed by years of internship or apprenticeship for practical experience.

Traditional Tibetan Medicine by Tara Rokpa College of Tibetan Medicine, Edinburgh. (English)

Health Tips by Traditional Tibetan Healing. (English)

The basic text of Tibetan Medicine is called the "Four Tantras" and was taught by Buddha himself. All Tibetan physicians study it.
Tantra means "lineage".

The Four Tantras - an overview of Tibetan Medicine basic text by Peacenvironment. Check also the other basics. (English)

Deutsche Seiten:

Bei uns bekannt wurde die Tibetische Medizin vor allem durch den Dokumentarfilm "Das Wissen vom Heilen" (1997) von Franz Reichle. Er dokumentiert darin unter anderem die Herstellung und Anwendung tibetischer Heilmittel im Westen.

Das wichtigste Ziel einer Behandlung in der Tibetischen Medizin ist es, die aus dem Gleichgewicht geratenen Körperprinzipien zu harmonisieren. Der Tibetische Arzt stellt deshalb zuerst Fragen nach dem Verhalten und der Ernährung des Patienten. Seine Vorschläge zu einer eventuellen Verhaltensanpassung oder Ernährungsänderung sind ein wichtiger Bestandteil der Therapie. Nach der Befragung vertieft der Arzt seinen ersten Eindruck durch die Zungendiagnose und die Urindiagnose. Eine spezifische Diagnose über den allgemeinen energetischen Zustand des Patienten und die Verfassung der einzelnen Organe erhält er durch das Erfühlen des Pulses.

Tibetische Medizin von Padma. (German)
Umfassend und kompetent - mit einem weiteren Film!

Das Charakteristische der Tibetischen Medizin ist, daß sie ein ganzheitliches System ist, das Körper und Geist durch das Wind-Element miteinander verbunden sieht und Krankheiten auf diesem Hintergrund betrachtet. Deshalb ist es ein besonderes Merkmal der Tibetischen Medizin, daß sie einen gelassenen und friedlichen Geist für so wichtig hält. Denn eines ist sicher: Wer einen ruhigen Geist besitzt, wird weniger krank, und wenn er krank wird, erholt er sich schneller.

Tibetische Medizin, Geschichte und Philosophie und moderne Aspekte im Informationszentrums für Tibetische Medizin (German)
Hier findet sich alles!

Medicine Buddha by Robert Beer

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Tuesday, 28. March 2006
Solar Eclipse: Stories From the Path of Totality


The light of day begins to fade in the middle of the morning. Looking up, you catch a glimpse of what looks like a disk of pure blackness sliding across the face of the sun. Soon the blackness has almost completely covered the sun, and dusk is falling over the land. The air cools. The birds are silent and still. What do you feel as the light drops away? Is an eclipse frightening? Beautiful? Or both at once?

Solar Eclipse: Stories From the Path of Totality. (English)

Tomorrow, on March 29, 2006, a total solar eclipse will occur when the new moon moves directly between the sun and the earth. The moon’s shadow will fall on the eastern tip of Brazil, speed eastward across the Atlantic, through northern Africa, across the Mediterranean, and into Turkey, where an Exploratorium team will be waiting.

Don't miss it! The Total Solar Eclipse: Live from Turkey.
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A comprehensive Word Index and a large number of cross-references make it equally easy to find signs that are related to each other. In addition, the Appendices contain discussions on especially interesting aspects of ideograms, including the historical development of signs and meanings, ancient American ideograms, the signs of the alchemists and much more.

It serves both as a resource for professionals and a general reference tool for anyone interested in graphic cultural heritage.


Symbols - Encyclopedia of Western Signs and Ideograms contains approximately 2,500 Western signs. In 1,600 articles their histories, uses, and meanings. (English)
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Hot News or Hoax?


Fake Psychics Drive Me Insane by Durango Herald. (English)
Paul David Forshey, who studied at the Berkeley Psychic Institute in Marin County, Calif., and practices healing arts in Bayfield and Durango, said that he tries to find a person's truth by listening to intuition and practicing a higher awareness of human feeling. "I believe that 80 or 90 percent of healing is awareness," he said.

Hollywood Oddities: Three Men & A Ghost by Hollywood News. (English)
The movie "Three Men and a Baby" is notorious not because it was directed by Mr. Spock or because Steve Guttenberg wasn't that bad an actor in it, but because of a blink-and-you'll-miss-it "ghost" who invited himself on the set.

Lecture Makes Ghost Stories Real by Marin Independent Journal. (English)
Auerbach says it's not at all surprising that a dead person might be a little flirtatious. After all, he says, ghosts are people, too. "People who are dead behave the way they did when they were alive," Auerbach said. "They don't become evil, and they don't suddenly gain wisdom."

A Mountain of Mystery by Colorado Springs Gazette. (English)
America’s favorite mountain has no shortage of horror stories, tall tales, myths — and even a true legend or two scattered among them. There are the resident killer rats devouring babies. There’s the sea monster slithering through a mountain lake; there’s the buried treasure that still awaits discovery.

Some news-links do not last long. In this case please send me a note.
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Monday, 27. March 2006
Footsteps to Buddha


Monks chant in a waterfall.
Dalat, Vietnam.

Some beautiful photographs!

Footsteps to Buddha
by Dang Ngo.

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Which Tarot Card Are You?

You are the Emperor card. The Emperor leads the way into the world that The Empress allowed us to experience. He is the archetype of the Father who provides the organization and structure of the world. The Emperor is the government, and as such represents control. At this stage in The Fool's Journey, there is no need to deviate from the status quo. By participating actively in society, we come to an understanding of social structure. The Emperor applies the laws and rules for us to follow. The Emperor is the first of the zodiacal attributions in the major arcana. He shares with Aries a creative energy and, at his best, responsibility for the subjects in his charge. At his worst he can become domineering and authoritarian.


1921 other people got this result!
This quiz has been taken 155322 times.
1% of people had this result.

Which Tarot Card Are You? (English)
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Keyboard Yoga


Welcome to Keyboard Yoga. Here you can unwind in the comfort of your own home or office as our resident yogi guides you through basic postures and self-massage techniques you can do without leaving your keyboard.

A special note to yoga novices: proper breathing is extremely important. Though you may find the breathing exercises a bit tedious - after all, who really needs to practice breathing? - learning to breathe correctly is a critical element of yoga and a wonderful stress-buster.

We strongly recommend using the Learning to Breathe section as a jumping-off point and urge you to return to it frequently. If the thought of breathing lessons sounds too boring for words, just remember to breathe deeply. Take it all in and let it all out.

After completing the exercises, it's a good idea to drink plenty of water. While you may not feel thirsty, your body will thank you.

Keyboard Yoga (English)
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Hot News or Hoax?


Exclusive: Me & Ghost of Di by Sunday Mirror. (English)
She's given her blessing to Wills & Kate marrying... She's convinced Harry & Chelsy will split up... She says crash she died in was NOT an accident... She's told me the Queen will out live Charles...
Simone, 49, once spoke to Diana on an almost daily basis - and now claims the princess has been in touch with her "hundreds of times" since her death in a car crash in Paris in 1997.

'Satanic' Art in Catholic Church Exposed by WorldNetDaily. (English)
Could the Roman Catholic Church's sex abuse crisis be tied to embedded Satanic and occultic imagery in its artwork – some of it hundreds of years old? That is the seemingly incredible thesis of a new documentary, "Rape of the Soul," made not by anti-Catholic bigots, but by devout followers of the Church.
And: Rape of the Soul Site

Underground river discovered by dowser by Tasmania Examiner. (English)
For two centuries, the farmers of Marrawah have mulled over a theory that an underground river flowed below their sandy soil. Many have looked for it over the years but came up dry. However, two months ago, water diviner and Marrawah publican Peter Benson found the "legendary" subterranean river. He found it using just two copper-coated steel rods and a great deal of patience.

The Eye of God returns by Mail & Guardian. (English)
It has been called the Sun-eating Dragon. The Spirit of the Dead. The Eye of God. A harbinger of great events, good and evil -- terrible famines, bumper harvests, wars, the birth and death of kings.
On Wednesday, tens of millions of people will be treated to this spine-tingling celestial sight: a total eclipse of the Sun.

Some news-links do not last long. In this case please send me a note.
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Sunday, 26. March 2006
Magic of Nature

This relaxation video offers a simple and pleasant way to diminish the effects of life's usual worries and concerns.

Experience the beauty and magic of the island Hawaii with this living landscape meditation.


This streaming video takes 59 minutes 34 seconds.

Produced by HD Environments.

Note: Be patient. If you click the play button the screen is black for a few seconds because of preloading.
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Saturday, 25. March 2006
Gods of Japan A to Z

Asura (Ashura)

Buddhist deities are traditionally classified by Japanese art scholars into four main categories, and the same scheme is used at this web site: THE BUDDHA, THE BOSATSU, THE MYO-O, THE TENBU.

In Buddhist circles, there are Ten Worlds or Ten Levels of Existence.

1. Hell (Beings in Hell -- the lowest level)
2. Hunger (Hungry Ghosts)
3. Animality (Animals)
4. Anger (Ashura)
5. Tranquility (Humans)
6. Rapture (Deva)
7. Learning (Hinayana School, Arhat)
8. Realization (Hinayana School, Arhat)
9. Bodhisattva (Mahayana School, Bosatsu)
10. Buddha (Nyorai, Tathagata, Hotoke -- highest level)

Buddhism in Asia arrived last in Japan, crossing the sea in the early 6th century AD. The Mahayana form in particular spread throughout the islands, thus the majority of surviving Buddhist sculpture in Japan today belongs to the Mahayana tradition. Artwork belonging to the Hinayana (Theravada) and Vajrayana (Esoteric) traditions is less prominent, but it is nonetheless plentiful. Sects from all three schools are still active in Japan, but Mahayana Buddhism remains the most popular form.

This photo library and dictionary is a labor of love. After moving to Kamakura in 1993, I became intrigued by the many deities and faces of Japanese Buddhism and Shintoism. There are dozens of temples and shrines near my home, many dating from the 8th to 13th centuries, many open to the public. There are now 1,000+ photos in this library, ranging from the treasures of Kamakura to those of Nara, Kyoto, and elsewhere in Japan.

Gods of Japan A to Z Photo Dictionary of Japanese Buddhist & Shinto Deities by Mark Schumacher (English)

Highly recommended! Much more than photo dictionary, you can spent hours here. Superb!


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